Mulbarton parkrun #289

Well done to all 62 runners who set themselves up for the day by completing our 289th parkrun. I hope you feel better for it, despite the mud, and it was nice to welcome new runners, and to see five of you get PBs.

A big thanks to all the wonderful volunteers today, including Steve and Barry who paced almost to the second (no slow motion finishes at all!). You all did a fine job and made sure everything ran smoothly - and apologies for nearly forgetting to mention you in the briefing!. If you haven't tried it before, volunteering really is fun and much appreciated by your fellow runners, and we can't actually function without you. So if you are able to help out now and again, please do get in touch as we're a bit short on volunteers for the coming weeks.

Apologies to the 'man in black' who had token 48 - we had a problem scanning the token but unfortunately didn't get your name/barcode so you've got no time for this week - if that was you, please do get in touch.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our webpage and Facebook page - we are dependant on the weather/course condition so sometimes may have to cancel.

Finally, one of our runners has written a few haiku poems for us - many thanks Tim/parkrun poet! If you've ever been for a post run cup of tea with us on the bus, this one will resonate:

busman's holiday
window steam
by hot tea

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

Jane (this week's run director)