30.4.16 Northampton parkrun #209- Stopwatch failure SORTED!

We had a complete technical failure of our stopwatch today BUT due to the super human skills of Szabolcs and Matt results have been recovered. We are in their debt. See below if you are a sub 21 mins:

"We have results! Not all of them unfortunately, and it may not be as accurate as usual, but I think it should be within a few seconds. Unfortunately we lost all data from the stopwatch, but Matt and his trusted smartphone saved the day! I mean 90% of the results.
We couldn't recover the first 42 results though - some was lost on the stopwatch, others during the transition, so the first 42 runners all got the time of the 43rd. I am happy to remove your results if it upsets your average, just let me know. northamptonoffice@parkrun.com
See you all next week!"

Kindest regards

the Northampton parkrun northamptonoffice@parkrun.com