Melton Mowbray Virtual parkrun #10 – junior parkrun takeover


Guys - this is a very important point for this week. It was brought to our attention that Mark Weston has been mentioned in 2 consecutive run briefs. We cannot let this go to his head, so in this run brief there is an extra concerted effort to not mention him at all in this one.

The run brief starts below: ______________________________________________________________________

A couple of things to pick up on this week. At least once a year, we have an actual kids takeover at Melton Mowbray parkrun where we have all of the volunteer roles covered by kids - from time-keeping and barcode scanning all the way through to performing the run brief and marshmallows (marshals). This usually takes place on the last weekend of the summer holidays, but this is Lockdown Britain and we no-longer know when the school holidays are, so today's run was a takeover by our amazing junior event.

The junior event is typically held on Sundays at the Redwood end of Melton Country park at 9am and is open to athletes aged 4 - 14. For this, they would need to register once and get a barcode (the exact same process we do to register for the 5k events).

As it is a junior takeover this week, and there are safeguarding rules around videoing minors, we had our junior parkrun Event Director, Andy Nicholls as our Run Director this morning. A very good run brief that even included a warm up and some rather impressive jumping squats!

In the usual spirit of kids doing volunteer roles, Andy had his daughter holding the camera for him. Having taught her, I can confirm that she is a far more capable and competant athlete and mathematician than she is a camerawoman! Thank you anyway, Zoe (or Giggles the camerawoman as Mark Ashmore described her)!

192 Runners this week with a rather impressive 42 PBs. In our 10 weeks of doing Virtual events, this represents our lowest PB:Runner ratio/percentage (22% - our previous lowest was 27%) however, this is easily explained by todays weather! The breezy nature of today's outdoors was mentioned more than anything else in the results submissions. From the windy conditions, we can infer two main points:

  1. Why the PB rate was so low, and
  2. Which direction 42 runners were mainly running in!

Another Virtual Groundhog Day badge earned by Sarah Wappatt who ran 26:31 on two consecutive events!

Most random observation of the day comes from Week 8 RD, Dan Moult who pointed out how privileged we all are to run today on World Turtle Day!

Worst joke of the day comes from Week 8 RD, Dan Moult who dedicated is run to "Michelle"!

Strava Art kudos to Zoe Flintoft who's cursive "PARKRUN" had to be zoomed in to see it as anything other than a "splodge" (her words), and to Elizabeth Gray whose Strava Art attempt was so bad that Strava wouldn't even show it (again, her words)!

With regards to volunteers, Andy and Zoe were superb this morning, and Nina Snowling managed to (again) do a mid-run-marshal as part of her own run - this time marshaling Stuart Barratt round on his Virtual debut as he actually passed the top of Nina's Hill!

Laura Wade tried to claim a place as our tail-walker in 1:04:08, but she left out Charlotte Coltman who listed herself as a "potential tailwalker" in 1:06:50. However, Charlotte Coltman had not seen in Amelia Fisher who also claimed to be our tail walker in 1:07:25.

Zoe Heath quietens them all as she made sure everyone was back well and safe in 1:09:02! (I genuinely did not foresee 10 weeks ago that people would actually be competing to be our tail-walker [a role that literally cannot exist for real in this format])

A final note must be made about the digital elephant in the room. After the radio interview the other week, BBC Radio Leicester asked if they could do a video feature for their online presence. Well, it made its premiere this morning at 8.01am! If you have not had chance to see it then it can be found on the following link:

Huge thanks for the production of this must go to Melton Mowbray parkrunner Harris Millar who put it all together, and massive plaudits for all of our self-filming stars - Martin and Carl Taylor-Beeby, Nina Snowling, Andy, Kristy and Zoe Nicholls, Sharon and Rob Mee, Grant Bridgeman, Kerstin Pepper (Perrigo parkrun ED), Dan Moult, Andrew Wrath, and Mark Weston (bugger! nearly made a full report without him!!!! $@!+)