Run report – 20/8/16: event number 285

Last Saturday saw 31 volunteers and 343 runners, walkers and joggers take on a very blustery Newport parkrun. Congratulations to the 27 first timers who braved the not so summery August weather to take their first parkrun steps!

Congratulations to our milestone achievers this week including Mollie Sheppard who joins the junior 10 club, Paul Williams who is the most recent member of the 50 club and last but not least, Lewis McLoughlin and Neale MacCarthaigh who have run a fantastic 100 parkruns each! Well done all!

Thank you to all our volunteers, those who made the event run so smoothly and those who assisted with the First Steps beginners running groups as tail runners and leaders. Your assistance in whatever form is very much appreciated! The summer months are the hardest to fill with volunteers and although we're very grateful to those who have put their name forward to help in the last few weeks, there are a still a number of weeks we need to fill. Please take a look at the future roster and let us know when you can help out, and which role you would like to fill:

Please email us on if you can be a hi-viz hero and help us put on Newport parkrun in the coming weeks.

Following an inspiring two weeks of sport, next Saturday we're joining with parkrun events all across the UK to help stage the UK's largest sports day as part of Join In's I AM TEAM GB! We are not only hoping to encourage people to come along and try parkrun out, but to have a bit of fun dressing up in red, white or blue to celebrate our latest sporting heroes.

If you know anyone looking to start running then don't forget to let them know about our First Steps beginners running programme which can be started any week and worked through in their own time.


Run report – 23/7/16 – the apricot event!

It was a very warm and muggy morning at Newport parkrun yesterday, but that seemed to encourage our parkrunners out and onto the course on a Saturday that we felt sure would see a low turnout. Most weeks a number of our volunteers will hazard a guess at the beginning of the run as to total numbers attending. One of our RDs this week, Brad, was absolutely certain we'd be pushing 400 and was proved pretty much correct when 397 of you crossed the finish line!

This week we had 24 volunteers who high-fived and cheered all 397 of you across the line and through the finish funnel. Of our 397 parkrunners/joggers/walkers this week, 31 of you were first timers and 47 recorded personal bests.

We had a number of milestone achievers this week with Ioan Maher and Lorna Saffer reaching the junior 10 milestone club. Congratulations both, we hope to see you in your new white 10 parkrun tshirts soon!  Also reaching a milestone this week were Matthew Pollard, Tudor Evans and Paul McCarthy who have joined the 50 milestone club - well done all, there will be a red parkrun tshirt on its way to you soon no doubt!

Next Saturday we start our latest beginners running programme, more details on this will be published this week. Watch this space!

We need a number of volunteers to come forward in order to be able to put on Newport parkrun successfully in the next couple of weeks - summer is always a difficult time to fill the roster so if you can help at all, please let us know. The future roster is here so take a look and drop us a line ( for a preferred or brand new role and the date you can help:

parkrunners across the country were encouraged to attend an event today in an apricot parkrun top and those at Newport parkrun didn't fail to show off their parkrun best today with a splash of colour. If you'd like to purchase an apricot vest, short sleeve or long sleeve top (which you can personalise with the name of your home run) then you can do so here: All the profit from the sale of the apricot tops contributes directly to ensure the sustainability and success of parkrun.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Robert BLUNDELL, Gareth CHARLES, Dave COOK, John DALLY, Peta DANIELS, Ruby DAVIES, Carl DIFFORD, Brad GOODFELLOW, Trudy HURFORD, Elaine LEVERSON, Richard LEWIS, Emma LYNCH, Dexter LYNCH, Howard Charles MASON, Elizabeth MOUNFIELD, Richard OWEN, Jan OWEN, Andrew PARK, Sam REES, Matthew REES, Jack ROWLAND, Morgan STEPHENSON, Rhys STEPHENSON and Emma WOOKEY


Run report: 7/5/16

We expected sunshine, we naively expected summer, but the rain came down on Saturday and it was more like a soggy weekend in November than a Spring morning in May – a number of people commented that it was perfect weather for running, so maybe it wasn’t all that bad after all!

This week there were 44 volunteers (including 17 pacers), 614 runners, joggers and walkers, of whom 57 were first timers, and all very welcome to their first experience of Newport parkrun.

