#181 the happy/ sad one

Today's parkrun was its usual fabulous self with enthusiastic joyful runners and smashing volunteers giving their time to help others do what they enjoy (well enjoy when it's over!) An even more wonderful one for me as my daughter joined the 50 club. On that note I had several runners asking and emails about t shirts/ club progress. The best place for information about this is the parkrun site :


with info at:


at a local level we don't have anything to do with the t shirts anymore.
My sad bit of the day is unfortunately the bit that will take up most of my thoughts, efforts and memories. I was approached by 2 female runners after they had finished who wanted to let me know about one of the faster runners who had been particularly unnecessary with their choice of words when approaching the ladies to overtake. This just isn't the Northampton parkrun way. We are a run not a race, we put enjoyment and community spirit above pbs. From a run etiquette point of view it is always the overtaking runners role to see a clear path through, make their intentions known and clearly communicate that to the runner being overtaken- for example- "runner coming through on your right". Dropping the f bomb and making personal slurs is not the right way. No one can safely look behind them and run. It is not the job of a runner to keep looking backwards to check they are not in someone else's way- this would lead to many trips and falls. We have very few pinch points at Northampton parkrun, there is lots of opportunity to overtake and there is ALWAYS next week (unless you are offensive to your fellow parkrunners and then you will be an unknown runner on the results and your efforts and behaviour will be for nothing). Enough.
Happy safe and courteous running to you all.