Montrose parkrun 108, 3rd August 2019

Waking early on the first Saturday of August, we found Montrose Links shrouded in seasonal haar. But happily, it lifted into hazy sun, in time for the start of parkrun 108..68260327_2673646352667131_3505371858239225856_n

Saturday's 162 participants enjoyed pleasantly warm and calm conditions for their circuit of our colourful course. Yes, "colourful"- and that's not just the joyful rainbow of trainers, leggings and tops. While the luminous glow of gorse and broom has gone, yellow is still everywhere around the route, in the sturdy clumps of ragwort. There's also the delicate purple of rest harrow, the bunched white of yarrow and the coy lemon of bird's foot and hop trefoils, peeping out among the grasses.


Perhaps the 50 souls who recorded PB's wouldn't have had the leisure to notice the prolific wild flowers. But we hope our many English visitors- from St Albans, Rutland, Boston (Lincs) and Northumberland-have taken away some glimpsing memories of our lovely Links. As always, 29 first timers were especially welcome. The popularity of club affiliation was evident in 20 memberships being named.

I'm always grateful to Run Director, Sam, for letting me in on her reporting duties. And especially this week, I might be allowed a wee personal purr of pride (or, arrogant boast, depending on your point of view). Fifteen of my "mob" were present for this week's parkrun- twelve participants and three volunteers. It was a strong European turn-out by them: from Norway, Germany, France, Spain, England and Scotland- not a Johnsonian Brexiteer in sight!


Which prompts me here to express my gratitude for the friendship and fun the fine Montrose parkrun community have given to my family and me over the past two years. These are precious gifts, on offer every Saturday for those who have yet to discover the efforts and joys of parkrun.

Written by Denis 'Token Master' Rice