Event number 361 31st July 2021

This week 101 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:

Helen KEEGAN • Jayne CRESSWELL • Duncan CRESSWELL • Nick TAYLOR • Philip ATKINS • Noel GREEN • Adrian DOVER • Claire NEWMAN • Christine RUSSELL • Rob RIDEOUT • Justin VICARAGE • David SANDERSON • Lil BEACH-THOMAS • Elaine POWELL • Mark LISTER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Newent parkrun, Forest of Dean Results Page https://www.parkrun.org.uk/newent/results/latestresults/.

The female record is held by Claire HALLISSEY who recorded a time of 19:42 on 20th August 2016 (event number 180).
The male record is held by Felix RUSBY who recorded a time of 16:35 on 29th June 2019 (event number 322).
The Age Grade course record is held by Vanessa COOPER who recorded 89.44% (20:31) on 23rd November 2019 (event number 343).

Newent parkrun, Forest of Dean started on 9th March 2013. Since then 3,627 participants have completed 26,122 parkruns covering a total distance of 130,610 km, including 3,871 new Personal Bests. A total of 450 individuals have volunteered 4,991 times.


Newent parkrun Event #360 – Good to be back!

Over 70 weeks of waiting was over. The last of the personal parkruns had taken place.
There had been 62 events and although fantastic for keeping us motivated and in touch,
they just were not parkrun. The course was amended. The route had been cleared by
our litter picking, hedge trimming tree lopping posse last weekend. Freedom day had
come and gone. Procedures had been changed. Here comes the volunteer app. How
will it go? Rob has just two minutes to do the briefing. What were the chances? The
weather had been glorious all week but last night’s there was thunder and lightning?
Was it very, very frightening and did it put people off coming to parkrun? Bismilah no it
did not.

start start2  start3 start4  start5

107 parkmates found their way to the sports bar and in amongst that happy parkthletic
throng were three brand new parkrunners. Welcome to the family Deb Blake, Jamahri Weir and Stephen Smith. There might have been more, (who knows?) as sadly four parkmates came without a barcode. #DFYB Congratulations on that first historic run you three. Do come back soon. There were 19 seasoned parkmates making a first appearance up at Newent and one, Chris J Roberts, joined us today for a bit of personal history on his 250th parkrun. Well done and thank you for the sprint finish at the end Chris. Chris was our most seasoned new visitor whilst our least seasoned, with two runs each were Amy Trenwith and Natasha Trumper. We hope you all enjoyed. Also celebrating was Catherine Every celebrated unofficial milestone 150.

16 months away and many of today’s throng demonstrated they had kept up their
fitness levels by celebrating our return with a PB. Was it the happy endorphins, the new,
streamlined course, were they all in Vaporflys? I know not but congratulations go to:
Andrew Brown, Coralie Bevan, David Bannister, Harry Ratcliffe, Neil Grinnell, Rachel
Bannister, Sarah Wells, Tadas K, Trevor Matty and Vicky Wilson. Well done everyone.
parkrun is so inclusive and welcoming, spanning all age groups. Today we covered
every category from under 10 to 70-74. There were however, no new category records,
but there was a lot of fun.

The top finishers at Newent today were:
parkladies:Vicky Tester (run 55 and first timer) Briony Bishop (run 140) and Holly
Gourley (run 18)
parkrmen David Bannister (run 183 and PB), Chris Palmer (run 183 and first timer) and
Clifford Berry (run 27)
parkjuniors Danielle Wilson (route 66), Liberty Maloney (run 4) and Mia Cooke (run7)
parkunknowns: 16, 17 and 55
Top age grades today came from Clifford Berry, David Bannister and Andrew Callard,
who along with another three parkmates all scored over 70%.

Our thanks, as ever, go to the volunteer team of hi vis heroes, without whom we would not have a parkrun. Bringing parkrun home this morning, successfully after 16 long months of heartache and waiting were:

Our grateful thanks also go to Newent Community School and especially Gary for his continued support as well as his efforts brewing teas, hot chocolates, coffees and cooking those rather splendid bacon rolls.

