Myrtle parkrun 15 December 2018

Many thanks to visiting parkrun tourist Scott Leach for the following run report!

Myrtle parkrun number 7 attracted 111 cold-weather runners to take on the twisty, challenging parkrun route in Bingley.

First the stats:

On his 10th parkrun Matthew Warters was first to finish in 18.43, exactly 1 minute outside the course record to lodge his 5th first-finisher placing, having completed the same task at Skipton and Cliffe Castle parkruns previously.

First lady was Bingley local Nicola Jones picking up her second first finisher at Myrtle, congratulations to her.

First junior home was Jack Cardus finishing 4th overall and also scoring a new PB.

VM70-74 Geoffrey Howard took home the age-graded first place with a WAVA of 78.46%

Most parkrunnery person was David Womersley completing a remarkable 506th parkrun. Most parkrunnery lady was Emma Drake on 402 runs.

7 brand new parkrunners bravely turned out on this chilly day. Congratulations to Cathy Hulin, Melanie and Harry Marples, Emily O’Connor, Macy Plunkett, Victoria Raw and Robert Allan. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same again. Welcome to the family.

There were 38 runners new to Myrtle and there was an incredible 45 shiny new Myrtle parkrun PBs. I’m assuming the local shops will run out of prosecco!

A special mention to Maureen Wells, a VW75-79 (Hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning that) on her 122nd parkrun.

And now time for a personal report from me, Scott Leach, your guest report writer for this week.

The news reports this morning promised yet another weatherpocolypse, this time in the form of “frozen rain” (Very different from snow apparently) so I arose from a warm bed with some apprehension before looking outside on… very calm skies.

I had chosen Myrtle parkrun to be my 41st different Yorkshire parkrun on my journey to Yorkshire regionnaire status (currently standing at around 50 venues depending on your definition of “Yorkshire”) and I set off from Leeds wondering if I would skid all the way past my workplace in Shipley and straight in to Bingley, through Bingley, out of Bingley and come to a halt in Lancashire. I didn’t as the weather demons had obviously decided to stay in bed to avoid ruining our parkruns. Jack Frost, however, showed up with all his mates carrying fridge freezers and the temperature stayed in its boots.

As I arrived in Bingley after 10 days without running and still with a pretty bad cold, I told myself to behave with no racing! I just about managed it.

Fitting a parkrun in such a small and beautifully formed park was obviously a challenge for the core team and it has been pulled off with aplomb as the route twists in and around Myrtle and manages to pull off the fantastic trick of seeming like it’s mainly downhill. In fact, the start is furiously fast as you head off down the first hill.

Mercifully the run briefing was short on such a chilly day and I was assured that as long as I remembered to go around the bandstand 4 times I would be fine.

I tried to keep my run as casual as I could and I was slightly surprised to see the front runners only a little way ahead of me as the 1km mark approached. That of course didn’t last too much longer as my lungs began to complain, but I was buoyed by the cheery marshals calling out encouragement and occasionally asking us to keep left.

The 4 laps passed in a blur of wheezing, snot and sweat as we a crossed tarmac and grass and went uphill and down dale. Eventually I was cheered through the finishing funnel in 8th position and I tried my best not to cough and splutter on the officials.

Another Yorkshire parkrun ticked off and yet another perfect parkrun day.