Panshanger parkrun – 16th November. Tourists collecting P’s.

A clear but autumnal morning greeted the 325 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 33 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. There were plenty of smiles at the finish, possibly relief at having completed the final muddy leg.

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Visitors came from far and wide including Nottingam and Scunthorope, many visiting to collect a P for their parkrun alphabet collection.


tourists2 tourists


There was also an adorable visitor called Wilson;


and finally some rather crazy Run Directors......



Reminder for your diaries that there will be a pacer run on December 8th and then additional events on Christmas Day and New Years Day - all at the usual time of 9am.

We would welcome volunteers as well as runners for the Christmas season events and take this opportunity to thank those who helped today:

Kay METCALFE • Sean BOWEN • Louise SMITH • Rab HARLEY • Richard DARLEY • Rachel STEWART • Luke KENNEDY • Reuben DE VILLIERS • Barbara KUBIS-LABIAK • Georgie DEERING • Hannah FRANK • Mattie LABIAK • Amy MCCAGUE • Zoe SMITH • Hannah WOOD • Pamela HURD • Terry TRISTRAM • Mark MORRIS • Rebecca DAVIES • Samantha PLUMMER • William LEE • Patrick MILLAR • Robert STUCKEY • James ASTBURY • Rachel LEAR • Martin NORMAN • Ellen HAIR • Isaac RODRIGUEZ • Emma LESTER

Full results can be found here .

Over to Kay who is your Run Director for next week.



Panshanger parkrun – 9th November 2019

A perfectly chilly (maybe even wintery!) and sunny morning at Panshanger Park today  - 311 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 37 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

We celebrated the following anniversaries this week:  Paul Guy, Richard Somerset and Johan Preis of Garden City Runners celebrated their 100th runs, and they celebrated in style, with some lovely cake! Also, Stephen Garrett did his 50th parkrun today -  congratulations to all!

Grant Stefan Chapman was the first man back today (and first overall) in 17:58.  He was followed by Kevin Smith in 18:02 and Chris Jones in 18:04.  Pippa Mills was first lady back in 23:33, with Eleanor Newton in 23:49 and Helen Stafford in 24:27 as second and third ladies, respectively.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Chris ELAND • Sue FLETCHER • Rab HARLEY • Geoffrey CORDINGLEY • Andy STURGESS • Robert EMSLEY • Sophie GRANT • Rachel STEWART • Michael SCUTT • Maria MURDEN • George SCUTT • Reuben DE VILLIERS • Barbara KUBIS-LABIAK • Georgie DEERING • Amy MCCAGUE • Zoe SMITH • Pamela HURD • Terry TRISTRAM • Mark MORRIS • Rebecca DAVIES • William LEE • Maisy MURDEN • Adam RENDELL • James ASTBURY • Rachel LEAR • Ellen HAIR • Isaac RODRIGUEZ • Emma LESTER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Panshanger parkrun Results Page.

Have a great weekend - Louise will be your RD next week

RD Babs


Panshanger parkrun No 271

Well!! we had it all today, Rugby in Japan, Cattle in two fields, torrential rain and high winds.
Notwithstanding all of the above we were very pleased to welcome 177 runners who were prepared to miss the rugby, run through cattle, get soaked and fend off the wind.
This included 10 first timers and 18 who managed a new PB in difficult conditions.

Jack Tann was the first man home in 18.27 followed by Jamie Graham in 1922.
The first lady was Linda Goodwin in 22.50 followed by Sarah Hopewell in 23.04.

Today was a big day for Robert Elliot and Andrew Hogg who both celebrated their 100th parkrun.
David Mason, Jane Grove-White and Joe Grierson all achieved their 50th parkrun’s today, well done to them all.

As always, a special thank you to all the 27 Volunteers who stood out in the torrential rain to make the event a success.
All the volunteers at the finish were under 18’s they did a great job in horrible conditions.

