Just a quick reminder to all not to park blocking the Emergency entrances on the racecourse. The council have asked us to ensure they are kept clear so Emergency vehicles can enter the park if required.

I have also logged a report with the Borough Council in relation to the Pot Holes and Flooded Drain in the car park, to request that these be fixed if possible.

Lastly please can all parkrunners take care up to the first corner, there are 200-300 of you most weeks and the start resembles a stampede at times. Several parkrunners have mentioned that they have been pushed or barged out of the way. Please try and be considerate and if you are a faster runner start near the front or if you wish to overtake go round on the grass. The field does spread out after the first corner so there is plenty of time to overtake after that.

Thanks all and happy parkrunning :)