Course B for Saturday 16th Feb until further notice

As per Dave McCall's pre-run briefing last week we are looking to move away from the north part of the course to let it recover for a period of time.
This means that we have come up with an alternative course. The start will be in the same place as usual and we will be running a 2.5 lap course mainly on tarmac but there will still be some places where we can't avoid saturated and churned up ground. We will attempt to keep these places to a minimum. Our meeting place and registration will be by our Anniversary Tree which is close to the start line. We will have marshals directing runners to the new course and meeting place.

Your patience, fortitude and good humour is welcome as always!

Please note this decision hasn't been made lightly but with the continuing wet weather this change has been unavoidable.

We will operate Course B until further notice.

please follow the link below to check out the approx course which will be finalised before Saturday's run.