Have a good weekend, hope the weather improves.

Barbara will be your RD next week.


Panshanger parkrun – 26th October 2019

231parkrun This week two hundred and fifty six people ran, jogged and walked the Panshanger Park run course of whom twenty were first timers to park run or first timers, tourists to Panshanger including myself up from Dorset. Six of these twenty were first timers to park run altogether. I hope it is just the very start of joining the park run family for you all. Twenty-two people achieved a new personal best this weekend- fantastic achievement from you all. There were Representatives of 24 different clubs taken part this weekend. The event only made possible by the twenty-eight incredible volunteers including trainee witch and race director Sue, with a number of other volunteers and runners alike joining Sue for a Halloween fancy dressed themed park run.
I never require any extra motivation to attend park run, but up visiting from Dorset with three friends to be able to run my first park run with my brother on his usual park run course was extremely special. Despite not having done park run for that long myself I am already addicted I do even already wonder what life and Saturday morning in particular would be like without park run. I’ve clearly abandoned my long-held “I don’t get up early at when not at work mantra, in favour of waking up early, usually to support and get involved with pre event set up at Upton House park run in Poole, thank you to all who set the course up today rarely now allowing us on a Saturday morning an extra hour in bed!
I’m someone who doesn’t do early mornings unless forced to prior to park run but there is something special about visiting far-flung park runs with friends, with Panshanger now joining Oxford and Birmingham park runs being our third park run route to have completed outside of Dorset, with plans to visit many more. We often look to tie park run into watching AFC Bournemouth play their away games allowing us to visit park run prior to the game, the football today wasn’t very special but returning home with a pleasant park run experience brings some joy into what otherwise would have been a very dull day.
Today was an enjoyable course thoroughly despite the far from perfect running conditions over cast, windy, fairly muddy Saturday morning. I think when you start the park run journey your attitude on weather some what changes as the overall feeling of being part of the park run community isn’t dampened despite the weather.
As mentioned my brother is a weekly regular at Panshanger Park run now living in the Hertfordshire area and it was lovely to be able to do our first park run together, he had talked about the course and it only seemed right to start to understanding his buzz for such a park run.
Today’s park run had one person running a incredible milestone Peter Morrison joining the 250 club what a incredible achievement and I am sure Peter will enjoy rightly wearing his new t-shirt with pride. Peter must be a inspiration to keep doing park runs and I am sure after this number he will echo the fact that park running is addictive. I am sure Peter will rightly look great in his new milestone t-shirt and well done on such an inspiring achievement.
The course today was an enjoyable one loop of the beautiful Panshanger Park mainly trail run, forest paths, grass and a number of puddles, as a big fan of trail running over road it was the perfect course for us. The start of the course was rather busy and this can make it a challenge to get your pace up originally but the scenery more than makes us for this. The team at Panshanger Park are certainly a friendly bunch and we enjoyed some good conversations following about various different Park run courses throughout the country and the course at Panshanger Park. It is certainly up there with one of the most beautiful of courses and one we would be keen to return to.
Just a couple of weeks back it was the 15th anniversary of the first ever park run at Bushy Park, at the very first event there were 13 runners and 5 volunteers. Now over 300,000 partake in a weekly park run around the world. Back 15 years ago it was all about runners, but these days today we were joined by runners, joggers and walkers all getting involved. The inclusive nature of the park run of today has righty increased its popularity. Giving us a reminder that park run is for all last weekend in Northampton they had a guy doing his very first park run creating a new park run record running the course for the first time at the age of 92 reminding us that park run really is for everyone. It was great to see today at Panshanger park people young, old, male, female, with and without dogs, with and without buggies, running, jogging and walking this beautiful course, reminding us of the inclusivity of park run. All started off by a very helpful first time briefing for all of us visitors and those new to park run entirely (well done those people!).
Panshanger was delightful – from the warm welcome, the beautiful course, the fantastic volunteers and the lovely setting, to the community spirit, the friendship and lovely park run.
Today has been so much more than another day park running an interesting, beautiful and challenging course; I particularly found the muddy end a great challenge. It was though but more than this a great warmth from runners and volunteers alike from a new visitor. Thank-you!!
Claire Carlin a tourist from Dorset, from Upton House Park run in Poole and a member of Dorchester RIOT running club.