You should have seen by now that we had a wealth of photographers around the course on Saturday, and our thanks to them for taking some superb shots of our parkrunners and volunteers. If you haven’t taken the time to look through the photos in the albums on the Facebook page yet, then I highly recommend it over a cuppa later this evening. I pretty sure I’m not the only one who waits patiently on a Saturday afternoon to see if any photos will be uploaded in order to spot myself in any various stage of exhaustion or striking a pose that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1980s catalogue! We all love a good photo and we’ve been lucky enough this week to have three photographers. If you would like to try your hand at taking photos at Newport parkrun one week, however good or bad you think you might be at doing it, then please drop us an email to volunteer your skills, as a blurry photo parkrunning is as delightful to see as a non-blurry photo; it’s the pleasure of trawling the Facebook albums on a Saturday afternoon that’s the main thing!

Our volunteer team this week deserve a massive pat on the back and a huge well done from everyone, as they stood out in the rain, unsure of whether to find a brolly or just get on with getting a little bit wet, choosing the slightly soggy and drowned rat look – well parkrun must go on! Genuine thanks to those who put their name down on the roster this week, and to those who are already filling up the coming weeks. It’s been said before and will be said again, without our volunteers, there simply wouldn’t be a parkrun and for all the work they put in before, during and after Newport parkrun, we should all be incredibly thankful.

If you would like to come and experience Newport parkrun from a new perspective, why not take a look at the future roster and find a date and role you’d be available to help out with, and we’ll talk you through everything. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do or that you might get something wrong – we’ve all got something wrong before now and none of it has been catastrophic (believe me!) and we will give you all the instruction you need. We’d love for you to join us anytime

Our thanks to the pacers from Lliswerry Runners also this week, it looks like many of you successfully chased them down as we had 124 PBs achieved! Our pacers will be back on the first Saturday of next month (and every month thereafter) for you to chase them to hopefully yet another PB. The plan for the next pacer week is that our pacers will provide times from 20 minutes all the way up and into 40 minutes so there will be plenty of opportunities to chase your desired time.

This week quite a few Newport parkrunners reached a number of milestones:
Addie Parr, Daniel Meehan and Mali Edwards are juniors that have run their 10th parkrun – congratulations to you all.
Joining the 50 milestone club this week are Andrew White, David Price, Michael Evans, Selvakumaran Muthu and Simeon Lolin – well done to you all – onwards and upwards to 100 parkruns now!

If you know you’re running a milestone next week, let us know so we can give you a shout out in person or via the Facebook page.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Trefor BEESE, Robert BLUNDELL, Paul BRUTON, Gareth CHARLES, Paul CHICK, Dave COOK, Steven COOK, Nick DAVIES, Carl DIFFORD, Carl ELLIOTT, Tomas FORSEY, Luke GAWTHORN, Julie GIBSON, Simon Lee GILL, Brad GOODFELLOW, Helen HODGES, Howard HUGHES, Minka ISAKSSON, Keith JAMES, Gareth JENKINS, Terri KITSON, Sarah Nicol LAUDER, Howard Charles MASON, Christopher MATTHEWS, Mikiko MINTY, Keir MOUNFIELD, Elizabeth MOUNFIELD, Joe MULCAHY, Tracey MURPHY, Lisa NICHOLLS, Andrew PARK, Elizabeth PARKER, Dawn PARKER, Mike RIDD, Rebecca ROTHWELL, Alison SHEEDY, Neil SIDNEY, Paul STACEY, Simon TANG, Barry TURNER, Tim WASHBROOK, Mervyn WEIGHTMAN-BENT, Gillian E WILLIAMS and Marina WRIGHT


Run report – 5th March: event number 161

It was a little chilly this morning down at Tredegar House but that didn't put off 442 runners from turning up and pushing themselves at a PB-tastic Newport parkrun event number 261.

As it was the first Saturday in the month, it was our pacer week and we had pacer volunteers from Caerleon RC and Lliswerry Runners to guide our parkrunners around the winter course all the way from 21 to 44 minutes. This seemed to work well for many of you with a fantastic 127 PBs achieved this... morning - huge thank you to our pacers and a huge congratulations to everyone who got a Personal Best this morning!

There were a number of milestones achieved this week including Chris Walton and Elinor Phillips who both reached their 50th parkrun today (Elinor should probably have passed this milestone a long time ago but kept leaving her barcode at home!)
Angela Potter-Collins reaches her 25th volunteering milestone today, thank you and congratulations Angela!

