Mulbarton parkrun #319

Good work to the one hundred and ten of you who completed Mulbarton parkrun this morning and I can only describe the conditions as glorious. I would like to thank this weeks team of volunteers who did exceptionally well. you were incredible considering it was the first time many of you had done that particular role.

We had Jacob and Andrew as our pacers for 25 and 30 minutes respectively and a number of people told me that they achieved a PB because of them so I'm always pleased when that happens. Bethany and Jayne were keeping an eye on the times, Alex was giving out tokens, Chris was scanning you in and Ed was making sure everyone got round. You all did a fantastic job. If anyone is thinking about volunteering for the first time, but think it may be a bit daunting, it really isn't and if any of you think you could do a little more, do think about joining the core team as a run director, the more the merrier.

There were 20 new PBs today which is brilliant and we had 12 first timers, and 5 of those chose Mulbarton for their first ever parkrun. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

Finally there was a grey top and a water bottle left on the bench, so we have those put aside for next week if anyone needs to claim them.

Hopefully see you all again soon

Steve (this week's run director)



Mulbarton parkrun #310

Good work to each and everyone of the 96 runners out on the slightly damp common this morning, and the 11 Volunteers who were all amazing today.

We had 6 official first timers to parkrun as a whole (I say official as I know someone forgot to bring a bar code so it was at least 7 really) one of whom was Diana Smith who graduated from her couch to 5k program and completed the course for the first time today. 20 of you were first timers to Mulbarton. That is a fantastic number, it's always good to welcome visitors and best of luck to Stuart Barton who will be completing his 100th different tourist event next week, glad we made 99 on your list.

12 of you managed to get PBs which was an excellent effort as the ground could have been hard going in places. And congratulations to Naomi and Kevin Stockwell on hitting their 50 milestones today.

Today marks 50 years since the Human race went to the moon and while that was one small step for a man, as Neil Armstrong meant to say, it was a giant leap for mankind. Well 50 years later we have the remarkable Freddie Hanna who at 4 years old completed our parkrun course for the first time. I do not know of anyone younger to have done it (feel free to correct me if you know better) so I feel proud that we are still pushing ourselves to achieve difficult goals.

Speaking of Pride, next week is the Norwich Pride festival so please feel free to wear the most vibrant colours you have in solidarity of that.

To those of us doing the 10k run tomorrow, all the best. Say hello if you see me running, call for medical assistance if you see me collapsed in a heap. otherwise enjoy.

See you all soon

Steve (this week's Run Director)


Mulbarton parkrun #304

Good work to all 122 of you who braved the 1st of June's sunshine and joined us for our 304th parkrun in Mulbarton. My thanks as always goes to this week's volunteers we had Amanda and Tim clicking each one of you over the line, Hilary keeping you in order for the tokens, Anne successfully scanning you in and Vicky making sure you all finished. I almost forgot to mention Barry, who paced at 27 minutes, and I have to say there was a discrepancy of one second between the two stop watches today so I may have chosen the wrong one, which accounts for 27:01 finish time. Split hairs aside you all did brilliant work.

It was nice to welcome visitors from as far afield as Devon and Sprowston and it's always a pleasure to welcome first timers to parkrun at Mulbarton. We had 5 of you newcomers today so hopefully we'll see you here again in the future.

Please do keep an eye on the website,  as we have quite a few spaces to fill in the next few weeks, and feel free to email in if you are able to help out in the next few weeks. The summer months are traditionally hard to fill so please help out if you can.

Enjoy the sunshine while we can and hopefully I'll see you all again soon.

Steve (this week's run director)



Mulbarton Parkrun #298

139 happy parkrunners enjoyed our return to the summer course on Mulbarton Common in beautiful sunny weather. As always, sincere thanks to or fantastic volunteers who made the event possible.

We welcomed several people who were first timers to parkrun as we'll as a number of tourists.

Congratulations to Lucy Clark who completed her 100th parkrun today. Great achievement!

A big 'Well Done' also to Andrew North who completed a week of running for charity by joining us this morning.

Note that on 4th May we will be having our 300th parkrun at Mulbarton. We are hoping that on the day we will have a number of pacers running different times to encourage participants to aim for a specific time and maybe challenge themselves (No obligation of course). If you would like to volunteer as a pacer or to try any other role then please do get in touch.

See you soon.

Dennis (Run Director)


Mulbarton parkrun #297

Intermittently sunny is the best way to describe the weather that inflicted itself upon the 63 of you brave runners who turned out today in spite of the temperature. It's always nice to welcome someone to their first ever parkrun and it looks like we did that for two of you on this occasion. Welcome too, to the tourists from Essex and Lancaster (my apologies if I missed anyone else) I'm glad you managed to add Mulbarton to your list of parkruns.

My thanks to the volunteers who had everything set up in good time. There really wouldn't be a parkrun without them and as I mentioned in the briefing we do have a few spaces in the roster for the next few weeks. If you've never done it before, it's not hard and can be good fun. Gail and Andrew both did a great job of the timekeeping, James R kept track of the order you all finished in nicely and Scarlett performed excellently in scanning your barcodes. A special mention goes to James A (one of our RDs) for crossing the line at exactly 30.00 as pacer, I know a few of you kept him in your sights for most of the parkrun today.

Do keep an eye on here for news of our return to the summer course and hopefully I'll see you all soon.

