300th Parkrun at Northampton!

Northampton parkrun
Event number 300
27th January 2018

This week 703 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 73 were first timers and 90 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Laura A R SMITH • Alison POSTLETHWAITE • Laura BURTON • Charlotte YARKER • Dan GOSLING • Susan LANGTON • Leigh BARKER • Mary Rebecca PEARSON • Fred MAHONY • Bryan LEWIN • Peter DIXON • Amanda CONROY • James CUSHING • Alastair RAPLEY • Chris LAMB • Gerald BILLIS • Michelle LEWIS • Lizzie TIMMINS • Gemma BARRIE • Kit WILLIAMS • Esme CUSHING • Karen SHAKESPEARE • Matt BUSHELL • Sharon CONQUER • Donna EALES • David BUTLER • Louise FULLER • Luke BROUGH • Tim BULLARD • Georgina SMITH • Rachel ILSLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Northampton parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 14:52 on 16th April 2016 (event number 207).
The female record is held by Emily WAUGH who recorded a time of 17:14 on 8th July 2017 (event number 270).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela COPSON who recorded 105.64% (20:24) on 25th April 2015 (event number 156).

Northampton parkrun started on 5th May 2012. Since then 11,148 participants have completed 91,900 parkruns covering a total distance of 459,500 km, including 17,465 new Personal Bests.


Northampton parkrun 2017

Just a few stats from Northampton parkrun in 2017.
Thanks to all volunteers who help us make this event happen each and every week!
This year, we had:
52 Events at Northampton
26,515 parkruns completed (which translates to 132,575 km!!)
610 is the new record attendance (9th September)
473 is our new Christmas Day record attendance!
510 is our average weekly number of runners
25 is our average weekly number of volunteers
9 age category records were set, one of which was on Christmas Day by Carole James!
15:36 was the fastest time of the year, by Joshua Lay on 5th August
17:14 was the new female course record set by Emily Waugh on 8th July

Christmas Parkrun 2017

We will be hosting a Christmas Day parkrun at 9am with Mark as your RD. As ever we rely on lots of you volunteering to make this a safe and fun festive pre over indulgence parkrun. Fancy dress is as ever strongly recommended.

If you won't be in Northampton on Christmas day, check here nearer the time for local parkruns that will be hosting a Christmas day parkrun! http://www.parkrun.org.uk/christmas-compendium/

We will also be hosting a New Year's Day parkrun at 9am with Lizzie and Hattie as your RDs. However if you can't quite make it that early on New Year's Day, or if you're looking to run a double parkrun to start your year, make sure to check the above link for other parkruns which will be running at slightly later times!


Northampton parkrun 251- 18th February 2017- the busiest one yet!

Mark and crew did a semi miraculous job today, where did you all come from? When you look at the results you will see that every result from position 518 will have a time of 52 minutes- we know this is just a starting point! Technical issues meant we were unable to take times from this point onwards. So:

  • if you finished in position 518- 545 please accept out apologies
  • if you finished in position 518-545 and have an accurate time of your run please email it too us northamptonoffice@parkrun.com no later than Wednesday 22.2.17
  • we will take all these times and improve all the results around them by Friday
  • if you do not want a time at all let us know and we will make you an unknown in the results
  • full cash refunds on your entry will be available ;)
  • if you haven't done so before, we would love you to volunteer so you can experience what goes into making Northampton parkrun each week
  • we do have a solution for next time......

Happy Running


Christmas 2016

We will be hosting a Christmas Day parkrun at 9am with Mark as your RD. As ever we rely on lots of you volunteering to make this a safe and fun festive pre over indulgence parkrun. Fancy dress is as ever strongly recommended.

We will not be hosting a New Year's Day run, check here nearer the time for local parkruns that are http://www.parkrun.org.uk/christmas-compendium/



Claret Takeover- Thanks NRR #211 14.5.16

Our friends at Northampton Road Runners will be out in force supporting Northampton parkrun this weekend. They will be volunteering, pacing and "just" running. We are really grateful for their support and look forward to seeing all their claret running tops. (I secretly suspect it is Mark Kennedy's plan to celebrate the Cobblers success this season.) Please join in this celebration with your own Claret/ pink tops or if you belong to a running club why not wear your club colours too, friendly rivalry is allowed.

