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Not a run report 27/11/2021

sheffield temp1 sheffield temp2

The met office had warned about Storm Arwen for about week now, so we were expecting a cold, icy and windy spell on parkrun day. The night before on Friday evening was blustery and cold, but not much sign of snow.

Despite this, local parkruns Rother Valley and Graves wisely cancelled late on Friday. The rest of us decided to wait until the morning to see what the weather would bring. I even committed to a course inspection bright and early and make a go/no go by 8am.

It was to be our first running club takeover since our event started back in October 2019 - the Steel City Striders had filled the roster nice and early by Monday morning, and with myself as backup RD I was really looking forward to lurking around in the background.

Overnight on Friday brought freezing temperatures and suddenly without much warning it started snowing around 5am. I lifted the blinds around 5:30am and was confronted with this winter landscape...

zm snow church pic

A great winter scene, and one which we weren’t expecting as the autumn temperatures had been unusually mild up until then. My mind was made up within seconds - it wasn’t even safe to drive to the park for a course inspection so we would cancel. Even if the park was fine, it would be unfair on all the volunteers to be standing around for over an hour in freezing temperatures.

The cancellation notice was sent out just after 6am - much earlier than the planned 8am, giving any hardy parkrunner ample notice to change their plans - that’s if that somewhere else was not cancelled of course.

View from across the park:

snow across from the park

In the end it was the correct decision. Safety for our volunteers and parkrunners always comes first. Soon after cancelling a couple of the core team members confirmed it was slippery and icy in the park and local area before 7am...

By 8am every parkrun in Sheffield had cancelled. At one stage I thought Castle might even go ahead - they are well known in the area for rarely cancelling when everyone else does. But it wasn’t to be today, and wise decisions all round by all the local parkrun RDs.

One of our apprentice RDs Adam even took his dad out for a run / sledge in the park at 9am. Here he is taking notes on a course inspection at 9am:

adam park pic 1 adam skate park snow

We cancelled nice and early and others followed suit. Despite this, everyone enjoyed the lie in, followed by the snow day afterwards.

Gutted not to have a Striders takeover today, but as the old saying goes - there’s always next week....

Happy parkrunning




Spotlight on volunteers - Millhouses parkrun Run Report #34, November 20th 2021


event 34 run report pic 1

Continuing the trend of unseasonably warm autumn mornings, our Run Director, Catherine, and three volunteers were in the park enjoying the sunshine at 8:00 a.m. as we set up and checked the course. After a late panic on Thursday, when we feared we may have to cancel due to a shortage of volunteers, and a fantastic response to last minute requests for more, set up was remarkably swift and the event ran excellently.

There’s a bit of a focus on volunteers in this week’s Run Report, starting with thanking all of this week’s volunteers for making the event possible: Mohammed AHMED, Matthew Isaac Peter ATKINSON, Kathryn AXON, Ian BRADSHAW, Ann BREWSTER, Simon CHATTEN, Dave DARWENT, Allison DAVIS, Paul DAVIS, Tim DRIVER, David HODGES, Keith Tud JACKSON, Chris JUBB, Dot KESTERTON, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Francine MARSHALL, Catherine MCKEOWN, Fran MCLEAN, Helen MISZCZAK, Ann-Marie MULVEY, Annie NAYLOR, Emma NICHOLSON, Joel PAISLEY, Nicky PAUL, Michael PEARSON, Andrew ROWLAND, Angie SMITH, Sheila SPROT, Daniel TWORT, Finley WHEATCROFT, Susan WHEATCROFT.

It’s fantastic that amongst the volunteers were six people who also ran: Ann BREWSTER – Tail Walker, Allison DAVIS – pre-event set-up and first volunteering role, Paul DAVIS – pre-event set-up and first volunteering role, Nicky PAUL – Tail walker, Millhouses first timer, member of Walking at parkrun club and the most experienced participant today with 478 Parkruns under his belt, Michael PEARSON – Barcode Scanner and earning a new PB today at 18m06s, and Susan WHEATCROFT – Barcode Scanner and Millhouses First timer, visiting from Beeston Athletics Club in Nottinghamshire.

Hopefully these six Parkrunners’ achievements are inspirational to budding volunteers who may not yet have realised how many roles can be combined with running too.

