Fin O’Regan’s Global parkrun story

So next Saturday on the 10th of August 2019 at 9am at Woodhouse Moor together with my colleague Tony we will complete the 100 100 or 100 parkruns in 100 different venues.

This has been a journey over the last 3 year years that have taken us to events all over Kent and Surrey and also as far afield as Australia and Canada.

It all started when on a work visit to Sydney, Australia in 2016 I found a parkrun in a place called Parramatta and it has grown since then.

When people ask me what was your favourite venue it is impossible to say as each Parkrun is different and unique in their own way however memorable ones would include running completely in snow at the Richmond Parkrun in Vancouver, along by the Seine in the Rouen parkrun in France and the magnificent Osterley House coming into view on a glorious sunny day in Isleworth.

I did also manage to make the Albert parkrun on another trip to Australia after a 24 hour trip from the UK having landed at Melbourne at 5.50am for an 8am start and put my 2 suitcases on the mat.

The one common theme is the community spirit of each and every parkrun event and the commitment of the organisers and volunteers who make it happen as without them none of this would be possible.

We have also been doing this for an amazing charity called O2E which is improving the lives of very sick and disabled children and we are close to a target of 1K or £10 for every parkrun or £2 for every Km run. Please see the link below

When all is said and done however there is no place like home and I am looking forward now to getting back each week to my magnificent home parkrun Nonsuch park and my next target is get my yellow jacket on and get my volunteer numbers up and will there on the course on the 17th of August cheering you on.


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