The story of a fabulously wet junior parkrun

Early one morning there was a big park with a rugby pitch which was getting drenched with rain and it was full of puddles. There were lots and lots of children looking forward to their run, but would they be able to run with so much rain? Of course they would! There was a team of hi-viz superheroes ready to put the junior parkrun on.

Nineteen superheroes arrived, got into their hi-viz suits, set the course up and got everything ready for the children to arrive. 89 children ran in. Seven of them were first timers, including Guy from Kettering parkrun. They were all ready to take on the junior parkrun. Everybody was getting soaked like they were in a big water fight but they all ran their best. 16 of them got PBs. Everybody was a winner because they were powered by puddle jumping and high fives! Luckily it didn't turn into a junior parkswim even though some of the puddles were really big and deep!

Thank you, hi-viz superheroes!!

Carly & Guy Hills


The C word… Christmas and NY

Hello all, apologies for bringing it up so soon. I know right we still have Halloween, and the Rugby World Cup final to go!!

As you may know events can choose to host additional events on Christmas Day and New Years Day should they choose to do so. We feel as a team that we'd struggle with volunteers and runners on those days, and that perhaps some of our more hardened parkrunners will be off running 5km events. So as such we won't be hosting extra runs.



MK junior parkrun #212 – a guest post

Thank you to Gemma for providing the report for this week; (all contributions are most welcome).

A warm September morning welcomed 152 young runners to Milton Keynes, including 7 first timers. There were an impressive 41 PBs achieved, which is over 1\4 of the runners. The first boy was Oscar Claes, and the first girl was Jamila Clare. A big thank you to our awesome volunteers:


Today was my (almost) 8 year old brother's 100th junior parkrun (and also his new PB). He started doing junior parkrun when he was 4, doing his first at Milton Keynes just days after he was old enough to do so. He has since been to 12 different locations, with finishing positions ranging from 3 to 300. His run today was over 5 minutes faster than his first runs. This is what he thinks about junior parkrun (in his own words):

Why do you enjoy junior parkrun?

“Because it keeps me fit and it tires me out so I'm not hyper for the whole day”

What was your favourite junior parkrun?

“Lakes (St` Herbert Leon Academy) and Hanworth because I get a good position”

What was your least favourite junior parkrun?

“Alyn Waters and Birches Valley are equal because they're both hilly and bumpy”

How many junior parkruns do you want to do?

“At least 300 (or maybe 350)”

Hope you all had a good run!


Parkrun #199 – 9th June 2019 run report

Milton Keynes junior parkrun #199

The sun was out this morning to welcome 135 runners to Milton Keynes junior parkrun. There were 12 First Timers, and a whopping 40 Pbs! Well done to everyone who finished today; we hope you enjoyed your run, whether it was your 1st or your 50th.

This event obviously couldn't go ahead without our wonderful volunteers, who stand out every week helping out and cheering everyone on:

Chris ERRIDGE  •  Chris Wickham  •  Dave LEWIS  •  David FLETCHER  •  David STOBBS  •  Jonpaul WRIGHT  •  Kevin KEMP  •  Lawrence NOON  •  Lindsay O'KANE  •  Lorraine WRIGHT  •  Matt O'KANE  •  Nathan DAVIDSON  •  Penny MEEHAN  •  Ruth AGUILAR  •  Sophie WRIGHT  •  Stevyn KEMP  •  Tushar PAI  •  Will WRIGHT

The first 3 boys were Alex Hodson, Morgan Bunn and Nathan Mailer. The first 3 girls were Gemma Wickham, Anna Fielding and Victoria Wadsworth.

A couple more stats from this weeks run:

• It was the 25th highest attendance since the event started
• There were members of 5 different clubs
• JM10 was the category with the most runners, with 64
• 76 of the runners had earned a wristband of any colour (56%)

Next week is our 200th run! Yep, there will have been 200 junior parkruns run here in Milton Keynes. To celebrate this amazing milestone, we are hoping to have 200 runners next week! So tell all your friends and bring as many people as you can to celebrate (just don't forget to bring your barcode!)

See you next week!

By Gemma Wickham


2019 – Off to a great start

Thanks all for some lovely events so far this year. 134 juniors ran, walked, jogged around the course on a lovely Winter morning.

7 first timers came along, and were most welcome. 15 PBs were achieved, and 1 runner achieved their Ultra marathon milestone, 1 junior achieved marathon status, and 5 achieved half-marathon! Well done all. Should be a bumper handout of wristbands on Sunday!

This weeks band of awesome helpers were;

Alan WHEELER  •  Alison RAY  •  Amy INCHLEY  •  Anna-Marie WOOD  •  David Anthony LEWIS  •  David STOBBS  •  Erin INCHLEY  •  Gary FIDLER  •  Jonpaul WRIGHT  •  Kevin KEMP  •  Linda ROBINSON  •  Maria PERALTA  •  Nathan DAVIDSON  •  Rut POLMAN  •  Ruth AGUILAR  •  Toby STAPLETON  •  Will WRIGHT

See you all next week.

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