Elinor is also celebrating reaching the 25 volunteering milestone today combining both roles by volunteering as 31 min pacer.

Congratulations also to Mani who recently reached his 100th parkrun milestone - another fantastic achievement! 

Thank you to all of our 40 volunteers today for setting up, organising and packing away another slickly run event. It's testament to such a well run and well organised event that the 'average runner' doesn't understand or appreciate quite how much work goes into each and every event both on the morning but before and after also. If you'd like to get an idea of what is done each week to enable you to run then please put your name down to volunteer, we'd love to show you the ropes and would love to start you off on your journey to your 25 volunteer milestone like Elinor above and many before her! Email to volunteer, as just like Merve announced this morning when introducing our pacers - if it wasn't for our volunteers there would be no parkrun at all! 

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Paul ADAMS, Mark ALFORD, Trefor BEESE, Kevin Charles BOOTH, Robert Charles BROWN, Ailsa BURRIDGE, Tracy COOPER, Susie CREASEY, Ruby DAVIES, Nick DAVIES, Tomas FORSEY, Luke GAWTHORN, Brad GOODFELLOW, Christopher HILL, Stephen HOUGHTON, Nick JACKSON, Ian MACRORY, Roni MARGERISON, Howard Charles MASON, Aisling MORGAN, Chris MORRIS, Peter OLIVIER, Elinor PHILLIPS, Diane POTTER, Angela POTTER-COLLINS, Nick PRINGLE, Alison SHEEDY, Sarah SWART, Simon TANG, Miles THOMAS, Michael TITLEY, Jeff UNSWORTH, Carl URQUHART, Chris WATKINS, Mervyn WEIGHTMAN-BENT, Lloyd WILLIAMS, Carys WILLIAMS, Moira WOOLES, Marina WRIGHT and Tim WRIGHT


Run report – 27th Feb: event number 260

This week is all about numbers...

Event number 260 saw 458 runners, which only a matter of weeks ago we'd have considered a record breaking number. We also had 24 wonderful volunteers, 43 first timers (welcome to Newport parkrun!), and an enormous 127 PBs!

Some of the most staggering numbers this week have come from those who've reached parkrun milestones and congratulations and bravo to you all! ...
Joining the junior 10 club (achieved by juniors who run 10 5k parkruns) are George Powell and Jay Hayes.
Now I know where to find the stats (!) we can announce also that Mark Faulkner joins the Volunteer club for volunteering at a parkrun on 25 separate occasions.
Joining the 100 parkrun milestone club is week are Bernadette Wilkinson, Hannah Blackaby and Julia Davies. This is a superb achievement and you should all be very proud.
Topping out our milestone achievements this week is Ivor Cardwell who is one of only 507 parkrunners to achieve the phenomenal accolade of joining the 250 parkrun milestone club! In almost 5 years of Newport parkrun Ivor has run or volunteered at practically all our events, missing only one in March 2015.
Well done to you all!

Thank an you to each and every one of our volunteers for another fantastic event. We've welcomed a number of first time volunteers in the last couple of weeks and would like to open up the opportunity to anyone else that would like to join the team for next Saturday or any Saturday you can spare us in the next couple of months. Please email the team on to give something back smile emoticon Not only do you get to wear a fancy new Intersport hi-viz vest (or a lovely blue and white one for the Run Director), but you can start to progress towards the exclusive 25 volunteering club!

We are rapidly approaching Newport parkrun's 5th birthday which will be towards the end of March - watch this space for details of how we're planning to celebrate this milestone of our own. We do hope you can join us!

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Jon BELCHER, Gerri BLUNDELL, Helen BOVILL, Rachel Ann BOWEN, Dave COOK, Susie CREASEY, Chris DAVIES, Ruby DAVIES, Hayley EDWARDS, Carl ELLIOTT, Carole FEREDAY, Matthew GRANTHAM, Christopher HILL, Andrew HILLIS, Joey JONES, Gareth JONES, Howard Charles MASON, Elizabeth MOUNFIELD, Angela POTTER-COLLINS, Benjamin POWELL, Mike RIDD, Sarah SWART, Jeff UNSWORTH and Yangi VUNDAMINA




Run report – 13th Jan 2016: event 258

This week is all about the Personal Bests, 112 runners recorded new PBs at Saturday's event, a brilliant number of you getting better and better each week! Well done to everyone who recorded a PB in wet and muddy conditions.