Finally, a brief thank you to all our willing volunteers, (listed with the results) to Claire for her report above and see you next week when Rab will be your RD.

Happy Halloween, your friendly witch


Autumnal and muddy Panshanger parkrun – 19th October 2019

What a lovely and sunny day for a rather muddy parkrun, with a distinctive autumnal feel to it! 288 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

We celebrated the following anniversaries this week: Bailey Newington celebrated 200 runs, Sarah Berry and Andrew Harley ran their 100th parkruns, and Sunny Stein, Becky Lewis and Martin Davidson did their 50th -  congratulations to all!

Elliott WINDSO4 was the first man back today (and first overall) in 18:03.  He was followed by Russell BROWN in 19:05 and Robert CASSERLEY in 19:24.  HSharon PARRY was first lady back in 21:23, with Lucy BARNES in 22:40 and Linda GOODWIN in 22:46 as second and third ladies, respectively.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:
David EDWARDS • Rab HARLEY • Hugh TURNER • Sophie GRANT • Luke KENNEDY • Jan WISCHHUSEN • Paul OGIER • Reuben DE VILLIERS • Barbara KUBIS-LABIAK • Louise THOMPSON • Georgie DEERING • Hannah FRANK • Peter GROVE-WHITE • Mattie LABIAK • Amy MCCAGUE • Charlie OGIER • Jamie GRAHAM • Pamela HURD • Mark MORRIS • Robert ELLIOTT • Matthew HUNT • William LEE • James ASTBURY • Yvonne EDWARDS • Rachel LEAR • Ellen HAIR • Isaac RODRIGUEZ

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Panshanger parkrun Results Page.

Announcements: We will have our Halloween themed parkrun next Saturday 26th - an excellent opportunity to put on some scary costumes!

Have a great weekend - Sue will be your RD next week

RD Babs


Aunt Fanny’s put on on a smashing spread!

or, "Lashings of Ginger Beer"

Happy Birthday Panshanger parkrun!


Who can believe it?! Today was our 5th birthday! Hands up all those who were at the first Panshanger parkrun? Seems like only yesterday we were welcoming everyone to the first event.


Annoyingly the weather wasn't very kind to us this morning - we were greeted with a constant drizzle but we were not going to be down-hearted on our birthday. And it seems, neither were you. We encouraged everyone to have a hard think and come dressed in the theme of "5". We had some very thoughtful entries including "5 a day", "5 Guy's Named Mo(e)" (oddly all 5 were Mo Farah!), Maroon 5, and marshal Sam brought a big "High 5"! Our winners were The Famous Five.

Timmy, George, Dick, Julian & Anne

Timmy, George, Dick, Julian & Anne - sort of! ;-)


Anyway, birthday or not, we can never do this without our splendid team of volunteers and today we had 26 of the best;

Chris ELAND • Lucy ILES • Sue FLETCHER • Rab HARLEY • Andy STURGESS • Sophie GRANT • Michael SCUTT • Leah MANNING • Reuben DE VILLIERS • Barbara KUBIS-LABIAK • Georgie DEERING • Linda GOODWIN • Mattie LABIAK • Hannah WOOD • Annika LABIAK • Pamela HURD • Mark MORRIS • Robert ELLIOTT • Samantha PLUMMER • William LEE • Chris HAWS • James ASTBURY • Jerome LOPEZ • Joanne CHEETHAM • Ellen HAIR • Mike BROAD

Many congratulations to Sarah DURSTON who today competed her 50th parkrun.