Also worth a mention is the number of volunteers today who had never volunteered before: in addition to Allison DAVIS and Paul DAVIS as noted above, Simon CHATTEN, Ian BRADSHAW, Andrew ROWLAND and Daniel TWORT volunteered for the first time today. And even if you have volunteered before, trying a role that is new to you can sometimes take courage too, so my last special mention for volunteering goes to Matthew Isaac Peter ATKINSON, Chris JUBB and Tim DRIVER who all tried roles they had never done before for the first time today.

Our Run Director had an Apprentice today:

event 34 run report pic 2

Now for a focus on today’s participants: 293 Parkrunners joined us to run, jog, trot and walk today.

Run Director Catherine about to shout “GO!”

It was exciting as timekeeper to watch the three front-runners shoot off at the start, only to appear 5m28s later from the trees by the W&H less than 5 seconds apart. Less than 11 minutes after the start two of the three front-runners appeared by the W&H again, and as they turned the corner down the tree-lined avenue back towards the gym area they were neck-and-neck. As they passed the Skate Park area first and second places were transposed. By now they had left their 3rd counterpart almost 11 seconds behind them. However, as 16m12s ticked by on the clock Tim and I – having half expected a new course record - wondered where any of the three of them were until they all appeared again, but this time wide apart and in the original order they’d set off.

It was also exciting to see the passion and enthusiasm that our tail walkers put into encouraging the parkrunners towards the back of the field, not just as they approached the finish line, but every time they were within sight on every lap.

And it was very noticeable how many junior (some of them very junior) runners we now have and what a cracking pace they all move at! There were some incredibly tight finishes from some younger runners who overtook not only their older running companions but other runners in the finish funnel.

So here are some statistics, shout-outs and special mentions.

First Timers

We had 67 Millhouses first-timers today, of whom 9 were on their first ever Parkrun and we especially welcome those 9 and hope you’ll be back many more times in the future.

Personal Bests

There were 68 new Personal Bests today – sadly that’s too many to name you all here but well done to each and every one of you.


We welcome Richard MCELVANNY to the 100 club today: congratulations on your 100th Parkrun Richard. We welcome Mark PERKINS and Jennifer MACHAN to the 25 club today too – and Jennifer joined the club with a new PB too – congratulations to you both. We also welcome Barney KESTEVEN-MCGRATH and Rebecca RABLEN to the Junior Parkrunners’ 10 club today – Barney joining the 10 club with a new PB too: congratulations Barney and Rebecca.

Unknown Runners

We did, unfortunately, have a few runners with no barcodes again today, so if you were one of the 17 “unknown” runners with no time, we hope you’ll be back again and that next time we see you, you’ll get a time. Well done for taking part.

Upcoming Events

Lastly this week, some forthcoming attractions to look forward to:
next week’s event is a running club ‘takeover’ with Steel City Striders providing most of the volunteers.

Subject to being able to get enough volunteers, we are holding a New Year’s Day Millhouses Parkrun on Saturday Jan 1st 2022 at the usual 9:00 a.m. start time. We’d love to see you there, running in to the New Year, but we do need enough volunteers to avoid having to cancel it. If you already know that you will be available on the day, but perhaps don’t think you’ll quite feel up to running, do volunteer as soon as you like.





A day of many selfies

A day of many selfies - Millhouses event #33 run report (13/11/2021)

It was another unusually mild November parkrun day, a far cry from the autumn in 2019 when we had to cancel a couple of times due to flooding.

I was RD on this fine morning, and because I had so many pre-event setup helpers, we got organised fairly quickly. The pre-event setup role is one of the many that allows you to run as well as get a volunteer credit, which is always handy if you’re targeting those milestones!

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers. Thank you to each and every one of you :

Chris NEWMAN • Helen WILKINSON • Pritesh PATEL • Philip KELLY • Annie NAYLOR • Catherine MCKEOWN • Matthew Isaac Peter ATKINSON • Stephen SCHUBELER • Brian HUGHES • Sarah WATERSTON • Philippa ROSE • Mark SURTEES • Zaheer MAHMOOD • Chelsea ALLEN • Alison PULLAN • Peter ATKIN • Georgina ROSS • Dave DARWENT • Adam LENTON • Fran MCLEAN • Josh MEYER • Milly HEWITT • Helen MISZCZAK • Ian COLTON • Jamie COLTON

This week was one of the ones where most of our roster got filled up nice and early in the week - we always like it this way as it means no last minute calls or thinking about cancellation on Friday!

