Millhouses parkrun is cancelled on 6 June 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

All Things Girl!

Event 17 - 7th March 2020 run report

run report pic 1

For me, it’s currently Girlguiding Leaders weekend - I’m having a break from inspiring girls in my unit to focus on learning new skills for myself and share memories. A weekend wouldn’t be fulfilled without a parkrun though would it...

From one group of fantastic volunteers to another, this weeks all female parkrun hi viz heroes were:
Kathryn AXON, Emma BEER, Lucy BROOM, Rachel BURT, Zoe DICKINSON, Amelie FENTON, Ellie GALLOWAY, Leah GRIFFITHS, Jessica HAIGH, Caitlin HATLEY, Ruth JACKS, Gillian JUBB, Judith KELLY, Dot KESTERTON, Polly KNIGHT, Catherine MCKEOWN, Fran MCLEAN, Hannah MCMANUS, James MCMANUS, Tommy MCMANUS, Danielle MCSEVENEY, Celia NAYLOR, Emma NICHOLSON, Nicole NIELD, Sue RANSOM, Louise RIMMINGTON, Georgina ROSS, Barbara SALMON, Rebecca SNOW, Carol SPEIGHT... Thank You!

This was a full female (and their children) volunteer crew, for International Women’s Day celebrations, the welcoming smiling of the volunteers around the course was great. #IWDparkrun is supported in England by This Girl Can - a campaign created by Sport England - at the end, there were lots of selfie frame opportunities.

iwd selfie 1

Sue RANSOM was refreshingly very enthused about her experiences and parkrun journey during the first timers briefing. Hello to the fellow tourists from Liverpool, Hyde and Nottingham! Sue's run briefing was very well received and listened to by the very long line of participants.

iwd group pic millhouses

From a sea of blue (Girlguiders) to a sea of purple (International Womens Day supporters at parkrun) it's great to have a community feel and sense of belonging, which Millhouses certainly does - with 3 laps including a short out and back stretch you could get to see friends or family members of differing speeds a few times!

Here's a few more stats and congrats for you:
In total, there were 223 females, over half the field, including 17 doing parkrun for the first time

Congratulations to Megan WILSON on having the fastest age grade %, a new PB and also being the first female!

Milestones involve Juniors joining the 10 club this week - Tiernan MOORE who has been very dedicated to parkrun and attending all Millhouses parkruns since starting, other than one tourist trip. Carlotta BAILEY, who has also racked up 64 junior parkruns! Congratulations to you both!

Elijah HIBBERD - finished 8th on his 8th parkrun
Ethan MORGAN - finished 18th on his 18th parkrun

Thank you to all for being so welcoming!




Event 16 – Storm Jorge and a mudfest

Event 16 - 29th Feb 2020 - Leap year day parkrun

start line swim

Another parkrun day, another storm, another morning full of rain, but as parkruns across Yorkshire were cancelling, luckily we escaped the worst of the weather.

Last week we had a rainbow appear on the horizon above the park, but this week, Storm Jorge brought us nothing but more rain and plenty of muddy puddles.

millhouses parkswim

As always, a special thank you to all the #HiVizHeroes this week, not least because it really isn't easy standing out on the course in miserable weather to ensure the parkrun goes ahead:

Chris CUTFORTH • Graham HOGG • Ann-Marie MULVEY • Edward KELLY • Catherine MCKEOWN • Brian HUGHES • Chris LAWSON • Amelie FENTON • Gillian JUBB • Zaheer MAHMOOD • Paula RISBY • Paul NEWEY • Mark NORMAN • Al ROGERSON • Rebecca SNOW • Steve WALDOCK • Georgina ROSS • Bill WAKE • Fran MCLEAN • Barbara SALMON • Tommy MCMANUS • Hannah MCMANUS • James MCMANUS • Jessica HAIGH • Caitlin HATLEY • David MOTTISHAW

chris lawson RD

It was also Millhouses co-ED Chris LAWSON's first stint as Run Director today. He made a special mention of not parking along any of the roads off Abbeydale Road, especially Dobcroft Road which is used by buses. The message about adults running with their responsible under 11's also generated a few smiles amongst the crowd, which meant that most of you were listening, which is great, as everyone should pay attention to the pre run briefings!

We had a few run their first ever parkrun today:


We hope you enjoyed it and welcome to Millhouses. See you back again soon!

The following juniors did their 10th parkrun today: Mus'ab NAWAZ, and Finley ROY. Congratulations to both of you!

