Montrose parkrun #116- Montrose Triathlon takeover

Wow, where do we start? The Montrose Triathlon Club knocked it out of the park with their volunteer takeover on a crisp autumn day with 161 runners.


After the success of the club’s inaugural Duathlon round the basin last month they continued to reward the fastest parkrunners with prizes for their efforts this week. They really are a friendly bunch of triathletes!

Jeni Warden, Tri club Vice Chairman said 'I want to reiterate thanks to all the “team” members at today’s parkrun. It was a fantastic team effort and really think we showed Montrose how great our club is. It is not very often that we get to take time out from our training just to promote and encourage others and even catch up between ourselves.


We have 130 members in the club with various levels of abilities in one or all of the three triathlon sports, and the club supports everyone equally. Much aligned with the parkrun philosophy that all are welcome!

In the last year the club has grown by more than 25% and has facilitated swim and triathlon camps locally along with the first “couch to Tri” programme to assist newbies to train and complete their first triathlon this summer.

Tri club members spoke to many parkrunners and hopefully managed to encourage them that anything is possible if you have the right support group around you!
Many mentioned their anxiety about swimming in particular and that they wanted to work on it before coming along, head swim coach Sylvia insisted that this was not necessary and that she would see them on poolside on Monday! (Even better is that your first swim session is free and for non members to try the club out before joining)

The club has been shortlisted by Triathlon Scotland for “Most Welcoming Club of the Year” 2019 so while they await the results they continue to strive to promote and welcome more parkrunners into their friendly club!

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Jeni Warden

Vice Chairperson- Montrose Triathlon Club