This week 256 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 52 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.


Since we restarted, the parkrun COVID guidelines stated that we kept the run brief to a minimum. This meant no tourist or milestone shout outs during the RD brief. These guidelines have been relaxed now, so I made a point of asking for milestones during the run brief.

Congratulations to Jude GREEN on her 50th run today.

And whilst not an official milestone, a massive well done to Helen EBERLIN on her 300th parkrun.

Well done to both of you!

Fastest Finishers

We had an UNKNOWN as first finisher today, which is a shame, as the time is not recorded, so I guess that makes George COILEY as the fastest official finisher in a time of 17:02. The fastest female was Lois MCCARTAN with a time of 22:08. Well done to both of you, in what are blistering times.

As with parkrun guidelines, we have a strict ‘no barcode, no time’ policy, so a reminder then, if you want your time recorded, then please don't forget your barcode, either in paper format, or you can buy a wristband, card or key or shoe tag from here:

Steel City Striders Takeover

On the 27th November the event will be a volunteer takeover by the Steel City Striders - the roster is already looking almost full for that day so a massive thanks to the club for providing most of the volunteers.

Last, but not least ….

adam ripon

A massive well done to Adam (pictured above) on completing his first 5k parkrun. There was a very proud dad moment when little Adam crossed the finish line with his dad. Here’s to many more parkruns, and I can already see a runner in the making here :)

rhona from johannesburg

One of the great things I find about parkrun is that you get to meet people from far and wide, and today was no exception. Pictured above is Rhona STEYN from Gilloolys parkrun in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has just relocated to England and was touring Millhouses this morning , with the target of doing 100 different parkruns. Welcome to Millhouses, Rhona. I like a bit of parkrun tourism myself, so maybe our tourism paths will cross again in the near future

Finally, at today’s event, the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed I had another Run Director shadowing me in my RD role. Adam LENTON was visiting over from Monsal Trail parkrun (formerly Bakewell parkrun), and was keen to get the hang of the RD before Monsal Trail restart again in a few weeks. Best of luck to our friends over at Monsal Trail!

andy zaheer millhouses

Hmm, I suppose I better give my friends from Poolsbrook a mention too! It was great to see Andy MORRIS and Simon STOKES cross the border and visit us at Millhouses this morning. For those that don't know, I was a regular RD at Poolsbrook before moving over to Millhouses, so I guess it was a parkrun reunion of sorts!

Happy parkrunning :)



Millhouses parkrun Event #32 Run Report – November 6th 2021

Event #32 - 6th November 2021

After a week off when the park was in use for another event (and perhaps we’re not all that sorry given how wet it was last week anyway) it was great to be back this morning for our 32nd event.

A bit of an odd one, or a personal level, as I was both volunteering and running and in the strange position of giving the first timers’ briefing whilst – as a runner – also being a Millhouses first timer myself. Having marshalled and walked the course so often, and run at Endcliffe plenty of times before, it didn’t really cross my mind that I was technically a first timer until the results arrived!

On behalf of our 282 runners we thank today’s volunteers, who were: Matthew Isaac Peter ATKINSON, Kathryn AXON, Tony BELL, Ian COLTON, Dave DARWENT, Robert DAVIES, Milly HEWITT, David HODGES, Graham HOGG, Martin HUGHES, Meg HUGHES, Dennis JOHNS, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Francine MARSHALL, Catherine MCKEOWN, Fran MCLEAN, Josh MEYER, Rebecca MOORE, Annie NAYLOR, Emma NICHOLSON, Mark NORMAN, Paula RISBY, Oliver SALMONS, Gareth SAYNOR, Alex SHEPHERD, Anne STRONG and Helen STRONG. The thanks expressed by the runners at the start and around the course were much appreciated as always.