Joining the 50 club today was Beth NOEL who not only ran her 50th parkrun, but also bagged herself a PB as well! Well done Beth on reaching this milestone.

In the 100 club today were Duncan GRAHAM and Jeanine HALL. Well done both and we look forward to seeing you all in your milestone T shirts soon.

Interesting (but ultimately pointless) parkrun fact for today: not only did Jeanine HALL run her 100th parkrun today, but today she finished in 200th place !!

Whilst our course is all on tarmac, the waterlogged finish funnel was a bit of a mudfest by the end. Thankfully no slip ups and my own attempts at directing runners towards the muddy funnel resulted in a few unintentional hi fives ! Thanks everyone :)

Oh, and it was the first ever parkrun to be held on 29th February. The next parkrun to fall on Feb 29 won't be until 2048! We're glad to see everyone enjoyed themselves today, despite the weather fairies not being kind to most of the UK during the month of February.


Next week, on 7th March, it's our special International Womens Day parkrun, in partnership with Sport England and #thisgirlcan. We hope to have an all female roster on the day, and hope that this will make it a welcoming environment for female participants, especially those who have not taken part in parkrun before.

We still need a few more to make sure the event goes ahead smoothly, so if you can help volunteer on the day, please email us at

Happy parkrunning




International Women’s Day parkrun – 7th March 2020

Join us on 7th March here at Millhouses parkrun to celebrate International Women's Day.

Research shows that although females make up 54% of registered parkrunners, they are a lot less likely than men to participate regularly.

#IWDparkrun will be supported in England by This Girl Can , a campaign created by  Sport England. 

To show our solidarity with this campaign, Millhouses parkrun will have an all female volunteer roster on the day. We also encourage you to bring along a female friend, especially if they've not taken part in parkrun before.

More info on IWD and parkrun here:




Event #15 Come rain or shine…

Our second run report of the week, this time provided by Daniel CONNOLLY.

Event #15 22/02/2020 run report - Come rain or shine…

Stood in the car park 10 minutes before the start of parkrun the sky turned dark as the wind blew in some ominous looking clouds and my wife nipped back to the car to grab a waterproof layer. I stood and shivered in my shorts and v25 shirt; my only concession to the weather could have been a long sleeved base layer but that is more to reduce the wobble of my middle as I run… I enjoy the post parkrun cafes far too much as I tour around the UK.

Unusually for me with my haphazard touring around I had planned the night before my destination and had even read the course description - three laps on flat fast tarmac - which was perfect for my wife who had run a marathon the day before okay she won't be fast but at least she would join me on my travels as it wasn't too horrendously early wake up.

millhouses rainbow

As the arch of the rainbow formed over the prerun briefing, I thought that the wind had blown away the rain clouds and only splashing through the puddles from the early rain would get us parkrunners wet!

However as the churps of GPS watches signalled the start of parkrun it also seemed to summon the clouds back…

Half way along the first lap as I passed the children's playground the rainbow disappeared and the rain began to fall. Not light drizzle but heavy drops… I fact I am sure that for some of the downpour it was hail!

event 15 volunteers

Thankfully the #HiVizHeroes of the day had been more mindful of the conditions than I had been when I left the house wearing layers and a good raincoat under that parkrun tabard. It was definitely a day to be especially grateful to the team of amazing volunteers that make parkrun possible. So a huge THANK YOU to:- Kirsty ATKIN, Andy BUCK, Syd BURNS, Ben COLE, Karl-Eric DEVAUX, Leah GRIFFITHS, Graham HOGG, David Lloyd HOLMES, Brian HUGHES, Edward KELLY, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Francine MARSHALL, Catherine MCKEOWN, Fran MCLEAN, David MOTTISHAW, Celia NAYLOR, Nigel NICHOLSON, Mark NORMAN, Sue RANSOM, Georgina ROSS, Barbara SALMON, Jeffrey SEYMOUR, Rebecca SNOW, Glyn STRAFFORD, Marylin STRAFFORD who made this run possible for the 331 runners.

As with parkruns around the world if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please look on the roster and e-mail -

Don’t worry if you are unsure what to do, there is always someone on hand to talk you through the role.

After turning around the cones for lap two, I noticed my wife behind me - the first time for months - zipper tight to on her waterproof with buff pulled up over her face to ward off the bitter wind from her airway as it buffeted around. My desire to stop and take a walk break removed as the chance to beat my wife once again a possibility.

