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Millom parkrun 100 – 2

Millom parkrun #100

As well as the commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War, there was also the hundredth Millom parkrun being held this weekend. After being woken by torrential rain around 4am, this reporter was worried that we would be soaked from head downwards by the deluge as well as feet upwards by the muddy field – however these fears were not realised as the Weather Gods smiled upon us all and kept the rain away for the duration of the run, dropping a bit of a cloudburst once all participants were safely in the Network Centre Café post-run.
Balloons decorated the car park, café and start/finish lines and the festive atmosphere was heightened by the number of anniversary runs being celebrated by our members…Nicholas Schaffer and Antony Lomas were both on their 50th parkrun, Andrew Rigg hit his 60th and Karen Lomas finished her 80th. Run Director, Colin Benn, congratulated Lesley Grieve who completed her 96th parkrun less than a week after participating in the New York Marathon (our field of 54 runners was only 52,758 less than those setting off across Staten Island Bridge the previous week!). We also welcomed First Timers Max and John Clements, Adrian, Luke, Xavier and Emma Miles and Leigh Phillips as well as 7 unregistered runners (who we hope will get themselves a barcode and join us again). Tourists included Ronald Hummelink, Joasia Zakrzewski, Lucy Gray, Vicky Johnston, Laura Clements and Gemma Hall from near (Whitehaven) and far (Dumfries). After all the news and welcomes (and reminders to hose down before entering the café) we were all ready to begin and the whistle set us all off. As is the norm when there’s been a bit of rain, within a few paces feet were damp and mud started to splatter…it wasn’t long before the smaller dogs participating with their owners were covered in mud up to their bellies and even the larger breeds started to change colour quite dramatically!

First across the finishing line in 22:32 was David Fulford, closely followed by Ronald Hummelink in 23:10 and then first lady finisher Joasia Zakrzewski in 23:12. New PBs were achieved by Rachel Murray and Ian Armstrong, despite the challenging conditions. The café and multiple cakes beckoned for the runners and as Tail Walker I hoped there would still be some left when I finished (1:11:49 – a very enjoyable bumble around the course with great company from Reina, Carole and their lovely dogs). I needn’t have worried – as it was the 100th celebrations it seemed like the majority of the regulars and volunteers had all bought cake to share and I loved the frosted ginger cake). Penny opened a bottle of fizz and there was enough for around a teaspoon of champers per person – not enough to bother the local police who are based in the Network Centre, no arrests for drink-driving were made!
A huge thanks go out to all the volunteers and to all who donated cakes and Karen and Andrew for manning the brew station. Here’s to the next 100 runs – hope to see you all there.



millom parkrun 100 – 1

Millom parkrun came of age this weekend, a truly fantastic achievement, the 100th outing was staged. This is a magnificent achievement as Millom parkrun is in a very isolated location and heavily reliant on the same ever willing volunteers each weekend. This weekend many of the regular volunteers were unavailable and after a rallying call thanks go out to Jonathan Bailey, Andrew Rigg, John Roberts, Pauline Preston, John Rodgers, Penny Moreton, Colin Benn, Karen Moore, Sam Moore and Malcolm Howitt.
The end of week’s weather did it’s best to make the course a testing run, and there was a lot of standing water in key areas around the course making conditions decidedly soggy. Race director Colin Benn welcomed the 57 runners, hearty greetings given to overall first time parkrunners Leigh Philips, Max, John and Laura Clements, Luke, Xavier and Emma Miles and Lucy Gray. Visitors came from Lonsdale, St Bees and Dumfries.
As the sun came out, the starting whistle was blown and very soon the field strung itself out across the field, local runner David Fulford sticking close to Ronald Hummelink for the first couple of laps, closely following was the experienced 4 times Comrades finisher Joasia Zakerzewski, her running pedigree showing why she’s achieved 4th in that prestigious South African ultra. Lesley Grieve with Ruby dog looked full of running fresh from her return from the New York Marathon last weekend. Nicholas Schaffer and Anthony Lomas followed almost stride for stride as they celebrated their 50thparkrun. Jonathan Bailey, Duncan Roche and Karl Furseytook a conservative approach as they were due to tackle the Dunnerdale Fell race shortly afterwards. Congratulations to Rachel Murray who achieved a personal best.
Everyone was really grateful for the hosepipe to wash off the mud whether it was two legs or four. before retiring to the café for well earned cake and coffee; thanks to Karen Moore and Andrew Rigg who serving the multitude. Champagne was well received as a toast was made to the next 100 runs.



