1st Jan 2018

705!!!!! Unbelievable... So many of you and not one bad word about this unique course.

Many thanks to all who made this morning so fantastic...

Bad news though - Sorry to report that the main watch with 495 times on accidentally got cleared. So, all 705 of you will have a time of 59:59. I feel I can assure you nobody will have a PB. Apologies to everyone though. It would be impossible to ;load 705 times so please do not let me know what your watch/garmin etc said.

A fuller report is not really available, your positions are more or less ok - those after 495 may be slightly adrift, again, apologies.

Next year we will ensure A) the watches do not get wiped, B) we have sufficient finish tokens for you all.

Happy new year to all 705 runners and all the huge army of volunteers xxx