Northampton parkrun 251- 18th February 2017- the busiest one yet!

Mark and crew did a semi miraculous job today, where did you all come from? When you look at the results you will see that every result from position 518 will have a time of 52 minutes- we know this is just a starting point! Technical issues meant we were unable to take times from this point onwards. So:

  • if you finished in position 518- 545 please accept out apologies
  • if you finished in position 518-545 and have an accurate time of your run please email it too us no later than Wednesday 22.2.17
  • we will take all these times and improve all the results around them by Friday
  • if you do not want a time at all let us know and we will make you an unknown in the results
  • full cash refunds on your entry will be available ;)
  • if you haven't done so before, we would love you to volunteer so you can experience what goes into making Northampton parkrun each week
  • we do have a solution for next time......

Happy Running