Northala Fields junior parkrun is cancelled on 31 May 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Northala Fields junior parkrun – Event no. 31 – 26th Jan 2020

Today was our 31st junior parkrun. The weather held back but it was very cold.

8 People got PB’s this week so congrats to Joshua, Harun, Hangma, Albie, Sabrina, Jacob, Zahraa, Ali.

We had some tourists today from Osterley and 6 New Runners.

Big thank you to Howard and Daisy who went above and beyond helping out.

Thank you to all the volunteers for giving us your precious time.

Hope you all enjoyed junior parkrun, see you next week.


Eisa getting his blue wristband

Annick doing her warm-up

Photos: Lindsay

Thanks to all the volunteers

Annick HOOGE • Christopher MOORE • Christopher THORNE • Conor DONOGHUE • Daisy SPARKS • David GOODENOUGH • Emily JENNER • Howard SPARKS • Jamie WARING • Jane SCOTT • Jessica WONG • Karine JADE • Keith CLARK • Lindsay DONOGHUE • Lisa YIP • Louise BROWN • Louise PRINCE • Philip PRINCE • Ricky KAURA • Samuel GOODENOUGH • Shirley VICK • Sofia WARING


Northala Fields junior parkrun – Event number 30 – 12th January 2020

I was feeling a bit grumpy this Sunday morning because I had struggled to get the kit out of the shed until Jane came along and helped, and I had got covered in mud and orange paint. Then Stephen came along and pointed at the sky and I cheered up straight away....

Photo from Lindsay Donoghue


Daniel (21) and Harun (11) got their wristbands this morning - well done to them!

Photo from Lindsay Donoghue3

Photo from Lindsay Donoghue2

We had all sorts of weather this Sunday, but that didn't stop 48 of you from finishing the course. We hope you had fun, because the only reason to do parkrun is to have fun. It doesn't matter if you have a week where you want to walk a bit more than usual, because there's always next week, and the week after, and the week after that. Doing parkrun is for fun, and we like to see smiling faces in the funnel every week.

Thanks to Louise for the photos.

A reminder that the car park by Kensington Road is now closed and will remain so for some weeks. See you next week, when Philip's in charge.


A BIG thanks to this week's volunteers.

Ami CRAVEN • Anika PARMAR • Annick HOOGE • Emma RACKHAM • Grace O'HALLORAN • Jacob TOMLINSON • Jane SCOTT • Janet DAVIES • Jessica WONG • Karine JADE • Lindsay DONOGHUE • Lisa YIP • Louise PRINCE • Manzoor SAFI • Mark O'HALLORAN • Nikki O'HALLORAN • Patrick STAVEACRE • Philip PRINCE • Ricky KAURA • Shirley VICK


Northala Fields junior parkrun – Event no 25 – 8th December 2019

This morning was one of the more chilly times of the year but didn’t stop our young athletes making it along. Our Run Director Annick was in full swing this morning, along with great support from all the volunteers including a full house of marshals from Ruislip Running Club. 29 juniors participated, and 6 children achieved a PB despite the cold weather. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces in the finish funnel – well done, everyone!

Ready to start

Ready to start

We would like to honour a few participants reaching some magnificent milestone this week:

Half marathon club (11 runs): Congratulations ALI

Marathon club (21 runs): Well done NOAH, DEXTER and JAMES

Ultra-marathon club (50 runs): None this week – Maybe next week…

Fancy helping out next weekend or a following one? Check out our future volunteer roster here:

To get in touch with the event directly, just send an email to and one of the team will get back to you.

Happy Running!

Nick Bamford


Thanks to this week's volunteers – Without you we wouldn’t have this amazing event!

Annick HOOGE •  April NILSSON  •  Belinda STOVELL  •  Bernie CONWAY  •  David GOODENOUGH  •  Emma HOLLAND  •  Gurmeet LALLY  •  Janet DAVIES  •  John NORRIS  •  Louise ROONEY  •  Melanie TURNER  •  Nicholas BAMFORD  •  Ricky KAURA  •  Samuel GOODENOUGH  •  Sarah MURPHY  •  Shirley VICK  •  Terry HUDSON




Northala Fields junior parkrun – Event no 24 – 1st December 2019

We had a chilly, fresh but sunny start to our junior parkrun #24. The adults seemed to be jigging and jumping around to try and keep warm before the briefing, whereas the children appeared to be completely unaffected! A thought… at what age do you start to feel the cold??? Due to the Perivale 5 taking place the same day, we were a little quieter than normal, but never the less 23 of you still completed the course with enthusiasm and smiles. Well done to you all! A big Congratulations to Nicholas Partyka and Sabrina Galeja who achieved their Half Marathon milestone and came up on to the slippery bench to collect their wristbands.

What an accomplishment!

Charlie Quantrill and Noor Jumaa also achieved a PB this week.

Thank you to all of the volunteers this week as the roster was looking a little patchy up until Saturday afternoon. Many of our regular volunteers were running at the Perivale 5. A special thanks to Bernie, who helped to set up the course before shooting off to run herself and to Phil Walker, who stopped off on route to picking up his wife from Heathrow Airport who volunteer as a Marshal.

I would just like to give Samuel Colley a little mention. Every week, once finishing, he shakes the hand of his fellow parkrunners and congratulates them on coming in before him or for having a good race… true parkrun spirit! 

Over to Annick next week.

Lou B



Northala Fields junior parkrun – Event no 18 – 20th October 2019

We must be getting established, because we needed to renew the orange paint at the start this Sunday. Either that, or it’s rained a lot recently. Having been a bit worried about having enough people, I ended up with plenty of volunteers, so many thanks for that. It’s always worth turning up and offering help if you can, even if you haven’t emailed in beforehand. There’s always something to do! Speaking of which, thanks to our wonderful volunteers this week.

Chris BABBAGE, Louise BROWN, Chris CONLON, Lindsay DONOGHUE, Sheralyn EDWARDS, Lucia FERNANDEZ, Annick HOOGE, Terry HUDSON, Grace O'HALLORAN, Nikki O'HALLORAN, Geoff O'SULLIVAN, Deborah PALMER, Louise PRINCE, Philip PRINCE, Eileen ROBINSON, Manzoor SAFI, Jane SCOTT, Shirley VICK, Aisha ZAMIR



Two of our parkrunners received their half marathon wristbands this week – well done Avani and Hussain!

We also moved the finish this week, as the grass was slippery. I think we’ll leave it there as everyone seems to like it better.


All photos: Louise

Please don’t forget to hand in your tokens. We need them every week. We are currently missing 19 and 23. If you have them, please bring them back. We won’t be cross. See you Sunday, when Daisy is in charge.


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