Running alongside the fast rushing river over the bridges I realised that the rain had been blown away just as I was when this week's first finisher, Dark Peak Fell Runners Club's Mike NOLAN (VM50-54) breezed past me to take the first finish token in 17:41. Tara SPILLINGS (SW30-34) took the honours as first female over the line in 24th overall in a time of 20:59. Both great runs and Steel City Striders RC's Dot KESTERTON (VW65-69) set a New PB in 22:26 but also set a new Age Grading record at Millhouses parkrun today of 94.58%! Wow great running.

As I rounded the cones for a last lap a faster finisher managed some impressive footwork and body manoeuvres to avoid colliding into to me as I made the turn as they roared into the finish.

Pushing myself on around the park trying to make this my first walk free parkrun for 10 months! I noticed the weather had improved and the sun was making itself know and the marshals looked a little warmer although their cheery encouragment hadn't dipped once, no matter what the weather was doing. In one 5km run we virtually had all the weather conditions possible which makes :- Nikhil KOTNIS, Richard BINKS, Sarah LEE, Sam BYCROFT, Grace RAYNOR, Elizabeth RAYNOR, Rosie SARRIGIANNI, Katie SWIFT, Steve ROSS, Jodie Leigh INGRAM, Rosie LING, Carrie ROWLANDSON, Julia KELLY, Florrie HAYHURST, James HAYHURST, Claire HOYLE, Hattie WHELAN, Rose MARYAN-BALL & Austin NICHOLSON first ever parkrun more impressive. So a huge well done to you all and we hope you will parkrun again soon.

Huffing and puffing around the last lap I was looking forward to the cake offering that two of our junior parkrunners had bought with them to celebrate their 10 milestone. A huge well done to Isabel and Tom HODGES on reaching that milestone but also setting a new PB as well. The cake was delicious. I hope you can order and wear your 10 milestone T-shirts soon. To Tim BUTCHER, Paul REVILL, Peter SIMMONDS, Jenny SEYMOUR, Richard RAYNER, Ethan GODDARD, Richard GODDARD, Megan NAUGHTON & Val HUZZARD I hope this isn't as much of a shock or disappointment to you as it was to me but unfortunately only Junior runners qualify for the 10 club t shirt you have to wait another 40 parkruns like first timer to Millhouses parkrun Andrew GAWNE did to reach his first official milestone the red 50 shirt. Hopefully a congratulations in the run report will be enough.

Thomas CANNON & Chris ANTHONY both hit the century of parkruns and so soon will be able to wear a black 100 t-shirt as well as see it as an icon on their results.

event 15 cafe breakfast

After token and barcode were scanned and wife collected it was then on to the cafe for some top parkfaff until past 12pm with the most experience parkrunners of the day (465 parkruns each and 238 different venues!) Paula and Peter SPEECHLEY. If you haven't ever popped back with to the cafe or pub with the team after parkrun give it a try. It won't make you a quicker runner (especially not you devour a cooked breakfast each time) but it really adds to the whole occasion and builds up the parkrun community.

Thank you all for a lovely parkrun day.

Happy parkrunning.




From Basingstoke to Millhouses

Event 15 Run Report - 22/02/2020 

millhouses rainbow

I'd not heard of Millhouses before Tuesday.

It only came up when I was searching for a parkrun to do in the Sheffield area this weekend. My wife, son and I were heading up to Hathersage to stay for a few days with my mother-in-law during my son’s half-term holiday, so I’d looked for somewhere where I could do a parkrun.

I wanted to ideally try somewhere I’d not run before, which ruled out Bakewell, and also I have never run the same event number twice, which left Millhouses and Sheffield Hallam as the main contenders. I settled on Millhouses as it was fairly new and had the promise of a ‘fast, flat course’ - always an attraction!

Then I thought nothing more of it until Friday, when I made plans to get the early train to Dore and Totley from Hathersage, and do some running before parkrun as part of my training for the Southampton marathon.

Saturday came around, and I stood on a deserted Hathersage station at 7:30am. An announcement said that the train to Manchester would be eight minutes late. Then it announced that the train to Sheffield would soon arrive. A minute later it announced that the train to Manchester would soon arrive.

Fifteen minutes later, neither train had arrived.

