Oriam event #25

I am a parkrun tourist who lives in Manchester. Today was my 248th run at my 94th different venue. Due to Covid (& other reasons) I haven’t been able to get north of the border since August 2019 so was delighted to find a new parkrun had started for me to try. My parkrun friends who live in Edinburgh had warned me not to expect a PB and Ben, our RD for today, did warn us to save a bit for the way back. He wasn’t wrong!

The route is an undulating one with a drop down to the turnaround point and hence a climb back up.  I’m pretty accident prone so heeded the warnings to look for tree roots and uneven ground and managed to stay upright. It is a beautiful run through the woods with the leaves beginning to turn and I’m sure the autumn colour will be appreciated as the year continues. I loved seeing the finish line through the archway!

Today we were joined by 95 runners. There were 24 people running at Oriam for the first time, of which 3 were doing their very first parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will be back next week for more.

A massive 32 people worked extra hard and achieved PBs this week. What a fantastic achievement! A special mention for Geraldine Hodgkiss who completed her milestone 100th run. Congratulations!

As ever we were supported by the fantastic volunteers without whom parkrun wouldn’t happen. Next week the is a volunteer takeover by Heriot Watt Sports Union but please sign up to help in future weeks. It’s never too early to volunteer.

Looking forward to returning to Oriam again.

Mel Pickup





Event #17 14th March 2020 Business as usual

Well after a funny old week of virus pandemic, race cancellations, people working from home and uncertain about how things will pan out over the next few weeks it was nice to have a sense of normality about parkrunday!

The official parkrun UK stance on the Covid-19 situation can be found here.https://www.parkrun.com/news/2020/03/12/covid-19/

If anything changes you will hear about it through our facebook page but as it stands, it is business as usual until you hear otherwise......although I did bring the finish tokens home for a bath in hot soapy water to be on the safe side! With that in mind, it would be great to have a full roster early next week and not still be pleading for marshals on Friday afternoon. All roles are very straightforward and a full briefing will be given. Please drop us an email with your barcode number and any preferred role. If you're not sure what job does what there's a brief description in a previous run report: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/oriam/news/2019/11/24/event-no-4-23rd-nov-2019-your-parkrun-needs-you/

This week 141 people ran, jogged and walked the course, and special shout out to the C25k group of Heriot Watt staff who graduated with their first (and hopefully not last) parkrun today.

We welcomed 50 first timers to Oriam parkrun and 43 recorded new Personal Bests, including our first ever female first finisher, Rhona Mowat who flew home in a new female course record of 19:07!

Congratulations to Patrick White and Chris Tames on their 100th parkruns.

The event was made possible by a dream team of 20 volunteers:

Ann WILLIAMSON • Allan PRICE (AP58) • Douglas ANDERSON • Michael JAMES • Morag SAWKINS • Stephen MALONEY • Pamela WILLIAMS • Joseph BARTLETT • Emma LOUGHEED • Richard MUDIE • Fiona DONNELLY • Pete PHILP • Angus ROBERTSON • Sarah ROBERTSON • Sarah LUMSDEN • Katharine PHILP • Jackie CALDWELL • Ross MUIRDEN • Kai KERLAFF • Lucy MALONEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Oriam parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Jamie CROWE who recorded a time of 16:54 on 21st December 2019 (event number 8).
The female record is held by Rhona MOWAT who recorded a time of 19:07 on 14th March 2020 (event number 17).
The Age Grade course record is held by Elizabeth GILCHRIST who recorded 83.62% (29:00) on 7th December 2019 (event number 6).

Oriam parkrun started on 2nd November 2019. Since then 1,884 participants have completed 3,537 parkruns covering a total distance of 17,685 km, including 642 new Personal Bests. A total of 145 individuals have volunteered 367 times.



Event #12 Burns Night

In celebration of our 12th Oriam parkrun coinciding with Burns Night I wrote us a wee poem (Burns will be turning in his grave!). I believe the haggis (or is the plural haggi??) were roamly freely round the woods of Oriam when Richard did his early morning course check but they are shy wee things and must have taken shelter before everyone descended on the course.


Going back to basics

We’re going back to basics, listen up, it’s revision time,

This is for your safety, and to help the results process fine!


Please run on the left of the forest track,

At some point you’ll meet runners coming back.

If you’re wearing headphones, keep the volume down,

So you’re aware of others, and what’s happening around.


Children under 11 must be with a grown up,

Please don’t run carrying kids in case you trip up,

Run into the finish funnel and stay in line,

Or your position won’t match your finishing time.


