Goddington Park survey.

Good morning parkrunners. Assuming you are at home twiddling your fingers before you crack on with the DIY can you please spend a few minutes filling out a survey.
Orpington FC have big plans for Goddington Park that we will all benefit from. A new clubhouse and community hub is planned. Your comments, concerns and priorities are needed. And you could win a £100 Bluewater voucher.








Orpington parkrun and dogs.

Dogs are very welcome at Goddington park.
Until they bite someone. Dog owner was asked not to bring his dog again, he's chosen to ignore this request, so, sadly his time has been deleted.

Official from parkrun HQ-
Can I run with my dog?

Most of our 5k events do allow runners with dogs (including Cani Cross harnesses) although this may not be possible at some of our locations.
Please check on the course page of the event website first, or email the team to check - you can find their email address at the bottom of the event website.

Please note that we only allow 1 dog per runner and that the welfare of that animal remains your responsibility throughout your parkrun visit.

Please keep your dog under firm control at all times, either on a short lead or a harness with a short lead, and take extreme care to avoid tripping other runners. Further information and advice about running with a dog can be found on the Cani Cross UK & CaniCross Ireland websites.


Safeguarding at Goddington park.

Please note that Orpington parkrun take your child's safety very seriously. Some might say more seriously than some parents.
If your child is seen running without a responsible adult within arms reach that they know, their result will be deleted. The volunteer team or fellow parkrunners are not childminders. You wouldn't leave your child in the care of 200 strangers in Orpington High Street so do not do it at parkrun.


FOGP- Friends of Goddington Park.

Local Residents & Orpington Football Club announce the formation of
“The Friends of Goddington Park”
... are you passionate about Goddington Park and its future? Then you
need to come along and participate....
Saturday 11am 20th April Goddington Park Pavilion – all
Guests from Friends of Chislehurst Recreation Group
• Introductions
• What will the Friends of Goddington Park do?
• How does this fit in with the Bowls Club, Park Run,
the Dog Walkers, local residents and Orpington
Football Club?
• What do local residents want and need from their
• What can a Friends Group achieve ...?
• Next Steps


Volunteering – London Marathon 2019

It’s that time of year again with the results of the London Marathon ballot known I’m starting to look for volunteers to help out on the baggage at the start on Sunday 28 April 2019. It’s great fun; I should know as it will be my fifth year volunteering. We have an early start, leaving Orpington around 6am but normally finish by 10.30 so time to get out on the course and support the runners. If you want to be part of a fantastic team email me (Ali) at orpingtonoffice@parkrun.com


Car parking.

You may have noticed that our numbers are creeping up. You'll also of noticed that the football clubs numbers are also up and that, like us, they now start at 9am. This is pressurising the car park, mainly leaving it. A Mexican stand-off occurred last week.
Please consider parking elsewhere, cycling [we have metal railings for locking your steed], car sharing or walking. parkrun is often a gateway drug to longer distance running so why not run to Goddington?


New Years Day 2019

For the first time since our event started in 2012 we will be holding a New Years Day run. Do join us at 10am Tuesday 1st Jan 2019.

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