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Osterley parkrun, Event number 334; 16th March 2020

A guest run report from our fabulous voluntourists (this week they were car park marshals and run reporters):


We are travelling around all different parkruns doing a spot of volunteering at each one too, we do a different one each week in hoping to complete a 'Bailey' which is 100 different parkruns without repeating, tricky with the weather being so bad (lots of rain). We had been looking for parkruns on pathways and when were at Old Deer Park they said Osterley was not a muddy one, so this is why we picked this one. A late start for us as it’s just an hour and 20 mins from home Havant in Hampshire which was nice, the weather was not too nice to us with lots of rain all the way to the park, but very little traffic so we arrived about 8am ready to start our volunteering as Car park Marshals. We walked down to Osterley House where lots of volunteers were already setting up, everyone was busy doing there bit, we looked for the grey vest with Run Director on it, a lovely man greeted us 'good morning ladies and thank you so very much for offer of volunteering to be car park Marshals', gave us our hi vi vest and explained what was to happen, so off we went to guide everyone to the right car parking spaces. At around about 8.50 the first car park was full and the 2nd one was fulling up, we left and walked to the start where the RD was giving his final talk.

The parkrun started on time with all 263 people setting off, the first lap of the course was as usual everyone finding there way and getting set in their places, fast to slow and everyone at their own pace, all the marshals around to course were very encouraging to everyone, even when come up to the lovely water feature which was three quarters of the way around, there was a lovely lady Shveta Shah (* who is one of the parkrun You Tube stars from the 'This Girl Can' campaign last week - see her video below) who lost both her shoes (one fell off, and when she went to retrieve it, the other came off) but still finished the course and was able to laugh about it!

Osterley is a 2 lap course around the outside of Osterley Park starting and finishing in front of The House. We both finished our runs and we both thought it was a lovely gesture that one of the local parkrunners came back and encourages you to finish which is a lovely way to make you feel good to finish the course, which made our run a pleasurable one for that extra support is needed at the last part, which can be the hardest. We went off to the cafe for post coffee and chat with other tourists, but when everyone leaves the volunteers step in and finish closing down and packing up all the equipment and storing it away until next week. So we are sure that all of the 27 volunteers on the day without them there is NO parkrun, so thank you each and everyone for you are all super stars! ... if you are planning to get to Osterley Park it’s a super place to visit it’s easy to find and lots of parking, lovely cafe and lovely support from everyone there, we now move on to our next parkrun - until next time Osterley Park.

The Foxy Ladies Denise & Samantha carry on with their Quest


Shveta's video (with shoes on hopefully :) ) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVs-xxrltoQ

All the run details here:

Osterley parkrun
Event number 334
14th March 2020


This week 263 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 37 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Geoff MILES • Andrew LAWRENCE • Kay LYDALL • Brian STAKELUM • Christopher MAYBIN • Nick CRYAN • Clare EVERARD • Fiona CLOSE • Sharon PRENDERGAST • Antony BROWN • Kenny CHAN • Dave BOOKLESS • Paul DUFFY • Ben CRYAN • Jessamyn LUSCOMBE • Charles SIMMONDS • Samra SAID • Matthew BALE • Gabriella EVANS • Sophie ROUHAUD • Seamus MCEVOY • Jozsef MAK • Denise FOXE-KING • Connie PALLETT • Tina DONOVAN • Samantha FOXE-KING • Ayaan BAIG • Rahul SONDHI


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Osterley parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Tom FAIRBROTHER who recorded a time of 16:21 on 11th May 2019 (event number 292).
The female record is held by Kate DREW who recorded a time of 18:24 on 25th January 2020 (event number 327).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 94.90% (23:51) on 30th November 2019 (event number 318).


Osterley parkrun started on 31st August 2013. Since then 8,892 participants have completed 52,827 parkruns covering a total distance of 264,135 km, including 8,623 new Personal Bests. A total of 604 individuals have volunteered 4,700 times.



Osterley parkrun, Event number 332; 29th February 2020


Hurricane Jorge - is that all you’ve got?!

I guess, like most parkrunners, I peeped through the bedroom curtains on Saturday morning apprehensive about what I might find. Well it was no surprise to find it raining again. Storm Jorge was with us. Was I going to be put off attending parkrun? As an ardent Bruce Springsteen fan I like to think ‘Born to Run’ is my mantra. ‘Born to Run, unless it’s raining’ is not quite so Rock and Roll. So without further ado I was on my way. Actually, if I wasn’t writing this report I may have well stayed in bed!

