Northampton parkrun 224 and the Umbrella Fair set up

Please help spread the word: this parkrunday 20th August we are sharing the park with the team setting up for the fabulous Umbrella Fair. See:

Their planned vehicle access will be along Leicester Street then alongside our runners to the Barrack Road entrance area where the vehicles will then be stewarded across the running route we use. This is the part of the park around the Dragon play area. We need to have runners to the left on this bit of path- this will be especially important when 2nd lappers are going round 1st lappers. We will also all need to keep an eye out for any other vehicles that enter the park by another route in error. As ever, runners and volunteers safety is the most important thing and we will appreciate everyone's vigilance and as many marshals as we can muster. Thanks Helen

(I was hoping to add a map/ image but I can't at the moment!- if you have access to our facebook site the image is on there)