I would like to mention that not only did Panshanger fellow RD Chris do the course setup but he also found it in his legs to be todays first finisher! Well done Chris!

Birthday Stats...

This week 310 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part. Since our first parkrun 9,279 participants have completed 74,470 parkruns covering a total distance of 372,350 km, including 13,204 new Personal Bests. A total of 844 individuals have volunteered 6,257 times.

Have a great week one and all and I hand you over to our wonderful Babs for next weeks parkrun.

RD Andy.


Longhorn Diversion – 5th October 2019

A lovely morning out at Panshanger Park. A little quieter than normal, as people maybe stayed in to watch the Rugby.

Hopefully all will be back next week to celebrate our 5TH BIRTHDAY. With a theme of "5", - if you want to catch the eye for an outfit prize!

Andy will be your host for our BIG Birthday run - hope to see you there.

Your Stars of today - the brilliant Volunteers were: Julie ARMSTRONG • Chris ELAND • Daniel BURNS • Greg TYNE • Gary O'LEARY • Rab HARLEY • Frazer SMITH • Andy STURGESS • Adrian PLANT • Jan WISCHHUSEN • Leah MANNING • Reuben DE VILLIERS • Fiona RAWLINS • Georgie DEERING • Amy MCCAGUE • Hannah WOOD • Pamela HURD • Caroline BERNARD • Mark MORRIS • Robert ELLIOTT • Samantha PLUMMER • Stephen BOND • Alison HOCKETT • Baz HUNJAN • James ASTBURY • Tim ALEXANDER • Adam HOCKETT • Martin NORMAN • Ellen HAIR

Enjoy your weekends


This week 277 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 53 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Panshanger parkrun Results Page.


New Years Day

Start the NEW DECADE with a blow out around Panshanger Park at 9am as usual.

You could even head off to one of our neighbour parkrun for a 10.30 DOUBLE.

Panshanger parkrun 2020!


Christmas at Panshanger Park

For the 5th time running - probably our favourite run of the year - COME AND JOIN US for the perfect start to your Christmas Day celebrations!

RD Santa


Dr’s come to parkrun – September 28th

On a blustery Autumn morning we were delighted to welcome Dr's, staff and patients from Garden City Practice who filled many of the volunteer slots. This Welwyn Garden based practice have chosen to link with Panshanger to promote the benefits of regular participation across their community. If you think your Dr's surgery would be interested in doing similar then please tell them about parkrun Practice.

A date for your diaries - in  2 weeks time on 12 October we will be 5 and to celebrate this milestone there will be a fancy dress competition with the theme of .....5!  So let your imagination run riot to come up with something that may get us all guessing.

This week 341 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests.

First finisher for the men was Dan MIKULSKIS in 18:05 closely followed by Jonathan TIFFIN and Jon WILLIAMS. For the ladies first home was Lizzie PARRY in 21:43 with Roison HURLEY and Egle KUPETYE in hot pursuit.

A big thank you to this team of volunteers - it wouldn't happen with you - and we are particularly pleased to welcome a bumper crop of Duke of Edinburgh students who will be with us over the coming months.

Paul GATENS • Kay METCALFE • Louise SMITH • Sue FLETCHER • Rab HARLEY • Hugh TURNER • Geoffrey CORDINGLEY • Sophie GRANT • Andy STURGESS • Richard DARLEY • Michael SCUTT • Isabelle SCUTT • Leah MANNING • Janet GIBSON • Amy MCCAGUE • Zoe SMITH • Hannah WOOD • Pamela HURD • Mark MORRIS • Claire BORGEAT • William LEE • James ASTBURY • Gareth ASKEY • Sarah ELLINGWORTH • Natalie COX • Martin HOLLINS • Martin NORMAN • Sheila WINTLE • Tina ARCHDEACON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Panshanger parkrun Results Page.

Now over to Gary who will be your Run Director for next week.


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