In total this week there were 453 runners and 21 volunteers at event 258.

Thank you to each and every volunteer for everything you do each week, from set up to the event itself, to the pack away, token sorting and results over a very welcome coffee in the Brewhouse. We are always looking for help from anyone who can offer the event some time across the year, email us if next week is your week to volunteer!

The couch to 5k groups are still going strong and we're incredibly proud of each and every one of you for making it round the full course each week now. A huge thanks of course to our volunteers for leading each group and motivating everyone on throughout!

Congratulations to our milestone runners this week, Paul Adams achieved his 50th run and Laurie Carter his 100th run! Well done both - quite an achievement!

Our run report photo this week is a collage of a number of photos posted, in the last 7 days, to our Instagram or Twitter accounts - thank you to those who posted and tagged us in them (@newportparkrun)




Run report – 6th January: event 257

Well done to the 366 runners and 17 volunteers for making today's very soggy and very muddy event happen.

Conditions were pretty bad this morning, more of a parkswim than a parkrun but still amazing to see so many turn up for event number 257 and make their way gingerly through the mud and puddles!

Despite such bad conditions, 27 amazing individuals made this their first ever parkrun, congratulations to you all for turning up, and don't let the mud put you off another!

Storming through the mud and puddles almost as deep as your knees, 48 runners achieved a PB today. Well done to you all!

A huge, enormous thank you to all our volunteers this morning, you are all amazing and everyone is incredibly grateful for all the work that's put in to make Newport parkrun run so smoothly. Thank you for cheering and encouraging on each and every runner every week, whatever the weather! Our run report photo this week is dedicated to anyone who has volunteered in the rain, the mud, the ice or any other conditions that make staying in bed at 9am on a Saturday morning seem even more appealing! Thank you!

Congratulations to Efa Maher who ran her 10th parkrun this morning, joining the junior 10 milestone club.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Gemma ACREMAN, David BOVILL, Charlotte CHIPPER, Sandra CHIPPER, Peta DANIELS, Ruby DAVIES, Jeremy DICKSON, Carole FEREDAY, Luke GAWTHORN, Sian Elizabeth JONES, Howard Charles MASON, Andrew PARK, Nick PRINGLE, Sarah SWART, Jeff UNSWORTH, John WEEKS and Moira WOOLES.

Our thanks also to Steve Williams who braved the non-camera friendly conditions to take some brilliant photos for our Facebook albums.


Run report – 30th January: event 256

A wintry January morning saw 555 runners and 21 volunteers take to the winter course at Newport parkrun.

Of these 555 runners and couch to 5k participants, 63 were first timers through the finish funnel and 100 individuals achieved PBs. Our run report photo this week is dedicated to all first timers, well done to you all for coming along and we hope to see you next week for your second parkrun experience!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for putting on yet another fantastically organised event. We invite anyone to put themselves forward to help run the event in any way, whether a first timer, in which case we'll pair you up with someone else, if you're unfortunately injured or simply want to give something back after so many weekly runs. Please consider volunteering next week or for any week in the next few months by emailing on with your chosen date/role and barcode number.

Jasmine Butler-Bright joins the junior 10 milestone club this week along with Jonathan Chapman and Nigel Richards who have run 50 parkruns and join the 50 milestone club. Congratulations to you all!

Next week, in a change to our monthly pacer week (first Saturday in a month) we will be holding a naked run. Not naked naked, there's no streaking allowed, just technologically naked! This is a run without any gadgets, music, smartphone, watch or pacing; just you, the natural cues of your body and the other runners.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Kevin Charles BOOTH, Heather BOVILL, Dave COOK, Susie CREASEY, Rob DAVIES, Chris DAVIES, Ruby DAVIES, Luke GAWTHORN, Andrew HILLIS, Sarah Nicol LAUDER, Ian MACRORY, David MANSFIELD, Howard Charles MASON, Elizabeth MOUNFIELD, Sarah SWART, Barry TURNER, Lesley TURNER, Jeff UNSWORTH, John WEEKS, Bryn WILLIAMS and Lloyd WILLIAMS.


