Event 169 – the big one (25th April 2015)

Well what a weekend :) The rain certainly didn't put anyone off. We had a record turn out of 200. As usual the parkrun fairies did their work and the rain stopped by 9am but at 8.30am this didn't seem likely. Whilst huddling outside Mile End stadium we were joined by some IPC athletes who were there to undertake readiness tests for the marathon. Among the runners we had visitors from Basingstoke, Leeds, Bradford and New York to name but a few.
Our photographer Vicky is a budding Event Director with a new event starting soon..... Phil Hale was completing his 50th different parkrun (a half cowell/cow from those who used to listen to the parkrun show - still available on itunes!)
Nancy Lipsey - volunteer manager for the NY marathon (and 51 other events) ran her first parkrun. She came to see how the whole process worked so we are hoping to see an NYC parkrun soon :)
Paul Martelleti, fresh from his win at Manchester Marathon ran in a spiderman costume as a test run in preparation for the London Marathon. He achieved his goal of becoming a world record holder at the faster superhero in 2:29:57
Sunday saw 50 Mile Enders heading to Blackheath to help with the start baggage. We manned 5 lorries and calmed the nerves of many a first timer as well as high fiving friends. We'll be back next year so look out for messages nearer the end of the year.
Once the baggage lorries were safely on their way to the Mall we headed to the 16.5 mile point on the course, attached the parkrun flag to a lamppost and spent several hours cheering on the runners. We managed to see our baggage ballot place winners Simon (3:56:10) and Annabel (4:24:36). I also saw Matthew Button and Sue Wade. Well done to all parkrunners who completed the marathon.