Montrose parkrun # 109 – The one where it didn’t rain!

I won't lie, even though my 8 weather apps were all telling me it was going to be ok on Saturday morning I was sure we were in for a soaking. However, Mother Nature was being kind and after a misty start the sun started to break through the clouds for event 109. Surely I have cured my jinx of the Rainy Run Director!


This week 111 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We considered this to be a 'quiet week', a year ago we would have considered an event with over 100 people to be busy! Great to see so many people sticking with us and bringing new faces along each Saturday.


We had 3 regular celebrating milestones this week. Garry Tasker and Sarah Williams both reached 50 parkruns and Arthur Grant entered the purple t-shirt club, having now volunteered 25 times. It's fantastic to see more of you reaching these milestones, although it is getting harder to keep track of everyone! If you know you are going to be hitting a milestone then give us a shout and we'll make sure to give you a mention, they all are achievements to be proud of.

IMG_7971 IMG_7978 IMG_7983

Next week sees the debut of Peter Greig as our next Run Director in training. He and his wife Andrea have joined the team and are both working towards donning the white and black RD vest. With Pam taking a little step back until Baby R is born and settled, we are most grateful to Peter and Andrea for their help and endless enthusiasm!


We have noticed that 299 different people have now volunteered and I think we may reach 300 this weekend!


Have a lovely week everyone!