Cross the line once and collect a token at the end,

Please don’t come through again if you go back to meet your friend.

If you’ve forgotten your barcode, you won’t get a time,

But please take a token if you cross the finish line.


On the subject of tokens, we lost two,

Numbers 39 and 85, we’re missing you!

The best part of parkrun in the post-run chat,

Join us for coffee, it’s where the action is at.


225 finishers recorded this week with 99 first timers and 53 PBs,

Congratulations to Lucy Ramsey and Elspeth Bleakley, on earning their junior 10 and volunteer 25 milestone T’s!

It’s run not race and no one comes last,

But the female course record fell (Rhona Mowat 19:12) she’s very fast!


22 volunteers, the heroes in hi-viz,

Their names are below in a very long list.

Our roster for February still has plenty of spaces,

Don’t be shy, no job too hard, it’d be lovely to see new volunteer faces.



The event was made possible by 22 volunteers:

Allan PRICE (AP58) • Norma BONE • Sandy MACDONALD • Kenny GUNN-RUSSELL • Patricia HAMPTON • Stephen MALONEY • Lauren Ailish DICKSON • Emma LOUGHEED • Richard MUDIE • Matthew FOSKETT • Julie WATKINSON • Simon WATKINSON • Elspeth BLEAKLEY • Sebastian BLEAKLEY • Lesley SMITH • Steven MURRAY • Alastair FERGUSON • Ewan MITCHELL • Craig MURPHY • Ross MUIRDEN • Grant JOHNSTON • Lucy MALONEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Oriam parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Jamie CROWE who recorded a time of 16:54 on 21st December 2019 (event number 8).
The female record is held by Rhona MOWAT who recorded a time of 19:12 on 25th January 2020 (event number 12).
The Age Grade course record is held by Elizabeth GILCHRIST who recorded 83.62% (29:00) on 7th December 2019 (event number 6).

Oriam parkrun started on 2nd November 2019. Since then 1,576 participants have completed 2,710 parkruns covering a total distance of 13,550 km, including 432 new Personal Bests. A total of 114 individuals have volunteered 260 times.


Event #9 28th December 2019 It’s parkrun day!

In that time between Christmas and New Year when no one is really sure what day it is it's lovely to have some normality back for parkrun day!

For our 9th event we welcomed 103 first timers to Oriam parkun, that's nearly half the field! Some local and others visiting from further afield including Hazelhead parkrun in Aberdeen and Luton, and 10 people kicked off their New Year Resolutions early with their first ever parkrun.

Despite the mud 29 runners recorded a new personal best, proving that excessive mince pie consumption may be good running fuel!

Congratulations to Dee Rees on her 100th parkrun. For those new to parkrun you may have seen the "milestone" t-shirts being worn by runners. These are awarded to juniors after 10 runs then everyone after 50, 100, 250 and 500. There's also a volunteer one for 25 volunteer days.  If you're celebrating a milestone let the Run Director know and we can give you a shout out in the pre-run brief. Some runners like to bring cake to celebrate.....hint hint ;)

A quick mention on funnel "etiquette" - please only go past the time keepers and down the finish funnel if you have run the full course, and only go through it once. We appreciate that children might like to join you for the sprint finish or people go back to support their friends but this can really make the results difficult to process as times and tokens go out of sync.

New Years Day is the only day of the year when you can record a result at 2 parkruns and events are staggering their start times to enable you to do this.  There is no run at Oriam but the full list of events can be found here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events/ and someone has made a handy gadget to help you find potential double runs http://tailrun.uk/nyd/2020/ Events will be busy so please allow plenty of time to get parked and be on your best parkrun behaviour!

Today's event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Ashworth Paul WEAVING • Katie ROBERTSON • Iain HUTCHINSON • Sheelagh JONES • Chris MURRAY • Anne DOUGLAS • Emma LOUGHEED • Richard MUDIE • Gary HALL • Finlay MCHARDY • Angus ROBERTSON • David MUEGO • Garry SYMINGTON • Andrew JONES • Sarah ROBERTSON • Alastair FERGUSON • Louise SINCLAIR • Jackie CROZIER • Hugh THOMSON • Ross MUIRDEN • Amelia MCGLYNN • Emma BOAG MCGLYNN • Grant JOHNSTON

Our roster has plenty of vacancies over the coming weeks. Any help would be much appreciated and all roles are very straightforward with briefing given on the day.  Please drop us an email with your barcode number and if you have a preferred role to Oriam@parkrun.com https://www.parkrun.org.uk/oriam/futureroster/

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Oriam parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily STRATHDEE who recorded a time of 19:35 on 21st December 2019 (event number 8).
The male record is held by Jamie CROWE who recorded a time of 16:54 on 21st December 2019 (event number 8).
The Age Grade course record is held by Elizabeth GILCHRIST who recorded 83.62% (29:00) on 7th December 2019 (event number 6).

