Please do not attend parkrun if you display any COVID-19 symptoms

Ormskirk parkrun Future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future volunteer roster

 23 October 202130 October 20216 November 202113 November 2021
Run DirectorJo ROTHERAMPeter DOLANKeith FARRERno event
First Timers BriefingVincent CREAMERno event
TimekeeperBernice BLUNDELLno event
TimekeeperMark BLUNDELLno event
MarshalNigel GILTROWNigel GILTROWNigel GILTROWno event
MarshalSusan SWIFTGina HARVEYno event
MarshalJohn ROCKErin THAINno event
MarshalJean ROCKno event
MarshalJohn HASLAMno event
MarshalPhil HOGANno event
MarshalVincent CREAMERno event
MarshalElaine FARRERno event
MarshalLynn MACDONALD FLYNNno event
Finish TokensMichele RILEYno event
Finish Token SupportCarol TIDGWELLno event
Funnel ManagerPeter RENNERPeter RENNERPeter RENNERno event
Number CheckerPeter RENNERPeter RENNERPeter RENNERno event
Barcode ScanningAnna WILLIAMSno event
Barcode ScanningAndrea CONCANNONno event
Barcode ScanningPaula FITZJONESno event
Barcode ScanningLisa MATTHEWSno event
Barcode ScanningNeil POLLINGTONno event
Tail WalkerVal PARRYJanice SHEELPaula FITZJONESno event
Tail WalkerHelen PARRYAbigail FITZJONESno event
Volunteer Co-ordinatorKaren HULMEno event
Pre-event SetupCaroline HENDRAno event
Pre-event SetupMargaret ELLAMSno event
Event Day Course CheckKaren HULMEno event
Run Report WriterSteph DRISCOLLSteph DRISCOLLno event
PhotographerGordon JOHNSONGordon JOHNSONno event
Token SortingAlan HULMEno event
OtherCaroline HENDRALes DAVIESno event
OtherMargaret ELLAMSno event