Course A – 2019

Course A Information

Ground conditions mean that Nonsuch parkrun can switch to the 'summer' course. The notes below are to refresh your memories about the course and provide guidance so that the event runs smoothly.

  • The course is just under two laps; only enter the finish funnel the second time round.
  • Remember to bring your barcode.; only printed barcode or official parkrun tags/bracelets will be accepted


Course A requires that runners keep to the right hand side of the track. Faster runners and the Lead Bike overtake on the left.
Why? This is because faster runners entering the finish straight do not want to be trying to cross the stream of slower runners still completing their first lap.

keepitlow HEADPHONES

We cannot stop you using them under current parkrun rules, however, it is essential that you can hear instructions from Volunteers. This is for your own safety and the safety of other runners. You must keep to the side of the course (RIGHT on Course A) to allow others to pass.
Finally please keep the volume at a suitable level to be able to hear any marshals instructions out on the course too. More information on the parkrun Support site
On finishing, all participants will be given a plastic position token. Take this token & your own athlete barcode to the Scanner Volunteers. They will be wearing blue vests and will be located by the parkrun flag opposite the exit to the finish funnel. Please keep this area clear if you are not waiting to be scanned.Click here for more information about barcodes


Course Map and Marshal Points


marshal_symbols Marshal points - white poles with a number tags. All marshals are able to contact the Run Director during the event in case of emergencies.
knPosts Kilometer marker posts - provided by local running clubs