Today’s event seemed to be over quite quickly – something that the volunteers noted as the final participants came through the finish line – giving a tighter range of finish times than we often have: 25m 39s between the first and last finish times. However, we didn’t have a new course record.

We welcomed 64 Millhouses First Timers today, of whom 9 were parkrun First Timers: Welcome to the Parkrun family Adam Ryder, Kate Ryder, Jamie Lee, Austin Wood, Amy Warner, Rebecca Twynham, Sue Davison, Kalina Connett and Lucy Burkitt. At the opposite end of the spectrum our most experienced Parkrunner today was on his 388th Parkrun: congratulations to Terry Eastwood of Rotherham Harriers and Athletics Club.

There were 9 Milestone Runners today and we congratulate Anna Kirkman, Rebecca Keating and Allie Lamb on joining the 50 Club, along with Bart Shaw, Adrian Durran, Ellie Dodd, Dylan Johnston, Tom Hodges and Isabell Hodges who we congratulate on joining the 25 club.

There were many ‘parkrun tourists’ amongst our Millhouses First Timers today, too many – sadly – to list each and every one of you, but we were delighted that you chose to join us and hope we will see you again at a future event.

Finally, two quick reminders:

Today we had only 16 ‘unknown’ finishers – i.e. runners with no barcode to scan (or possibly a badly damaged barcode that wouldn’t scan). We do understand how disappointing it is if you can’t get a time after your run so please do try your hardest to bring a barcode with you

We always welcome volunteers, and never worry that you have too little experience: we all start somewhere and there is plenty of support for you if you are volunteering for the first time or trying a new role. If you’d like to volunteer just e-mail

Dave Darwent


Event #31 Run Report – Early Halloween Special – 23/10/2021

Event #31 Run Report - Early Halloween Special – 23/10/2021

millhouses pumpkin at night

Another great morning for a run, with a hint of moisture in the air and a very pleasant temperature for running.



The dew was thick as we set up the course and were ready well ahead of time, thanks to a very healthy number of volunteers today: Amran AHMED, Mohammed AHMED, Matthew Isaac Peter ATKINSON, Rumi BEGUM, Zoe Olivia BRADLEY, Eugene CHANG, Jamie COLTON, Dave DARWENT, Jean DOCHERTY, Christopher HEGGS, Milly HEWITT, Isabel HODGES, Rhonda HODGES, Graham HOGG, Philip KELLY, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Fran MCLEAN, Josh MEYER, Chris NEWMAN, Emma NICHOLSON, Mark NORMAN, Sharon O LEARY, Matt RIDGE, Matt RIMMER, Esme SAYNOR, Gareth SAYNOR, Stephen SCHUBELER, Jennie STEVENS, Rejia ULLAH, and Katie WEST. As always we express our sincere thanks to all of our volunteers, without whom the event would not be possible.

As next week - October 30th - we do not have a Millhouses parkrun (due to another event in the park which has happened twice a year since before our parkrun came into being). We celebrated Halloween early with some amazing fancy dress and face painting, plus amazing parkrun pumpkin lanterns and some treats too.

millhouses pumpkin event 31

If you were planning to run with us on October 30th can we encourage you to run at one of our neighbouring parkruns instead? There’s Endcliffe (formerly “Hallam Parkrun” if you’ve not been for a while), Graves and Hillsborough all very nearby, and plenty more in the local area. We’re back as normal on November 6th and look forward to seeing you then.

We were joined by 318 runners (and joggers and walkers) today and were 7 seconds away from a new course record when Millhouses first timer Michael KENYON, of Dronfield Running Club, on his 54th Parkrun, came in first at 16m18s - 7 seconds behind him was Chris Darling of Cambridge and Coleridge running club on his 300th Parkrun but also a Millhouses First Timer. There were 75 other Millhouses First Timers today, including 13 people on their first ever Parkrun. There were 71 new personal bests today.

We welcomed Christopher YAW to the 50 Club today; he was our only milestone runner today but we do also congratulate Wendy HEATHCOTE on her 404th Parkrun this morning – our most experienced Parkrunner this week.

There were a great many photo opportunities today, so the rest of this run report is made up of some of the stand-out pictures.


halloween5 halloween2 halloween3 halloween4

Dave Darwent – A3992164

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