On arrival at Osterley Park I was greeted by a soggy Hutchinson family (including their dog, Isla) who had picked the short straw of car park duty. Gathering around the big house the crowd seemed sparse. Jorge was getting his way. As it turned out, 199 brave runners took to the start line - some 200 less than normal.


However, the breeze was mild and the rain light by the time 9.00am arrived. So the happy band of volunteers took to their stations and we were soon on our way. After the mad dash to the first corner it was a case of avoiding the puddles as we made our way down towards the bridle path. As luck would have it I was in the mid-field, the perfect position to look for things to write about. Past the lake and soon we were heading back towards the stately house and facing up to the newly installed water jump. This feature is fast becoming very popular with one and all. You now need a strategy to get past it. Do I go around it, over it, or through it? Well as it’s a leap year obviously I leapt over it and looked forward to confronting it again next time around.


As you head down toward the woods it’s time to grit your teeth and dig in as you hit the wind. Jorge huffed and puffed but we stood strong. Winding your way through the woods you soon approach what I think of as ‘Derek’s gate’. Derek is almost always there with a smile and cheery words of encouragement like ‘hurry up they’re catching you!’ I’m not sure if Derek is there all week or just for parkrun, but either way he is an outstanding Marshal.

Soon the runners are streaming past the house to end lap one and keen to hear their time as they are roared on by the volunteers. Now, it’s just a case of doing it all again, but a bit slower. As you go around again you are hoping that Jozsef gets a nice picture of you in action looking like my other heros Steve Ovett or Paula Radcliffe. In my experience, the further you go the worse the picture and the older and more dishevelled you look.

There is no finer sight second time around than another look at Derek, which means you have nearly finished! All that’s in front of you now is to skip round the lake, a wave to the smug swans and bound through the finish line. Then collapse in an undignified heap.
One benefit of a reduced field is it’s a darn sight quicker to get a coffee and a scrumptious slice of cake as you dwell on the glory of your morning run and compare notes with your fellow runners in the Stables café.


Despite the grim weather conditions there were some notable performances today. None more so than 1st woman home Bethan Everson who recorded the 3rd fastest time ever by a women at Osterley of 18.44, and a new SW25-29 Osterley course record to boot. An outstanding effort.

And who knew we were in the company of parkrun royalty? Kirsty Bangham was running her 623rd parkrun. That’s over 3,000 kilometres! Kirsty is 6th in the all-time UK parkrun attendance list. Only one woman has run more parkruns than she has. I’m proposing to the Osterley parkrun committee that we give her Osterley House as a reward - please Tweet #kirstyshouse if you agree! I’m also keen to have a statue of today’s first place finisher Simon Shaw – for the 28th time at Osterley - erected alongside the steps, with Kirsty’s approval obviously. Finally I would like to tip my hat to the 14 runners who recorded a PB today but it’s blown away.

So that’s it from me. Next week I’m off to take on one of the countries hardest parkruns, the sand dunes of Woolacombe Bay. See you there, Kirsty!?

- Ray Carter

As some of you are probably aware, it’s just under eight weeks until the London Marathon, and two of our RDs are running the marathon for charity this year. Jess is running for Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice and John is running for WaterAid. Several of you have asked about sponsoring John and Jess, and certainly any support would be gratefully received!

Their sponsorship pages are here:

This week 199 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 24 were first timers and 12 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 29 volunteers:

Liz MANN • Simon HARRISON • Robert HUTCHINSON • Louise HUTCHINSON • Christopher MAYBIN • Emily HUTCHINSON • Clare EVERARD • Owen SEAMAN • Austin MCHALE • Charmaine MCHALE • Alison DANIELS • Finlay MCBRIDE • Jessamy CARLSON • Ben CRYAN • Nigel BOSTOCK • Samra SAID • Jon RODGERS • Rachel MAURICE • Gabriella EVANS • Seamus MCEVOY • Jozsef MAK • Emese JUHASZ • Derek WINDEATT • Ray CARTER • Robert CAIN • Shatha KHALIL • Debra BOOKER • Ayaan BAIG • Rahul SONDHI

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Osterley parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Tom FAIRBROTHER who recorded a time of 16:21 on 11th May 2019 (event number 292).
The female record is held by Kate DREW who recorded a time of 18:24 on 25th January 2020 (event number 327).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 94.90% (23:51) on 30th November 2019 (event number 318).

Osterley parkrun started on 31st August 2013. Since then 8,796 participants have completed 52,159 parkruns covering a total distance of 260,795 km, including 8,522 new Personal Bests. A total of 596 individuals have volunteered 4,644 times.