If you would like to learn a new skill, meet some new people, give something back
to parkrun, then we would love to hear from you. Have a word with one of our Hi
Vis Heroes or drop a line to the office: newent@parkrun.com and we'll ensure you
receive a warm welcome and full training.

When you think about your parkrun plans next weekend, maybe you’ll volunteer and
maybe you won’t. Not everyone can or will and that’s okay. Just as parkrun is always
there whenever you need or want it, volunteering will always be there if and when you
feel like it, too.

Everyone is welcome to walk, jog or run art parkrun. It'll make you feel good if you just do it...YOUR WAY. To find our more just go to https://www.parkrun,co.uk/register There you can download a barcode, which gets you free entry to over 2000 parkruns
worldwide and an email with your result from every event you attend.

We hope you enjoyed our first day back and we look forward to seeing you all again
soon. Thanks you for being part of a very special day.


The LAST personal parkrun #62

Who's excited for the return of parkrun next week?  We hope to see lots of you there with smiling faces and parkrun t- shirts on!  I shall miss seeing all your mini adventures on a Saturday morning, but am very much looking forward to "business as usual".  Which in my case, means running around the fields and moaning about it, but also enjoying the parkrun community and cameraderie.  We've missed those fields really.

20 of us braved the heat to run, jog and walk 5k this morning, it was indeed very warm as many of you commented.  The top three spots go to Harry, Andy and Derren, while Fiona was tail runner/walker.  We had a PB from Steve Smith - great to see on the last personal parkrun of the year!  A special mention to Fiona who started virtual parkrunning with us last June and has just worn through her first pair of trainers - a milestone! Here's hoping for many more pairs to come Fiona, well done.

We were cheered on today by Annie, Graham, Jayne and Justin - Annie and Graham will be taking on the Scrumpy Scurry later today. I hope the sun goes in for a while for you, best of luck!  Wishing a speedy recovery to Jayne who has some painful feet, hope to see you back out and running with us soon.  No parkrun for Lisa this morning as she's taking on the Mayhill Massacre - good luck!

I managed to score in the last game of "I spy Andy Chambers" this morning - not sure if it also counts for David and Derren as they ran with him...

Here’s a few of your pics - best one goes to Nick this week, whose parkrun route is clearly visible behind him!

218964883_5758157674256795_8810688920166940146_n 218366445_10160136976948689_4922001342907796537_n 219051802_10165802242315436_1720827325576319961_n 218691412_4011792642270810_2075563295677556284_n218204571_2992482477693767_8994254649045215332_n216072795_1931852323630510_6490317531901126317_n

And finally, the results: Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 11.07.04

Well done everyone, we've successfully kept Newent parkrun going through the toughest time it's experienced.  We're very grateful to all who have run or walked and posted on a Saturday morning, it's helped us all to stay connected.  And thank you to our virtual run directors, Carey, Catherine, Duncan, Jayne and Rob - we've appreciated your efforts in the write ups too.  I hope you found it as enjoyable as I did.

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK, in person!!  If you can't volunteer next week, feel free to run, we'd love to see you back in either capacity!  Please check out our post on the return so you're familiar with our new process, we look forward to seeing you very soon.


Love Emily and the Newent RD team


Personal parkrun #61

With two weeks to go until we hopefully can be together in person once again at Newent, 21 of us ran, jogged and walked 5k this morning. Others decided to carry on and get even more miles in -  David Bannister for one, who has to complete the equivalent of 20 parkruns today in Race To The Stones. Good luck!

We were cheered on today by Helen Patricia who has sadly got calf issues, Claire Rideout and Pauline Hanson Frape, who are both rightly resting after 2nd vaccine; something I should have done in hindsight, but attempted to tail walk.

Strava map of the week goes to Birthday boy, Mark Williamson for having to run laps of his garden due to isolating.


Here’s a few of your pics:


And finally, the results:


Superb effort from everyone! It’s what Saturday mornings are for ;-)

See you all next week for hopefully our last virtual pr.




