Look after your barcode & your results will look after themselves….

Now Spring is here, this is a great chance to tidy up your personal barcode.

Barcode Care

The barcode scanning equipment works well with most printed paper barcodes.  A ripped/ soggy/ blurred paper barcode will cause problem for the volunteer operating the scanning kit.  This will cause queues to form.  So, if your paper barcode resembles a papier mache creation then consider  reprinting it or ordering an official item from https://parkrun-barcode.com/

Helping the volunteers

The busiest period at the Nonsuch finish is around the 27 min.  The queues for scanning build up quite quickly. Standing in the queue is not much fun in the cold and wet.  In order to help the volunteers operating the scanning kit, have your personal barcode & token ready; do not wait until you reach the scanner to search through your pockets for your barcode. The scanner will scan your barcode and then your finish token.  Be vigilant, listen for the scanning kit beeping.  If you have any doubts that the scanning worked, go and see the Run Director.  The Run Director will record your details manually and will investigate after the event.

Finish Token without a Barcode

Some finish tokens do not have a barcode on them.  This is because tokens have not been returned and no replacement token exists.  If you are given one of these at the finish, go straight to the Run Director with your personal barcode and your results will be recorded manually.  You will not miss out.