See: http://www.northamptonroadrunners.co.uk/






30.4.16 Northampton parkrun #209- Stopwatch failure SORTED!

We had a complete technical failure of our stopwatch today BUT due to the super human skills of Szabolcs and Matt results have been recovered. We are in their debt. See below if you are a sub 21 mins:

"We have results! Not all of them unfortunately, and it may not be as accurate as usual, but I think it should be within a few seconds. Unfortunately we lost all data from the stopwatch, but Matt and his trusted smartphone saved the day! I mean 90% of the results.
We couldn't recover the first 42 results though - some was lost on the stopwatch, others during the transition, so the first 42 runners all got the time of the 43rd. I am happy to remove your results if it upsets your average, just let me know. northamptonoffice@parkrun.com
See you all next week!"

Kindest regards

the Northampton parkrun northamptonoffice@parkrun.com



Christmas 2015- no Christmas Day run at Northampton parkrun this year

Less than a month until Christmas! Just to let you all know that we won't be hosting a Christmas Day parkrun this year for a variety of reasons, mainly the tight turn around between Christmas Day and parkrunday (Boxing Day is a Saturday this year) and that a lot of our core team are away or working and unable to commit. We hope you all take the opportunity for a bit of parkrun tourism to Corby (9.30am start), Daventry (9am) or Milton Keynes (9am) to get a fairly local Xmas day parkrun fix or see http://www.parkrun.org.uk/christmas-compendium/ for more exotic options for Christmas day (or even New Years Day) hohoho


Timer/ Stopwatch failure 4th July run 166

Today we had a complete stopwatch failure at around the 165th runner/ 28 minute point.

All data for the timer before this point was lost. We do have some spot times and have reconstructed the results from these. The timer got up and running again after runner 173 so these times were hand entered and should be correct.

If your result ends in a 9, is before runner 173 and is the same as the people next to you it is probably one of our estimates.

If you accurately timed yourself and want your estimated time changed please email into the Northampton parkrun office email (the link should be on your results) or post on Facebook. This will take time to do as changing 1 time will means others will need altering. I won't look at altering anything before Sunday evening.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who give their time to make Northampton parkrun work. Please have it in the front of your mind that we are all volunteers and enjoy being part of and supporting the running community.


Best wishes



Northampton parkrun 4.4.15 a busy blustery one

What a busy one! I can't believe the turnout we had today, nearly 350 of you enjoyed the run in blustery cold conditions. My heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who did an amazing job when they could have been tucked up in a warm bed.

Thanks to the patience of the runners in the finish funnel and the scanning queues. We will look at making the funnel longer to ease congestion on the finish line and please remember to stay in order when you have crossed the finish line. We will only get more scanners if our numbers are regularly a lot higher- remember to bring something warm to put on straight away if it is cold.

One of our junior runners took quite a tumble within the first few metres. Please can we all take as much care as possible and if you see a fellow runner go down please do the right thing: stop and help them.

If you finished after token position 150 you will have gone down 50 places and after 200 down 51 places- a group of tokens were the victim of cold hands. Please only cross the line as you finish your own run and don't bring anyone else with you- the funnel team have a lot to deal with.

If your barcode didn't scan properly and you gave us your details, you would have been manually entered in the results but only if you gave us your A number.

Finally- the male runner that had the barcodeless position token 349 who is now the unknown in position 298: let us know your parkrun A number and name so we can give you the position, we should have taken these from you. email: northamptonoffice@parkrun.com

The continuing success of Northampton parkrun is down to the volunteers that give their time and I will never fail to be amazed by them- thank you. We could often do with a few more though ;) northamptonhelpers@parkrun.com

Any comments, concerns or compliments to northamptonoffice@parkrun.com