Montrose parkrun #114 – 14 September 2019

It was another rather breezy morning on Saturday 14th September, but we’re well used to that on the east coast of Scotland, and it’s good to see it didn’t put off our brave parkrunners! This week 130 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We were delighted to welcome 20 first timers to Montrose, including visitors from Glasgow, Staffordshire and a big welcome to David and Lisa from Melbourne, Australia! Lisa told me that she is originally from Kirriemuir, but it’s still a fair trek for a run around Broomfield!


It never ceases to amaze me when we get new Personal Best times under difficult conditions and this week was no exception. Even though there were a lot of mutterings (with the odd expletive) about the wind, 23 parkrunners still managed to record new PBs. Very well done to all of you. As you can see from our picture below, it was a bit of a struggle for some!


As always, we are indebted to the volunteers who generously give their time to help make sure parkrun happens. This week’s event was made possible by the following hi-viz heroes:

Keith BLACK • Valerie THOMSON • Jen PICKETT • Brenda BURDEN • Karen ADAMS • Lana SHEPHERD • Colleen CRAIG • Denis RICE • Caroline KINGHORN • Jamie KINGHORN • Lesley STRACHAN • Keith JACKSON • Beverley MURRAY • Gary JAMIESON • Anna WILSON-STOREY

Over 24,000 people volunteered at a parkrun somewhere in the world on Saturday – that many people surely can’t be wrong! Volunteering is fun, easy, rewarding and without it there would be no parkrun. We are always on the lookout for volunteers, as you will no doubt be aware if you follow us on our social media channels (you’ll know we’re desperate if we’re posting pictures of sad animals). If you would like to help out this coming parkrunday or any other time, check out the volunteering page for more information and get in touch with us at

This week’s full results and a complete event history can be found on the Montrose parkrun Results Page.


Montrose parkrun 113, 7th September, 2019

On the first Saturday morning of September- unlike Jacob Rees-Mogg, lazily sprawled on some parliamentary seat, or park bench-133 folk chose activity at Montrose's 113th parkrun. They were rewarded by blue skies and warm sun, though faced by a stiff breeze on the north-facing sections of the route.

You may wonder sometimes what we volunteers at the start/finish point get up to when awaiting the return of the participants. One of the things we do is compete, each week, for the best guess as to how many of you there are. This week, RD, Sam was closest with 131. But none of us predicted that, despite that brisk wind, twenty eight of you would achieve your PB. Congratulations!

We were delighted to welcome 15 first timers, and visitors from Dundee, North Wales and Strathclyde. Some of the Dundonians were known to us from Camperdown parkrun, where some of us used to go before Montrose was set up. On Saturday their venue was occupied by a flower show.

The growing strength of running clubs was again illustrated by sixteen being represented on Saturday. This is not to imply that anybody at parkrun ever needs to apologise for the designation, "unattached".

One of Saturday's runners was crowned Montrose Rose Queen, 2019, on Sunday. Zoe Graham has been a regular parkrun participant and volunteer. The Rose Queen ceremony has been an annual local tradition since 1936. I mention this honour not just as a biassed grandfather. I mention it because, in her two-minute acceptance speech to the public on Sunday, Zoe spoke of parkrun as one of the good opportunities available in our community. Perhaps some of those who heard her will go away asking, "What's parkrun?" And if they get an answer, they can be sure of a welcome when they make that first step to Broomfield on a Saturday morning.

Written by
Denis 'The Token Master' Rice

And we have our parkrun baby. Congrats to our RD Pam and her husband Scott on the birth of there gorgeous daughter. I am sure the week you bring her along their will be lots of PB's for folk rushing back for cuddles! Love from the whole parkrun family.


Montrose parkrun #112 Wet Wet Wet!

When Montrose parkrun first started we were blessed with Saturday after Saturday of decent weather. The first time it rained yours truly was Run Director and since then I have been unfortunate with the bulk of the few rainy days we have had falling on my week to RD. With 4 RD stints passing and not a drop of raining falling my lucky streak was bound to come to an end, and boy did it just!


