Northampton parkrun 224 and the Umbrella Fair set up

Please help spread the word: this parkrunday 20th August we are sharing the park with the team setting up for the fabulous Umbrella Fair. See:

Their planned vehicle access will be along Leicester Street then alongside our runners to the Barrack Road entrance area where the vehicles will then be stewarded across the running route we use. This is the part of the park around the Dragon play area. We need to have runners to the left on this bit of path- this will be especially important when 2nd lappers are going round 1st lappers. We will also all need to keep an eye out for any other vehicles that enter the park by another route in error. As ever, runners and volunteers safety is the most important thing and we will appreciate everyone's vigilance and as many marshals as we can muster. Thanks Helen

(I was hoping to add a map/ image but I can't at the moment!- if you have access to our facebook site the image is on there)


***Cancellation July 2nd 2016***

Due to another event on at the Racecourse, Northampton parkrun will be cancelled on July 2nd 2016. To get your parkrun fix try a bit of "local" tourism to Market Harborough, Daventry, Corby, Bedford or Milton Keynes but remember to check any facebook or news pages in case they have cancellations too!


7.5.16 Trial of a minor course change and new recommended pre run meeting place

A wonderful increase in use of the Racecourse sports pitches means we are having to consider an adjustment to our finish. This afternoon, Szabolcs and I made use of the beautiful weather to do an inspection and consider any new risks.

Finish: This Saturday 7.5.16 we will try a new finish, it will be a little further on up the path than you are currently used to, then off to the RIGHT by the grass courts.

The course hazards/ obstacles for the finish remain the same: trees, lamp posts, benches and bins at the sides of the paths and uneven ground as you run from path to grass just before the finish. We actually anticipate less metres on the grass which will lessen the current slip risk on wet or muddy grass. The finish will be indicated by poles and tape as before.

The scanners will be easy to find on the grass just beyond the finish funnel and we would ask you to congregate there for your post run chat then take the most sensible route away from the park that does not cross any of the sports pitches or obstruct finishing runner- we suggest the path towards the Kettering Road and round.

We recommend you come a little earlier to inspect the new finish if you have concerns.

Start: In moving the finish we will have to move the start forward by an equal distance. The course obstacles/ hazards remain the same but you will be a little closer to the bin/ lamp on the left and the bench on the right. As usual, please take care of these as you will be running in a large group at this stage and may not have sight of them until the last moment. Again, we recommend you take a few moments this Saturday to re familiarise yourself with the environment.

We have a clear safe plan of the start and finish for this weekend; every time we make these adjustments we have to risk assess. We welcome your feedback but any changes suggested can only be considered with some time and thought.

When we have a firm decision on any course changes, we will get the course re measured and changed on our website.

Pre run: We are such a large group now that we will be encouraging parkrunners to meet on the basketball courts (if they are not in use) or stay on the grass just around them so we are not blocking any paths for other park users.

Happy, safe and sunny running to all.



#181 the happy/ sad one

Today's parkrun was its usual fabulous self with enthusiastic joyful runners and smashing volunteers giving their time to help others do what they enjoy (well enjoy when it's over!) An even more wonderful one for me as my daughter joined the 50 club. On that note I had several runners asking and emails about t shirts/ club progress. The best place for information about this is the parkrun site :

with info at:

at a local level we don't have anything to do with the t shirts anymore.
My sad bit of the day is unfortunately the bit that will take up most of my thoughts, efforts and memories. I was approached by 2 female runners after they had finished who wanted to let me know about one of the faster runners who had been particularly unnecessary with their choice of words when approaching the ladies to overtake. This just isn't the Northampton parkrun way. We are a run not a race, we put enjoyment and community spirit above pbs. From a run etiquette point of view it is always the overtaking runners role to see a clear path through, make their intentions known and clearly communicate that to the runner being overtaken- for example- "runner coming through on your right". Dropping the f bomb and making personal slurs is not the right way. No one can safely look behind them and run. It is not the job of a runner to keep looking backwards to check they are not in someone else's way- this would lead to many trips and falls. We have very few pinch points at Northampton parkrun, there is lots of opportunity to overtake and there is ALWAYS next week (unless you are offensive to your fellow parkrunners and then you will be an unknown runner on the results and your efforts and behaviour will be for nothing). Enough.
Happy safe and courteous running to you all.


7th March parkrun information

James is looking forward to being your RD this weekend. There may be a few more people than usual at the Racecourse this weekend enjoying a variety of healthy activities. parkrun will be one of 3 events that start at 9am. Parking is likely to be the only thing that is effected so (as usual) consider car sharing, cycle or jog to the Racecourse or even park at Abington Park and jog round along Abington Avenue. Have fun (I will be slogging my guts out on a 20 mile training run, my mantra will be "it's only 6 and a bit parkruns...") happy running and sharing the Racecourse love, :)  helen x


T-shirts :)

Please see the parkrun news section in relation to the update in relation to T-shirts and Adidas. You can also vote for the design of the new volunteers t-shirts. Please if you have any questions in relation to the T-shirts check the FAQ page before emailing us :)



Just a quick reminder to all not to park blocking the Emergency entrances on the racecourse. The council have asked us to ensure they are kept clear so Emergency vehicles can enter the park if required.

I have also logged a report with the Borough Council in relation to the Pot Holes and Flooded Drain in the car park, to request that these be fixed if possible.

Lastly please can all parkrunners take care up to the first corner, there are 200-300 of you most weeks and the start resembles a stampede at times. Several parkrunners have mentioned that they have been pushed or barged out of the way. Please try and be considerate and if you are a faster runner start near the front or if you wish to overtake go round on the grass. The field does spread out after the first corner so there is plenty of time to overtake after that.

Thanks all and happy parkrunning :)



We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at 9.00am Christmas morning. Please feel free to be as "fancy-dressed" as you like or stay in your pyjamas. All welcome but please remember to bring your barcode (see ) and have a look at our running with children policy (see ).  The Northampton parkrun fairies might not work as super quickly on Christmas parkrunday so don't be surprised if the results are a little slower to appear.


2013-2014 Points Results

Well done to Ian Honeyfield and Rebecca Shillington for being top of the male and female points tables from May 2013- May 2014 :)




Christmas Day parkrun

Northampton parkrun will be holding an extra event on Christmas Day at the usual time of 9am.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there in your Santa Hats or penguin costumes :)

If you would like to volunteer we will be looking for some Santa's little helpers too.

Thank you

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