So I was faced with a decision. Wait longer for the train that may never arrive (as it seemed to be stuck at Edale). Give up on doing parkrun at all (not really an option as my brother-in-law James and niece Florrie had said they would meet me at parkrun for their first ever go at it and I didn’t want to let them down). Go home and wake people up to try and get a lift to Millhouses (probably not sensible...). Or do what I did, and run to Millhouses from Hathersage.

When I made this decision I was more than a little annoyed at the lack of train, and so hadn’t quite realised that the first four miles of the route (via Fox House) would be pretty much uphill. The annoyance fuelled quite a quick speed up the hill, and the wind behind me and the downhill through Dore meant an even quicker downhill before I got to Millhouses park just as the first-timer briefing was in full swing.

catherine first timers brief

I listened to the end of it with James and Florrie and then had a brief chat with the Run Director (Mark NORMAN). I should probably admit that I am Event Director of Basingstoke parkrun, so always enjoy speaking to the volunteers at other parkruns and comparing notes on what they do. I’d heard that Millhouses had been tremendously successful in terms of numbers since its first event, and was still getting impressive attendances despite the bad weather recently.

It was then time for the main briefing, where we also heard about tourists from Coventry, and then we were off.

My hilly, slightly too quick run beforehand had put paid to any hope of a really fast time, so I started in the middle of the field and took a few minutes to really get going.

As the field cleared and I overtook people, I could see that the course was indeed really quick, and the out-and-back nature of parts meant I saw my brother-in-law and niece on a few occasions. It was soon after my first lap that the clouds, which had been getting darker, finally burst and a deluge of rain came down for five minutes or so soaking everyone in the process.

Eventually I finished and got the position 38 token, scanned in and spoke to the Run Director again for a short while before joining James and Florrie on their final lap.  There were two people that I overtook towards the end who I took note of - more on them later.

By the time James and Florrie finished, the sun had come out and they were greeted by well-deserved flapjacks and brownies at the end. I also spoke to the number checker for a few minutes, who grew up near Newbury - my second-closest home parkrun - and then it was off to the park cafe for a very tasty sausage bap!

The results came through not much later on, when back at James’s house, and I saw that there were 331 people, slightly up on the previous week. I was pleased with my time given the circumstances and actually ended up in 37th place.

What about the two people I had noted during the run? Looking at the results, the first seems to have been Dot KESTERTON, who finished in 22:26. Nothing much notable about that, you may think, but Dot was running in the VW65-69 category and her time set a new female age-grade record for Millhouses with an amazing of 94.58%. For those of you who are not familiar with age-grading, it compares your time to the world record for that category, giving you a way to compare performances across different ages and genders. First-finisher Mike NOLAN got the highest male age-grading with 84.73% for his 17:41, and the first female finisher Tara SPILLINGS got 70.69% for her 20:59.

The second person was someone I saw running barefoot on the wet and puddly pavements and I think it was Hannah Whiteoak - a Vegan Runner - I know I’d be too wary of stepping on something painful to run barefoot!

There were 19 people doing their first-ever parkrun (including Florrie and James) among the 105 people (including me) who had never run at Millhouses before. I hope that all of you in the 19 enjoyed parkrun (I know James and Florrie did) and that you all, in time, come back and hopefully become regulars. It may seem that everyone has done far more parkrun than you, but over half the field yesterday had done less than 30.

The more parkruns you do mean that you start to qualify for milestone t-shirts, and yesterday there was a smattering of those:

  • Isabel HODGES, Tom HODGES and Ethan GODDARD did their 10th parkruns as juniors and now can get a white t-shirt
  • Andrew GAWNE did his 50th parkrun and is eligible for a red t-shirt
  • Thomas CANNON and Chris ANTHONY can now get black t-shirts after their 100th parkruns

Well done also to the 60 people who got personal bests - the most ‘experienced’ of whom was Andy PORTWOOD in his 297th run but third at Millhouses.

Huge thanks are due to the 25 volunteers who made the event possible, particularly those who stood through the deluge of rain during the run - as was mentioned before the start, volunteering every two months makes the event sustainable, and a number of volunteer roles allow you to participate as well as volunteer.

I’ll be back parkrunning in Sheffield again around Easter, although I’m not sure at the moment whether that will be at Millhouses, but I certainly plan to return to this parkrun at some point and hope that it will be as welcoming as it was yesterday - if you ever find yourself at Basingstoke parkrun please do say hello as I’m sure you will find that welcoming too - next time I’ll try not to have to run over the hills to get to Millhouses, though...!

avi govind basingstoke



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