Course B – 19th October 2019

The current weather means that it is time to switch to Course B - the 'Winter course'. We change to a modified course for runner safety and to preserve the tracks in the park.  We will be using this course for the next few months.  There are a few things to note for those not familiar with Course B:

  1. RUN on the LEFT.  Pass on the right. This is very important because the lead bike & lead runners will catch and pass more runners. (*).
  2. This is a 2.5 lap course - only enter the finish straight [7[ after you have completed the correct number of laps.
  3. Pre-run brief is held by the Gazebo in the centre of the park - see the map below.
  4. Start - this is the same as Course A.
  5. Marshall posts & half way are different - see map.
  6. Headphones - we cannot stop you using them but please keep to the left and set you volume so that you can hear instructions from the volunteers especially the lead bike.


(*) - We often get asked why we run on a different side on Course B.  It is to allow the finishers to enter the finish straight without cutting across the line of those starting another lap