millom parkrun 99

And so it was that our 99th event got underway on a soggy Saturday morning with the November weather being a bit rainy but fortunately not torrential on this occasion…23 runners and one dog were welcomed by Run Director Shelley who noted that there were some swampy parts on the course and pointed out the bucket and hosepipe to remind us to rinse feet and legs prior to entering the Network Centre so that the volunteers didn’t have to mop out the cafeteria area after we departed.
Birthday wishes were extended to John Rodgers for Sunday when he reaches a milestone birthday – I won’t mention his age, but it rhymes with “nifty”.
The run started on time and if it was the same for everyone else as it was for this reporter then feet were slightly damp within half a dozen steps…John Everson was first across the finishing line in 21.04 (which was also a new PB for him) and Helena Tyson was the first lady home, finishing in 34.48. Keiron Clarke also achieved a new PB on this run and everyone completed the course in various states of muddiness.
After sluicing down at the bucket and donning our overshoes, brews and very tasty cakes were on offer in the Network Centre and most runners partook of these. Thanks go out to Leanne for manning the brew station and providing the cakes this week. As always, parkrun depends on the volunteers who freely give their time to set up, marshall, timekeep, bake cakes, provide brews and all the other things that are needed to allow the event to happen so huge thank you to Andy Burn, Stephen Hancock, Malcolm Howitt, Karen Hughes, Maya Hughes, Leanne Jackson, Sarah Lupton, Freya Lupton, Shelley Myers, John Roberts, Reina Schaffer, Nicholas Schaffer and Milly Wilson


millom parkrun 98

It was enough to spook your scariest witch and wizard, the costumes that adorned the 98th Millom parkrun were fabulous to celebrate the pagan festival of Halloween. It maybe the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the ‘darker half of the year’ but the sun drenched the chilly green field awaiting the runners. A line of pumpkins greeted the 40 assembled runners, some of whom had travelled from near Colne, Lancashire.
Race Director Shelley Myers thanked her gallant volunteers; Dawn Attwood, Jonathan Bailey, Gemma Bosanko, Andy Burn, Lesley Grieve, Stephen Hancock, Maya and Karen Hughes, Stephen Johnson, Sarah Lupton, Olivia Marshall, Penny Moreton and John Roberts. Stephen Hancock was presented with an anniversary cake to commemorate his 50th stint on ‘Marshy Corner’. A warm welcome was extended to new visitors Andrew Keogh Lewis and Charlie and Wayne Ellison from Heaton and Trawden and first timers Andy Sharpe, Daniel King, Barry Mudd with Catherine and Matthew Sharpe.
With the ground conditions soft on the top corners the runners set off in haste. Skeletons, ghouls and wizards chased the front three protagonists of John Rodgers, Lee Thompsett Jonathan Bailey, all hotly pursued by Rachel Read, Hannah Wright and Louise Roberts. The 10-year olds had a real tussle with Calvin Singleton leading the way from Tye Young, being chased down by Holly Singleton, despite being four years younger her long springy stride simply ate up the ground. Roy Jones secured a much sought-after personal best. Regular parkrun collie regular Ruby was rested this week as her mum Lesley Grieve is due off to the prestigious New York Marathon next weekend, this gave opportunity for two Jack Russell newcomers and a terrier to stake their claim as fastest dog. Leanne Jackson continues to astound us all as she completed her 139th parkrun just days before she is due to become a mum.
Thanks, were extended to Karen and Maya Hughes for serving up a feast of cakes and coffee to warm all the runners after their run
RESULTS: John Rodgers 22.44, 2nd Lee Thompsett 24.15, 3rd Jonathan Bailey 24.45
Rachel Read 27.36, 2nd Hannah Wright 27.42, 3rd Louise Roberts 30.04
All walkers, joggers, runners are very welcome to join us as we approach our 100th parkrun on 10th Novemeber, assemble from 8.45 at Millom School Playing Fields for a 9am start.
Penny Moreton


millom parkrun 97

Somewhat better weather saw 36 runners welcomed to Millom’s 97th parkrun this week, including 3 returning visitors from Lincolnshire. Although it was raining, the course conditions were much improved from the quagmire of the week before with only a couple of boggy patches to negotiate.
Run Director, Karen’s news for the day included a reminder that it would be Halloween run next week so anyone is welcome to dress up (although many of us look scary enough after the run!). News that Wendy was providing the cakes this week was greeted with glee and certainly encouraged this chronicler to strive for a better time than last week thus getting to the café earlier! Many thanks for the lemon drizzle especially.
First across the finishing line was Stephen Smith in 20.33, closely followed by young visitor Ross Butcher, more used to a field of several hundred in his home parkrun in Lincoln…first to finish for the Ladies was Joanne McLeod in 24.09…both Ross and Joanne, along with Heather Butcher, Tean Butcher and Annabel James all achieved new PBs on this run too.
Apres run, in the café, several runners picked up membership forms for the newly formed Millom Striders club – anyone wishing to join can pick up a form from the volunteers - speaking of whom, parkrun wouldn’t happen without, so I’ll close by giving thanks and a shout out to Dawn Attwood, Jonathan Bailey, Colin Benn, Dave Bridges, Andy Burn, Karen Hughes, Maya Hughes, Shelley Myers, Pauline Preston, Andrew Rigg, John Roberts, John Rodgers, Susan Southward, Colin Southward and Milly Wilson

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