Osterley parkrun, Event number 331; 22nd February 2020


Despite the gusty and grey weather on Saturday morning, the buzz of activity at Osterley parkrun at 8:45 was just as lively as usual as everyone flooded in from the car park and tube station. We welcomed a whopping 69 people who were new to Osterley, of which 8 were parkrun first timers. After the new runner briefing, it was time for the main briefing delivered by our esteemed run director Chris... or was it? The microphone speaker decided it had other plans, and after picking up a bluetooth connection to someone's phone played a bit of mystery impromptu warm-up music. Once we figured out the source of the music, attention was turned back to the briefing. We celebrated a number of milestones - congratulations to Jim TWIST on his 250th run, and to Sarah HYATT, Wanda DAWSON, and Jagdip GILL on completing 50 runs. We hope you enjoy wearing your shiny new milestone tees.


359 people completed our lovely two lap course (and several did impressive jumps over/splashes through the chicane gate puddle which seems to grow week on week). The male and female first finishers were Osterley regulars Simon SHAW in 18:22 and Rachael TURNER in 19:45. Louise HUTCHINSON recorded the highest age grade with 82.65% in the VW60-64 category, with Mike DENNISON hot on her heels with 81.86% in the VM60-64 category.

A number of parkrunners recorded arbitrary yet somewhat satisfying times - Hadi KHATAMIZADEH finished in 22:00, Sabrina CANT in 22:22, Rishi SHARMA completed the course in 23:23, Barnaby SILVERSTONE in 24:24, Michael JAMES in 26:00, Clare MCKENZIE in 27:00, Nick CRYAN in 29:29, Claire WARNER in 33:00, Simon TAPP in 34:00, and Lesley FARROW in 35:35. Regular Osterley volunteer Samra SAID decided for a change of scene and took to the course this week, coming through the funnel in 46:41 and recording a new PB. In total 36 runners, joggers and walkers recorded PBs - very well done to all involved.


If you would like to volunteer in the coming weeks we have lots of different roles available - please take a look at the future roster page under the volunteer section of the site and get in touch. You don't need any technical knowledge or special kit; full training will be given on the day and all the jobs are easy to pick up. Thank you to this week's wonderful host of 26 volunteers who made the event happen:

Kam HEER • Robert KIPLING • Robert HUTCHINSON • Christopher MAYBIN • Emily HUTCHINSON • Clare EVERARD • Owen SEAMAN • Kenny CHAN • Ben CRYAN • John BOWLING • Samra SAID • Louise BALE • Matthew BALE • Matthew ROBERTS • Jacintha BAILEY • Nicola BRADLEY • Isaac BALE • Seamus MCEVOY • Jozsef MAK • Derek WINDEATT • Lorraine HILL • Connie PALLETT • Tina DONOVAN • Zee BEGUM • Gurdeep MATHARU • Rahul SONDHI

- Emily Hutchinson

This week 359 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 69 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 40 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Osterley parkrun Results Page: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/osterley/results/latestresults/

The male record is held by Tom FAIRBROTHER who recorded a time of 16:21 on 11th May 2019 (event number 292).
The female record is held by Kate DREW who recorded a time of 18:24 on 25th January 2020 (event number 327).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 94.90% (23:51) on 30th November 2019 (event number 318).

Osterley parkrun started on 31st August 2013. Since then 8,772 participants have completed 51,960 parkruns covering a total distance of 259,800 km, including 8,510 new Personal Bests. A total of 593 individuals have volunteered 4,615 times.


Osterley parkrun, Event number 330; 15th Feb 2020


St Valentine sent a love letter of red warnings last weekend, with storm Dennis responsible for the cancellation of over 171 parkruns across the country. We had warned our participants and volunteers that predicted gusts above 50mph might mean a rare cancellation for us too, but happily, and against all odds, we went ahead as planned.

The weather at Osterley still wasn’t terribly loving though, with pre-event set-up volunteer Emily Hutchinson reporting a smorgasbord of puddles and tough conditions across the two lap course. We thought the elements would be the only thing to worry about but thank God for our new Walkie Talkies, which enabled our marshal Julie to report the surprising news that the 2nd gate on the back lane wouldn’t open. Despite sending Event Director Geoff to survey the scene, who enlisted the help of a local farmer, the gate stayed firmly shut. We take safety very seriously so we would like to thank all 307 of you who listened intently to the Run Director and ran, jogged and walked safely past this tricky obstacle.

We still don’t know yet if it was the closed gate or the puddle that was most challenging on Saturday? Either way we are grateful to our amazing photographer Jozef who captured some amazing puddle leaping shots.



