Montrose parkrun #101 The one with the new course record

It was a murky start to the day, when your Run Director and our pre-event set up team arrived at Broomfield at 0830, we could barely see the the 1st marshal point and discussions revolved as to how we would see the first runners coming back to the finish line. We did not need to worry though as the clouds soon lifted and even the sun tried to make an appearance.


This week 184 people ran, jogged and walked the course. The calm conditions made for good running, and as the volunteers waited at the finish line for the runners returning we were almost caught out as we noticed our first runner returning at great speed, there was much enthusiasm as we thought the course record could be smashed, and it certainly was as Ross MacKenzie visiting from Glasgow came in at 16:16 thing 24 secs of our current record.

Along with Ross 32 others recorded new Personal Bests, there were 22 first timers, representatives of 15 different clubs took part and we had visitors from Liverpool, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Thanks for visiting Montrose.

Tina Fowler donned our cape and ran her 50th parkrun, supported by some of her fellow Arbroath Footers...


parkrun can't happen without volunteers, and we are grateful for all those who step forward to help. Some of our volunteers were trying out new roles this week and were worried about messing things up, they need not worry though after a little bit of guidance they absolutely nailed it.

Collage 2019-06-16 15_28_52

Our volunteers this week were,

Valerie THOMSON • Tina FOWLER • Jackie FLYNN • Michael ELLERY • Pam RICHARDSON • Leanne MCNAB • Doreen ADAM • Denis RICE • David TAYLOR • Sheila TAYLOR • Hilary MURDOCH • Colin MURRAY • Garry TASKER • Arthur GRANT • Robert CARGILL • Brian MANZI • Chloe CARROLL

We always welcome new volunteers so if you have never given it a go before, drop us a e-mail or come and speak to one of the Run Directors and we can give you some information.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Montrose parkrun Results Page.


Montrose parkrun #100!

What a special occasion we had on Saturday! We had plenty to celebrate and plenty of people to celebrate with.

Saturday the 8th of June was a big day at Montrose parkrun as it was our 100th event. To celebrate, we had a sizable array of home-baked goodies, supplied by some of our multi-talented regular runners as well as the core team, who spent Friday night in their pinnies. A huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to bake for us.

Event 100 cakes

The lure of cakes, the desire to be involved with event number 100, the publicity from last week’s Courier article about our fantastic GP parkrun practices, or maybe a combination of these certainly drew the crowds. A record-breaking 219 people joined us to run, jog or walk the route, smashing our previous record of 188 and a 64% increase on last week’s attendance. We hope all of the first timers enjoyed the experience and we look forward to welcoming you all back. Sorry, we can’t promise to have that many cakes next time.

DSCF2514 copy

A couple of our regulars had extra special reasons to celebrate. Avila Murray donned our custom-made black cape to tailwalk on her 100th parkrun. Joining her with our second black cape was her dad, our very own superhero and Token Master, Denis Rice. Denis has volunteered at every single Montrose parkrun since its inception. We may have said it before, but we’ll say it again – Denis is the heart and soul of Montrose parkrun and we all look forward immensely to him strolling up with his camping chair to settle into his customary position.


This week 219 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Avila MURRAY • Valerie THOMSON • Karen ADAMS • Doug WALKER • Michael ELLERY • Reg HUNTER • Pam RICHARDSON • Samantha REDPATH • Morag ELLERY • Denis RICE • Caroline KINGHORN • Jamie KINGHORN • Leona SMART • Barrie MUNRO • Arthur GRANT • David MAY • Andrea JOHNSTON • Gary JAMIESON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Montrose parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Andrew ROLLAND who recorded a time of 16:40 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 9).
The female record is held by Jennifer WETTON who recorded a time of 18:05 on 13th April 2019 (event number 92).
The Age Grade course record is held by Morag ELLERY who recorded 85.90% (26:21) on 1st September 2018 (event number 60).

Montrose parkrun started on 8th July 2017. Since then 2,278 participants have completed 11,560 parkruns covering a total distance of 57,800 km, including 2,692 new Personal Bests. A total of 285 individuals have volunteered 1,666 times.


Montrose parkrun #98 – band t-shirts and PBs

Mofest may be off the calendar in 2019, but in its place this weekend was Montrose Live, a celebration of live music in pubs all over the town. To commemorate this, a good number of our parkrunners looked out their old, faded, two-sizes-too-small band t-shirts for Montrose parkrun #98. Wendy Arthur's trusty acoustic guitar also made its annual appearance. One day she will even put strings on it, she promises...

The conditions were perfect for a good parkrun - it wasn't too hot or cold and the dreaded wind was notably absent - so things looked good for PB potential. And boy, were we right? Of the 157 starters, 53 recorded a personal best - that's 1 in 3! Well done to you all.