Newent parkrun Restart Update

Over the last few months Newent parkrun’s Core Team have been preparing for the much-anticipated restart of the event on the 24th July, and we thought that you might like an update.

First and foremost, we would like to send a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to the fabulous Newent Community School and Gloucestershire County Council, on whose ground we operate, for giving their permission for Newent parkrun to restart. Their ongoing support to our free, weekly and inclusive event to the benefit of the health and well-being of the local community is appreciated by us all.

With regards to our restart, there is a lot of excitement, and perhaps also some nervousness about what the return of parkrun will look like.

The parkrun Covid-19 Framework describes the guidelines that we will be following in the first instance.

The following is an outline of what this means for Newent parkrun.

Volunteering roles

For timekeeping and scanning, volunteers will use their own mobile phones loaded with the free ‘parkrun Virtual Volunteer’ app.

This helps reduce equipment sharing and allows for easier results processing.

It also allows us to have more volunteers able to perform barcode scanning. This is important because the framework sets out guidance that for every 50 participants, we need 1 volunteer barcode scanner. With our historic average of 70-80 participants we will have 1 dedicated barcode scanner as before. The second Run Director (RD) will step in if there are any signs of congestion forming at the scanning post. Scanning will continue to be done outside after the finish line.

If you are interested in volunteering for timekeeping or scanning duties then we would encourage you to download the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app and have a play.

Please visit our Volunteer page for details of how to volunteer for any of our posts.

Walkers and runners

Before and after the event

You are encouraged to not congregate in large groups before and after the event.

The bar area is open solely for food and drink (NOT for congregating or dropping off jackets etc). Restrictions in the bar are the same as for any other bar or restaurant. You must scan the Track-and-Trace QR code before entry, take a seat, and then be served at your table. Masks shall be worn inside when moving to and from your table.

The toilets in the bar will be available to everyone but you should wear a mask and respect social distancing when queuing. Only one person at a time shall be allowed in the toilets.

These requirements may change as government restrictions are relaxed.

Pre-event briefing

You may notice that the pre-event briefing is much briefer than before. It will still contain all the important safety information about lumps, bumps, and molehills, but will be shortened to reduce the time spent in close proximity to each other.

Course changes

In line with the Covid-19 Framework to increase the spacing between participants at the start line, there will be a change to our course.

The start has been moved further back and one of the twisty sections of the course has been removed. This has the added advantage of reducing the course complexity and also set-up time. We will be trialling this new layout under the Covid-19 Framework, but will likely make this a permanent change.

Please can you help us?...

In addition to the above, we have a couple of very important requests for your support.

We want to provide you with the safest event possible. In particular, we would like to be able to respond to a time-critical emergency in the fastest possible time because In some situations every second counts.

Our Core Team feels that using personal mobile phones to summon the defibrillator, for example, is not optimal. Therefore, we would like to upgrade our event communications to include walkie-talkies.

All our equipment has to be paid for out of our own donation pot, and we would like to raise £200. This would be enough to buy a set of walkie-talkies and give us a little bit left over to pay for some new signage and other bits-and-pieces required for the restart.

The average number of participants at Newent parkrun is 72. If each one of our regular runners donated £3, we would exceed our target. Not bad when you consider that we’ve never asked our participants for donations in the 8 years that we’ve been operating. If you want - and are able - to help, then donations can be made via our About Us page. We thank you heartily for all your support.

Preparing for the restart

Before we can restart there is a certain amount of clearing and tidying that needs to be done. We will be putting out a request for volunteers for anyone who can help us with grass strimming, branch lopping and litter picking between 11 am and noon on Saturday 17th July. This will be organised through our Facebook page so please look out for a post later this week.

While we are very hopeful that there will be no further changes to parkrun’s restart date, there are still no guarantees in the current climate. Please keep your eyes on our Facebook page for any updates.

We hope that you are as excited as we are at the prospect of meeting up again at parkrun and we look forward to seeing you on the 24th July.

All the best - Newent parkrun Core Team.

PS - Here's a rough picture of the new start layout...

new start3

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