Despite the heavy rain and brisk breeze, 137 hardy souls ran, walked and jogged their way around sodden course, of whom 21 brave individuals were first timers and 17 recorded new PBs which I find amazing considering the head wind on the way back!


The pacers had a tough job this week given the conditions. I had some very soggy and muddy vests to wash afterwards!


The event was made possible by 25 awesome volunteers:

Ruairidh CAMPBELL • Stuart GRAHAM • Bryony WALKER • Elaine BANKS • Tina FOWLER • Nicola MCANDREW • Jackie FLYNN • Doug WALKER • Michael ELLERY • Joyce HOLLOWAY • Iain MACPHERSON • Denis RICE • Sarah RODGER • Caroline KINGHORN • Jamie KINGHORN • Ethan HARRISON • Neave HARRISON • Hilary MURDOCH • Barrie MUNRO • Arthur GRANT • David MAY • Gary COYLE • Peter GREIG • Brian MANZI • Barry SMITH


Big thanks to these guys today. We still managed to have a good laugh despite being absolutely soaked!




Seems I am now well and truly stuck with the 'Rain Director' tag but it was still great fun and I was so pleased to see that it didn't put many of you off! We are surely made of hardy stuff in the Mighty Mo!


Montrose parkrun #111 Fly-in’s and Footers!

This week saw the return of the Montrose Air Station fly-in so the playing fields were cordoned off, it meant it took a little longer for everyone to get to the start/finish area and we delayed the start to help.  It's great we can share the area with these other local events. I went back to catch a few snaps of the aircraft that arrived after we had finished.


It is lovely to have that reminder that our parkrun uses part of the old airfield which was Great Britain’s first operational military airfield which was established by the Royal Flying Corps in February 1913.

We had visitors from Perth, Glasgow, Northumberland, Telford, Canada and the Cayman Islands including Jonathan Wood from Telford,who advised he gained his overall parkrun PB here at Montrose in 21.22 so well done to him.  We also had our 3000th PB achieved at Montrose this week well done to Abigail Dean visiting from Glasgow

parkrun can't happen without volunteers, this week saw another take over where volunteers were all from the Arbroath Footers.  The Footers have supported Montrose parkrun from the start, many are regular runners or volunteers and the club have brought their C25K graduates along to complete their 1st 5K.  A massive thanks to them again.


This week 167 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Wendy CALDER • Pamela BRANDIE • Christine DAVIES • Valerie THOMSON • Mary TOWNS • Lisa LAWRENCE • Tina FOWLER • Reg HUNTER • Pam RICHARDSON • Jacqui WHITTON • Samantha REDPATH • Kirsty CLAYTON • Denis RICE • Audrey DUFFY • Jodie COULL • Arthur GRANT • Samantha MCDONALD

See you all again on parkrunday!


Montrose parkrun # 109 – The one where it didn’t rain!

I won't lie, even though my 8 weather apps were all telling me it was going to be ok on Saturday morning I was sure we were in for a soaking. However, Mother Nature was being kind and after a misty start the sun started to break through the clouds for event 109. Surely I have cured my jinx of the Rainy Run Director!


This week 111 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We considered this to be a 'quiet week', a year ago we would have considered an event with over 100 people to be busy! Great to see so many people sticking with us and bringing new faces along each Saturday.


We had 3 regular celebrating milestones this week. Garry Tasker and Sarah Williams both reached 50 parkruns and Arthur Grant entered the purple t-shirt club, having now volunteered 25 times. It's fantastic to see more of you reaching these milestones, although it is getting harder to keep track of everyone! If you know you are going to be hitting a milestone then give us a shout and we'll make sure to give you a mention, they all are achievements to be proud of.

IMG_7971 IMG_7978 IMG_7983

Next week sees the debut of Peter Greig as our next Run Director in training. He and his wife Andrea have joined the team and are both working towards donning the white and black RD vest. With Pam taking a little step back until Baby R is born and settled, we are most grateful to Peter and Andrea for their help and endless enthusiasm!


We have noticed that 299 different people have now volunteered and I think we may reach 300 this weekend!


Have a lovely week everyone!



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