We welcomed lots of tourists this week and received some lovely comments from them about our enthusiastic and welcoming volunteers. Congratulations especially to the troopers who joined us after completing the Great Outdoors Challenge coast to coast walk. They started in Oban on the west coast and finished at Scurdie Ness on Friday evening. It was amazing that they managed parkrun on Saturday morning with what must have been pretty tired legs! We look forward to welcoming them back next year.

We also had a few milestones to celebrate. Congratulations to Brenda Burden, Mike Milne and Michael Louden who all completed their 50th parkruns, and Andy Scott who donned the black cape and some additional superhero "attire" to complete his 100th parkrun. The less said about that the better! Many thanks to the master baker from Vegan Runners who brought some delicious vegan cakes, and thanks also to Brenda for the sweets - all were very much appreciated by the runners.


We have a couple of important weeks coming up. On Saturday 1st June GP staff all over the UK will be attending parkruns to celebrate the brilliant parkrun practice initiative. You can find out more about this scheme here. We hope to have good representation from our local GP practices.


Then, on Saturday 8th June, we will be celebrating our 100th Montrose parkrun! For this event, we are encouraging everyone to wear a 'club' t-shirt - whether it's your running club kit, football team or a parkrun t-shirt, or even a team you support, please get your thinking caps on and let's have a great celebration of the activities that our parkrunners are involved with. Also, if there was ever going to be a guarantee of cakes at the finishing line, it has to be for the 100th parkrun!


This week 157 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 53 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:
Lorraine MCCONNACHIE • Avila MURRAY • Valerie THOMSON • Elaine BANKS • Jackie FLYNN • Pam RICHARDSON • Denis RICE • Caroline KINGHORN • Jamie KINGHORN • Leona SMART • Mike RUSHWORTH • Kate BARROW • Hilary MURDOCH • Barrie MUNRO • Shane JOHNSON • Garry TASKER • Andrea JOHNSTON • Shona SALMOND • Kirsty HASTON

This week's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Montrose parkrun Results Page.


Montrose parkrun 97- The weather got the wrong RD!

With wind, rain and surface mud, it was a dreich, auld morning for parkrun 97. Those of us regular volunteers who hold a weekly sweepstake (entry free, but no prize either) estimating the number of participants, gloomily thought we'd be lucky to reach a hundred. Well , we did- 101 to be exact, as one smug timekeeper guessed precisely-Well done Ruairidh.
group pic

All the more credit in such weather conditions for the twelve PBs which were achieved. Also a huge shout out to Sarah, one of our younger volunteers who was giving everyone a giant hi-five at kinnaber carpark, its great to see the younger ones being involved.
sarah and dad

Seven first timers registered this week, please come again when its sunny. And on that touchy subject of the weather: either the weatherman had a hangover, or our team of Directors got their rota wrong. The one we've got used to blaming for rainy days wasn't on directional duty on Saturday, but was actually a runner- and she's a Walker.

Even in the rain, the warm yellow of the gorse is still brightening our course. And as the whin flowers begin to fade and drop, they are replaced by the sharper yellow, and the gorgeous scent of the broom- always a week or two later in its full bloom.

On Saturday, our improved new loud hailer made its first, welcome appearance. The Director's pre-run briefing and topical announcements now have a chance of being heard by all participants, as they paw the ground impatient for the "three,two,one,GO".

For those of us who are technophobes, and still old-fashioned enough to buy a newspaper, its always heartening to see the week's leading results in the Courier on Wednesdays. They can be found on the sports pages, under "Athletics". One of our more athletic Directors seeing his token number 1 reported last week, had his moment of purring pride rather dampened. His work colleagues were all more likely to comment on the description "Veteran" against his name.

Written by Denis Rice


The one with the very small dog!


Montrose parkrun no. 96

The sun shone and there were smiles a plenty this week. 137 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests.

Highlight for me this week was seeing Tracy Harrison and Georgi ‘sprint’ towards the finish. If you squint really hard you can just make out tiny Georgi the chihuahua puppy in the photo.

As you may have noticed we are nearing event 100! We’re planning on doing something to mark this occasion so keep your eyes peeled for further info.

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:

Pamela BRANDIE • Talitha GRAHAM • Bryony WALKER • Brenda BURDEN • Jade JESSIMAN • Pam RICHARDSON • Denis RICE • Ian BEATTIE • Lesley STRACHAN • Colin MURRAY • Arthur GRANT • Shona SALMOND • Lesley PATERSON • Gordon PATERSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Montrose parkrun Results Page.

Montrose parkrun started on 8th July 2017. Since then 2,209 participants have completed 10,950 parkruns covering a total distance of 54,750 km, including 2,561 new Personal Bests. A total of 280 individuals have volunteered 1,598 times.

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