Please do not attend parkrun if you display any COVID-19 symptoms

About Us

Mersea Island parkrun is a FREE weekly 5km event for participants of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in Cudmore Grove, Bromans Lane, East Mersea, CO5 8UE. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed run and it can really be whatever you want it to be, whether that's for fun or as part of a training plan.

It offers an opportunity for all the local community, regardless of age or gender, to come together on a regular basis to enjoy this beautiful park and get physically active into the bargain. We want to encourage people to run, jog or walk together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all and best of all it really is FREE!

Taking part is easy – just register before your first ever parkrun. The great thing is that you only ever need to do this once! Then just set your alarm for Saturday morning and get yourself there!

Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Café at Cudmore Grove - please come and join us! Maybe swap stories about your run that day, chat to other parkrunners over a cup of tea or coffee and just be an important part of this new community.

So whether you are a complete novice looking to get yourself started on your own "running journey" or a seasoned athlete wanting to use this as a part of your training schedule, you’re welcome to come along and join us.

Your donation will be wisely spent by the event team (as custodians of the local purse) on the upkeep of our parkrun.

For donations prior to 1 February 2017, 85% was allocated to the event and the remaining 15% to the New Event Fund.

We are unable to accept donations to events that are made via third party employer contribution schemes or any form of cashback schemes.

We no longer accept cheques for event donations. The only way for individuals to contribute to an event pot is by donating directly through the PayPal link on this page.

parkrun is completely open about all donations. All donations to this event (and withdrawals that the event teams makes) will be published below. You can also view all donations in this country here.

parkrun UK is a not-for-profit organisation.


Donation DateNameRecipientDonationContribution to EventContribution to New Event FundNote
2021-10-21Olivia BrownMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2021-10-07Vashti GreenMersea Island£20.00£20.00£0.00
2021-10-07Lucy WestMersea Island£100.00£100.00£0.00From Running Colchester
2021-10-06Kathryn HillsMersea Island£20.00£20.00£0.00
2021-10-05vivian foxMersea Island£20.00£20.00£0.00
2021-10-05Steve StreetingMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2021-10-05Sally HowardMersea Island£5.00£5.00£0.00
2021-10-05suzanne smithMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2021-10-05Sharon ClarkMersea Island£50.00£50.00£0.00
2021-10-05Simon ListonMersea Island£50.00£50.00£0.00
2021-05-20matthew woodMersea Island£90.00£90.00£0.00From the RunThrough team
2021-04-19Ann CardusMersea Island£30.00£30.00£0.00
2020-01-22David LennanMersea Island£150.00£150.00£0.00
2019-11-05matthew woodMersea Island£60.00£60.00£0.00
2019-04-17susan waller-toyneMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2019-02-17Chris AylettMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2019-02-17M SteinwandMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2019-02-17Simon ListonMersea Island£25.00£25.00£0.00
2019-02-17Susan WardMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2019-02-17Kathryn HillsMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2019-02-17Colin HarperMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00Hopefully see you again when we come for our annual run round Mersea!
2018-07-24Alan ParsonsMersea Island£25.00£25.00£0.00
2018-07-04ALAN PEAREYMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00For the pacer bibs
2018-07-04Jennifer TranhamMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00For the pacer bibs :)
2018-07-03Nicholas WalmsleyMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2018-07-02Annabel MarriottMersea Island£20.00£20.00£0.00Make sure you get the 40 min pacer vest!
2018-07-02Steven AlderMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00For pacer bibs
2018-07-02Oliver GroganMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00Oliver Grogan
2018-07-02Carl MesserMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2018-07-02Victoria JacksonMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2018-07-02Martin HastingsMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2018-07-02Simon ListonMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00
2018-07-02Sue SharpeMersea Island£20.00£20.00£0.00Pacer Bibs Mersea
2018-07-02Elisabeth ConnorMersea Island£10.00£10.00£0.00For the pacer vests
2018-06-28Run ThroughMersea Island£75.00£75.00£0.00For provision of volunteers at the Colchester Zoo Stampede
2018-02-17Simon ListonMersea Island£25.00£25.00£0.00
2017-07-24East of England Co-Op token schemeMersea Island£300.00£300.00£0.00Donation
2017-03-10The Strood CharityMersea Island£400.00£400.00£0.00Donation
2017-01-20vivian foxMersea Island£25.00£21.25£3.75
2017-01-18John WheatleyMersea Island£10.00£8.50£1.50For Mersea Island Storage box
2017-01-15Elisabeth ConnorMersea Island£20.00£17.00£3.00


Withdrawal DateEventAmountNote
2017-05-17Mersea Island£142.85Signs
2017-05-17Mersea Island£44.75Stakes
2017-05-17Mersea Island£110.88Shed improvements
2017-08-29Mersea Island£99.99Garden trolley
2017-08-29Mersea Island£6.99Clipboards
2017-08-29Mersea Island£26.50Laminating pouches
2017-08-29Mersea Island£19.99Plastic cups
2017-08-29Mersea Island£10.002 water carriers
2017-10-18Mersea Island£25.67Mobile phone & top up
2017-11-28Mersea Island£50.00Donation for CPR training
2018-01-09Mersea Island£135.821st birthday costs
2018-07-12Mersea Island£48.95Fruit and balloons for NHS70
2018-08-16Mersea Island£17.002 pacer bibs
2019-04-17Mersea Island£15.00parkrun Selfie Frame
2019-06-12Mersea Island£26.47Signs
2019-08-14Mersea Island£40.001 set of replacement tokens
2019-10-07Mersea Island£44.83Refreshments
2019-12-27Mersea Island£15.42Anniversary/celebration items
2019-12-27Mersea Island£13.00Anniversary/celebration items
2019-12-27Mersea Island£14.54Anniversary/celebration items
2019-12-27Mersea Island£16.00Anniversary/celebration items
2019-12-27Mersea Island£30.08Anniversary/celebration items
2019-12-29Mersea Island£24.98Finish funnel alternative (poles/rope etc)
2021-07-30Mersea Island£10.50Waterproof clipboard, Stationery items (not flyers), Finish funnel alternative (poles/rope etc)
2021-07-30Mersea Island£36.00Waterproof clipboard, Stationery items (not flyers)
2021-07-30Mersea Island£28.99Finish funnel alternative (poles/rope etc)
2021-07-30Mersea Island£17.14Finish funnel alternative (poles/rope etc)
2021-08-08Mersea Island£12.49Finish funnel alternative (poles/rope etc)
2021-08-08Mersea Island£15.99Hand sanitiser
2021-08-08Mersea Island£16.95Emergency phone / top-up
2021-08-08Mersea Island£9.99Emergency phone / top-up
2021-08-08Mersea Island£13.99Waterproof clipboard
2021-09-04Mersea Island£110.00Event kit storage/transportation