Run report – 23rd January: event 255

You can't have missed the swell of numbers in the last few weeks at Newport parkrun as our couch to 5k beginners programme has kicked off in style for 2016. It's only week 3 of the programme and yet a vast number of our couch to 5kers are already completing the whole course which is a major achievement! Don't forget in order to have your time recorded and to track your progress, if you do the full 5k, you'll need to register with parkrun.

To all our regular parkrunners, thank you for your patience while our couch to 5kers get up to speed. It is becoming more noticeable now that our beginner groups are starting to spread out around the course more, which leads to less bottlenecks in notorious areas such as naughty corner and the bridge.

This week, not only did we finally break into the brand new 600+ tokens, but we smashed last week's 'unbeatable' finishers record of 529 with 711 amazing runners making it to cheers and shouts over the finish line. This Saturday, Newport parkrun was the second largest attended parkrun in the whole of the U.K; this is just mind-blowing and a true testament to the current strength of running in Newport and the determination of our brilliant parkrunners, couch to 5k groups, volunteers and coaches. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who is turning up week on week and taking on this wonderful parkrun challenge.

Newport parkrun wouldn't be able to take place without our volunteers and we've seen so many fantastic people come forward in the last few weeks to assist with either the couch to 5k groups or the event itself, many of whom are first time volunteers. We are very grateful to those who give up their opportunity to run by assisting in putting on the event - if you'd like to join them then please drop us a line on and we'll find you a job to do.

This week at Newport parkrun there were 711 runners, of whom 93 were first timers and 107 recorded personal bests.

Congratulations to Kevin Seville, Lisa Pinch, Robert Chapple, Ailsa Burridge and Julie Urquhart for running their 50th parkrun and joining the milestone 50 club this week.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: David BOVILL, Robert Charles BROWN, Susie CREASEY, Peta DANIELS, Rob DAVIES, Chris DAVIES, Ruby DAVIES, Jeremy DICKSON, Paul HARRIS, Clare Michelle KINGDON, Terri KITSON, Stephen LAWRENCE, Stuart LUKINS, Roni MARGERISON, Howard Charles MASON, Kate MORGAN, Olwen MOSELEY, Liz MOUNFIELD, Tracey MURPHY, Andrew PARKER, David PRICE, Gayle SHEPPARD, Paul STACEY, Sarah SWART, Jeff UNSWORTH, Tim WASHBROOK, John WEEKS.

(Photos by Andrew Parker)


Run report – 16th January 2016: event number 254

On a day that started with freezing temperatures we were once again delighted and pleased to see so many parkrunners and couch to 5kers at event number 254.

Only in their second week it's fantastic to see so many of the couch to 5k groups walking and running the full course to the finish already - leading to once again, a record number of finishers for Newport parkrun.

Our thanks this week must go of course to our volunteers for such a slick and well organised event, also a huge thank you to our beginners for allowing the runners to go past and to our runners for being so patient!

579 runners attended this week and for the second week on the trot, we broke our record number of finishers (by 2). This took us slightly by surprise and we had to fetch the extra batch of finish tokens just in case, so far unused!

91 of our 579 runners were first timers this week and 91 recorded Personal Bests.

Two of our juniors (4-14 years) ran their 10th parkrun this week putting them into the Junior 10 club, so congratulations to Dylan Chapman and Jessica Lloyd Thomas. Congratulations also to Charlotte Moran who joins the parkrun 50 club this week with her 50th parkrun.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event and the couch to 5k happen: Susan BELL, Dave COOK, Steven COOK, John DALLY, Peta DANIELS, Andrew M DAVEY, Ruby DAVIES, Chris DAVIES, Julia DAVIES, Ruth DAVIES, Carl ELLIOTT, Huw EVANS, Rosemary FORD, Paul HARMES, Andy JAMES, Martyn JONES, Desmond JONES, Terri KITSON, Tracey MURPHY, Peter OLIVIER, Andrew PARKER, David PRICE, Peter RODGER, Juliette SHEARMAN, Paul STACEY, Sarah SWART, Helen THOMAS, Michael TITLEY, Jeff UNSWORTH, John WEEKS, Mervyn WEIGHTMAN-BENT, Gillian E WILLIAMS, Kevin WINTERBOTTOM, Deb WOOD, Carol WOODFORD, Emma WOOKEY

One thing to remember, please return your finish token once you've been scanned as a number have gone walkies in the last few weeks! If you have one in a pocket please return it next time you take part in Newport parkrun. Thank you!

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