Oriam parkrun started on 2nd November 2019. Since then 1,262 participants have completed 2,005 parkruns covering a total distance of 10,025 km, including 301 new Personal Bests. A total of 91 individuals have volunteered 194 times.


Event No. 4 23rd Nov 2019 – Your parkrun needs you!


I spotted this lovely sign on a recent visit to Portrush parkrun in Northern Ireland.  Volunteering at parkrun is an amazing way to become a bigger part of your parkrun community, it really is so much more than just a run in the park. You will meet new people, get to know your fellow runners, and gain an understanding of how parkrun works behind the scenes.  On a personal note, I have met some great friends through parkrun over the last few years and we now travel to visit other parkruns together (hence how I came to be in Portrush!) and also meet up for races and social events.

parkrun is entirely run by volunteers – no volunteers, no run, so please take time to look at your diary and see if you have free Saturday to help out. All roles are very straight forward and you'll be fully briefed on what you need to do.  All we ask is that you arrive for around 9am and are able to stay until the tail walker finishes the run which is usually around 10:30am.  Under 18's are welcome to volunteer although if they marshal or tail walk they must be accompanied by an adult, and any unaccompanied on the finish area need to be responsible for doing a role as we aren't a free baby sitting service while parents run!

If you can help we'd love to hear from you, just drop us an email with your date and barcode number and if you have a preferred role oriam@parkrun.com you know you’ll look good in hi-viz!


The key roles we need to fill each week are:

  • Timekeeper - requires a bit of concentration but not as daunting as people think! Timekeeping is now done on the “parkrun virtual volunteer” app so you will need a fully charged smart phone. You just tap it to start the run and tap it every time a runner finishes. As it’s app based you can even have a practice at home first!
  • Marshals - the people who are stationed around the course to make sure everyone goes the right way, stay safe, and provide encouragement to the runners.
  • Funnel managers - positioned along the finish funnel to make sure runners stay in the funnel, stay in finish order and that the line keeps moving. This helps ensure that everyone gets the correct time and finish position in the results. Experience of herding cats helpful but not essential!
  • Finish tokens - the people who hand out the finish tokens at the end of the funnel. The tokens are all strung up in order so you work as a pair with one person taking them off the string in small blocks and the other handing them out to runners. It doesn't even matter if you drop, we can sort that when we process the results!
  • Barcode scanners - the folk who scan your barcode and token to make sure you get a result. Barcode scanning is also done through the “parkrun virtual volunteer” app so you’ll need to bring a fully charged mobile phone.
  • Number checker - will become the timekeeper's best friend by the end of the run! This is an essential role to provide checks between the timekeeper and finish tokens to ensure the numbers are in sync (if they aren't we can adjust the results accordingly). Sounds complicated but all you need to do is write down numbers!
  • Tail walker - their main job is to finish in last position while making sure that everyone is safe around the course. The tail walker gets a run credit as well as a volunteer credit (so long as they scan their barcode).

We also require a car park marshal and welcome help with the pre-run set up if you’re able to arrive a bit earlier.  These roles can be done before you take part in the run.

If you’re one of those speedy types who can get round the course in under 21 minutes or so then you’re welcome to run and then barcode scan or funnel manage, just let us know you’ll be doing this when you email in so we can ensure someone will be there for the first finishers!

This week’s heroes in hi-viz were: Ann WILLIAMSON • Kirsty THOMSON • Ian FYFE • Patricia HAMPTON • Stephen MALONEY • Pamela WILLIAMS • Alistair HUNTER • Gary HALL • Julie WATKINSON • Simon WATKINSON • Susan PATON • Angus ROBERTSON • David MUEGO • Robert SMITH • Gareth MACKIE • Craig JACKSON-DYKE • Jackie CALDWELL • Louise SINCLAIR • Hugh THOMSON • Ross MUIRDEN

This week 210 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 113 were first timers at Oriam parkrun,  52 recorded new Personal Bests, and 10 people did their first ever parkrun (we hope you’ll be back!). Representatives of 36 different clubs took part.

Congratulations to James Dunn who broke the male course record in a lightning quick time of 16:57.

And thanks to Pam for covering my RD shift at short notice when I wasn't well!


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