Our walkie talkies also came in very handy when our marshal Amanda alerted us to the impending arrival of the first runner. Euan LEES was a first timer at Osterley parkrun and finished in 18:19 mins. In the women’s category Jayne GRIFFITHS crossed the line in 22:46 to finish first lady.

Despite tough conditions 22 people recorded Personal Bests this week, including Malony KADA who seems to be beating her PB week in and week out. We also had representatives of 30 different clubs who took part including Richmond Running Club who brought quite a crowd, and paid us some warm and very kind feedback. Thank you for coming; we hope to see you again.

Special mention this week also goes to our barcode scanning volunteers who were all U-18s, with Ben doing it as park of his DoE Bronze medal.


Congratulations were also in order for our event Director Geoff Miles who celebrated this Valentine’s Day parkrun with his 11th anniversary of participating at parkrun.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Michael OSBORNE • Geoff MILES • Christopher MAYBIN • Emily HUTCHINSON • Clare EVERARD • Owen SEAMAN • Julie LYNN • Ben CRYAN • Amanda CAHILL • Samra SAID • Louise BALE • Matthew BALE • Nigel BALE • Isaac BALE • Seamus MCEVOY • Duncan FUTTER • Jozsef MAK • Rana MAINEE • Connie PALLETT • Jodie VICKERY • Tina DONOVAN • Zee BEGUM • Lauren WIGGINS

Many thanks for all your support, and we look forward to seeing you all next week!


Osterley parkrun, Event number 328; 1st February 2020

Run Report for Event #328 Saturday 1st February 2020

It was a blustery morning which greeted everyone at Osterley parkrun, with glimmers of sporadic sunshine seeping through the clouds. With the work continuing for the next few weeks of installing a water source heat pump to produce greater energy efficiency for the National Trust property, the start area is currently slightly restricted.

Narrower than usual

This didn’t deter 405 people attending and completing the 5km course – some overnight rain had also produced a couple of puddles and tacky, muddy areas which were carefully negotiated by everyone on each lap!

Arlene Gallagher made a thoroughly professional debut as Run Director, and all the volunteers ensured the event progressed with seamless maturity! Congratulations to Derek Windeatt for his 100th volunteering at Osterley parkrun - Derek is also a regular volunteer on Sunday’s at the junior version too! In all, 35 volunteers helped to put the event on, and thanks go to:

Geoff MILES • Arlene GALLAGHER • Kam HEER • Louise HUTCHINSON • Christopher MAYBIN • Fiona MAYBIN • Emily HUTCHINSON • Simon SHAW • David DUGGAN • Sally RAHEJA • Michael LIMPERT • Ekam SINGH SANDHU • Alexander SHEPHARD • Julie LYNN • Chris GOWER • Alison DANIELS • Finlay MCBRIDE • Joanna GINGER • Anne OWENS • Samra SAID • Louise BALE • Matthew BALE • Tim BEESLEY • Charlotte LANNIGAN • Nigel BALE • Isaac BALE • Rory LANNIGAN • Jozsef MAK • Emese JUHASZ • Derek WINDEATT • Harriet OWENS • Connie PALLETT • Tina DONOVAN • Zee BEGUM • Lauren WIGGINS

With a couple of photographers busily taking snaps around the course, there are plenty of photos which can be seen by clicking on this link:

There are still spaces on the volunteer roster over the next few weeks, so why not try viewing parkrun from a different angle? Plenty of volunteering roles are available to be performed – please email osterleyhelpers@parkrun.com if you are interested.
With 405 runners, there had to be plenty of visitors, some milestones and a huge number of personal bests!

Celebrations go to Samuel Watson (JM10) for his 10th run, Fiona Close and Juliet Pickering for their 50th parkruns, as well as Sharon Gibson and Michael Potter who both notched up 100 parkruns. You can all expect an email soon to order a T shirt to recognise your achievements!

48 people completed the Osterley course for the first time, and visitors were heard to come from Milton Keynes, various parts of Greater London, as well as Reading! Within those 48 newbies were ten debutants to parkrun – hopefully you’ll be back again on a Saturday morning in the near future!


53 people managed to go faster around the two laps than they had before which is a whopping 16% of participants who had previously registered a time. Obviously, some people enjoy breezy conditions
It appears 28 people didn’t have times registered (‘unknowns’)– the abbreviation of DFYB is parkrun terminology participants are regularly reminded of……Don’t Forget Your Barcode is great advice when getting to the start line on a Saturday morning!

David Duggan

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