(not)parkrun Safety Guidelines

Before going out on your (not)parkrun walk, jog, or run, please consider the following guidelines:

Planning your route

When deciding on where to complete your (not)parkrun, there are a number of important factors. Therefore, please take time to consider the route surface, weather conditions, impact on other users, traffic, visibility, physical distancing guidelines relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, any animals that may be on route, and your personal safety based on the area in general.

Clothing and equipment

Please also consider any clothing you wear or equipment that you use during your (not)parkrun and whether it is appropriate for the conditions, the course, and your personal comfort, fitness and safety. Particularly, please use caution around the use of headphones and make sure that you will always be aware of any possible hazards.
We would also recommend, as normal, that you carry In Case of Emergency (ICE) details with you at all times whilst walking, jogging, or running.


Anyone registered with a parkrun event is able to record a (not)parkrun time through their parkrun profile. However, children remain the responsibility of their parents, guardians, or carers at all times, and, as with regular parkrun events, we would recommend that children under the age of 11 are always accompanied by an appropriate adult.


At all times during your (not)parkrun, please give way to other people or vehicles, and put safety ahead of your stopwatch. (not)parkrun is simply intended to be a fun initiative to keep us all entertained and a way to support the parkrun community.

Health and Fitness

Prior to starting your (not)parkrun please make sure that you are fit and healthy enough to do so appropriately and safely. If in any doubt at all you should seek medical advice.

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