Normanby Hall parkrun #69 – 2 March 2019

Wow where did 369 people come from to run, jog and walk the course.

It's not easy to pick up every pr tourist and my apologies if you were not welcomed to our event today.  Pickering area was represented well.  Some of them were visiting us today whilst preparing to introduce a new pr at Castle Howard. We wish you well. (Now were they collecting up all our ideas on how to set up a pr?)          Visitors also arrived from Nottingham and Totley.

So many first timers arrived this week primarily because of the arrival of many from Walk Jog Run  and We Can Run. Both these groups helped many achieve their goal today of getting round a 5K course after arousing themselves from a different lifestyle. There were high emotions along the finish funnel today as these first timers completed the event. I do hope it spurred them and others to more ambitious plans.

Walk Jog Run - Couch to 5K runners and supporters

We Can Run - Couch to 5K runners and supporters

The event went smoothly today because of  the  22 volunteers:

Brian WEAVER • Rob MARSHALL • Peter SHEW • Nick LARKE • Aaron LONGCAKE • Rich ROBINSON • Helen DRAYTON • Susan SIMPKIN • Rory LONGCAKE • Paul LISTER • Debbie BROWN • Trinity HERBERTS • Richard ALLISON • Derek LONGDEN • Ruby FOULSTON • Lesley NICOL • Jackie MCMAHON • John MCMAHON • Piper LARKE • Roman HERBERTS • Jayne BARRATT • Susan V COULT.

When you today were all too exhausted to see what was happening around you these volunteers were attending to some of your every needs.

1. The Timekeepers clicking you in.


We had three timekeepers today because, in the rush of finishes, we sometimes miss a person, hallucinate an additional person or have a watch break down.

2. Finishing Token Dispensers.

P1020761 (2)

I can't imagine the queue if only one person was at this point - particularly if we drop a few tokens.

3. The Scanners

They ask you how well you have run today whilst frustratingly trying  to scan your sweat encrusted barcode - and if that fails they write the code down. They also ensure you return the finish token to them ready for next week's run.

4. The Checker

He wanders up and down the funnel checking that the number of clicks on the stopwatches equals the number of finishing tokens handed out and if its gone wrong when its gone wrong.

5. The Buck stops here - Run Director - (Senior Management)


If things run smoothly he does absolutely nothing  - apart from

  • Allocated volunteers into the volunteer roles
  • The startup talk
  • Posts the results online

6. The 7 Marshals

Keep you on the route and keep an eye out for problems caused by rampaging deer or runners having giddy turns.

7. Tail Walker


(Sorry Lesley you were upstaged by The Good Samaritan today). Tailwalker is always identifiable by wearing an orange jacket.

The Tail Walker always ensures all the participants have arrived at the finish line and the Tail Walkers arrival at the finish is a key indicator that everyone can go home.

8. The  Volunteer Coordinator

An unsung hero, who annoys you week after week out to persuade you to help him make parkrun run successfully  by having an appropriate number of volunteers.



Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Normanby Hall parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by William STRANGEWAY who recorded a time of 15:45 on 12th January 2019 (event number 62).
The female record is held by Abigail SCALES who recorded a time of 19:50 on 9th February 2019 (event number 66).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline WHEELHOUSE who recorded 93.64% (20:26) on 7th July 2018 (event number 34).

Normanby Hall parkrun started on 4th November 2017. Since then 3,526 participants have completed 16,108 parkruns covering a total distance of 80,540 km, including 3,809 new Personal Bests. A total of 261 individuals have volunteered 1,512 times