Steve (this week's Run Director)



Mulbarton parkrun #288

Well done to the 72 hardy parkrunners who joined us on our 288th event. We had a lovely frosty start to todays 5k and hopefully the ground was a little firmer than usual if a little bit icy in places.

The team of volunteers did brilliantly today. Barry stepped in to pace at 30 minutes exactly (the slow motion finish was a nice touch) with both Vicky and Stuart accurately clicking you all across the line, Tim handing out tokens joined by Ian scanning you in and Dennis making sure everyone had finished. Good work people, it's always nice when things go smoothly.

Please do have a look at the volunteer pages and if you are available to help, please email in to

All of the parkruns only happen because people volunteer and if you think it might be daunting we always have someone on hand to ask or help. It's a great way to get to know a few more people involved in our little slice of the parkrun picture.

It was nice to welcome people from Surrey, Yorkshire and Gorelston, joining a few of the regulars in what turned out to be sunny Mulbarton and hope we get to see you all again soon.

I'll leave you with this thought.

Whether the weather is fine ,or whether the weather is not,

Whether the weather is cold, or whether the weather is hot,

We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.


Hope to see you again soon.

Steve (this week's run director)




Mulbarton parkrun #244

50 of you brave souls turned up for todays ever so slightly frosty parkrun. A massive thank you goes out to my team of volunteers who managed to withstand the colder temperatures long enough to click stopwatches, hand out tokens, scan barcodes and collect signs. We do currently have a number of Duke of Edinburgh participants and some regular volunteers who are doing a fantastic job, but do feel free to add your name for future roles as we're always looking for willing helpers. we had 5 personal bests and no tourists at all, which did make the briefing shorter but I miss finding out where visitors would have come from.  I was impressed with how well you people all ran in the cold conditions and even more impressed when one hardy parkrunner gave herself a personal handicap and started 9 minutes late. It all worked out in the end. I will be away next week but do come along for the Christmas fancy dress outing. Costumes are not obligatory but feel free to dress up as the extra layers may be a good idea. Thanks again to everyone who makes Mulbarton parkrun happen and remember "Bad weather always looks worse through a window." Merry Christmas from me. Steve (this week's run director)


Mulbarton parkrun #210

We had 105 runners on Mulbarton common today for what was a grey and wet morning. However at Mulbarton parkrun we wont let the damp weather dampen our spirits.
A special shout out to Charlotte Jackson who ran her 100th parkrun today, I look forward to seeing you wear the black t shirt with pride soon. There were 7 First timers today and some tourists from Manchester so thankyou all for choosing Mulbarton parkrun today. There were 25 PB's today, too many to mention you all individually but I will mention our Run Director Alan Butterworth, Steven Tuttle and lastly who despite his strong finish Tom Hutchings who will kick himself for equaling his PB!

The conditions proved a challenge for us volunteers with soggy barcodes and a tempremental scanner sometimes misbehaving so thankyou to all the runners for being patient when waiting to be scanned. This is a good time to mention that you can purchase a parkrun wristband with your unique barcode so you dont have to worry about reprinting soggy barcodes just follow this link…

The volunteers did a great job today so thankyou to Archie, Dennis, Jayne, Mark (and the dog) and Katie who came in from the subs bench at the 11th hour to help out. Also a special mention to Matt Collier who came forward today to put his name down for his first volunteering role in the future weeks. If you want to volunteer then please contact us at

A key was found on the common that could have belonged to one of our runners, we have kept it and if it belongs to you then please contact us through facebook.

Lastly, I hope you have all dried out and until next week happy running, jogging or walking.



Event 59 – Run Report

Quite a fresh feel to the weather today - but good conditions under foot produced 13 PBs today amongst the 63 participants, and we welcomed 5 first timers into the parkrun family at Mulbarton - well done to you all! The Cafe in the Social Club was up and running, providing welcome refreshments, and a chance to chat to other runners - hope to see more of you taking advantage of the facility next time.  It was mentioned in the briefing, and we have been asked to remind everyone, that parkrun is the only UKA affilliated event in the country that allows children to run the 5k distance, and the only way parkrun has achieved this is by committing to under 11's being accompanied at all times - that does mean parents (or a designated adult) running along side their child the whole way around - so kids, you will have to get your grown ups to run faster!  I do love amazing statistics, so my gem to end with this week is that since parkrun began in the UK, the combined distance run by all the parkrunners amounts to over 31 return trips to the moon! Some how 5k doesn't seem that far now.....

Happy running - Tracey (this week's run director)


Event 50 – Run Report

Fabulous sunshine ordered for today's 50th Mulbarton parkrun, and brilliant to see 72 participants, many following the Red theme, along with the volunteers. Over the last 50 events, the Mulbarton parkrunners have run, jogged or walked a total of 8200 miles, which if completed as a relay, would have taken just over 7 weeks! Today, we had 18 first timers on our course, 6 of which were completely new to parkrun - Welcome! Carla's plea for more women to come forward worked - we had 19 ladies today - and even though the underfoot conditions were still a little boggy, we managed to produce 5 PBs - Well done all!

Many thanks to Rodney, Gail and Frank for volunteering, and to Francis for providing drinks and cakes - and apologies to the young man who volunteered to help with the back up timer - I forgot to ask his name, so unable to formally thank him!
Tracey x

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