Peacehaven parkrun #113


A glorious Saturday morning and my 100th parkrun, if anyone had told me 3 years ago that I would complete 100 parkruns, I would have said that they were dreaming. I had never been a runner but when I heard that parkrun were training people to be guide runners I pricked up my ears and thought I would give it a go. Helen Todd volunteered to start running with me and at first we ran around the local streets and then Helen suggested we gave Hove Prom parkrun a go. I was very apprehensive but agreed to go along. After that we did a few more parkruns at Hove Prom and then I was delighted when Peacehaven parkrun started. The team at Peacehaven are great and as well as thanking Helen for all her encouragement and support, I would like to thank all those who have volunteered to guide me over the past 2 years and enabled me to now be a member of the parkrun 100 club.

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Not only was Saturday my 100th parkrun, but we also saw Nicole Taylor break the record for the fastest female at Peacehaven with a finish time of 17.23 minutes. I think most of us felt the draught as Nicole ran past! Congratulations and well done Nicole and thank you for visiting Peacehaven parkrun.

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Another first for Saturday was Steve Dickson’s first time as Run Director and what a great job he did, along with all the other volunteers who help make Peacehaven parkrun possible.

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Shortly after Peacehaven parkrun started, I persuaded my friend Carol Moore, who has a physical disability, to come along and marshall. Carol is now a regular marshalling from her bench shortly after the skate board park. Like me, Carol loves parkrun and there are not many weeks she misses. It is a lovely start to a Saturday morning and certainly worth getting up early for, although when it is cold, wet and windy I may often think differently, but always feel good for getting out and taking part.

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My partner Mick Etheridge has also now started to get involved, initially he wasn’t interested in marshalling or running, but after coming along to the Christmas Day parkrun, he has volunteered and run it a few times with Helen guiding him. It’s amazing how infectious parkrun soon becomes. It never ceases to amaze me how popular parkrun is. I am always telling friends how good it is and that even if someone doesn’t want to run they can come along and walk or marshall.

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I am conscious that I have only completed 100 parkruns thanks to those who have volunteered to guide me, I now want to be able to volunteer more myself and hope some day soon to with support, have a go at being Run Director and also giving the first timers briefing, though what people will think when being given directions from a blind person I am not quite sure, though I believe that after 75 runs at Peacehaven, I know the course as well as anyone else.

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Thank you all for taking the time to read this and look forward to meeting you all again next week........

Alison x



Peacehaven parkrun #110

The expected wind didn’t fail to let us down. Seaford Beach parkrun was cancelled early so we expected a number of visitors from some of our old regular participants and former volunteers.

The posts we use for our finish funnel stayed in the hut and in their place out came the large cones which take a lot of moving and generally stand up in bad weather.  For once the signs on poles were a waste of time trying to hold them with incredibly strong gusts was impossible.

Amazingly we had a good number turn up and the usual spirit was there, the third lap up the grass slope into the wind is the hardest point, if you run up this hill on the last lap you have done extremely well and right at the top a nice puddle awaits you when it is wet.

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There were 84 people attending, 17 first timers, 7 PB’s and two special visitors all the way from Canada who both spoke to me after their run. Although there are events in Canada they are not in their local area so the trip to the UK to see family is welcoming, they really enjoyed the course.

Our storage unit is always of great value when the weather is bad, stepping out into reality once we get prepared can be a shock, and this is mid-summer. It is good to see people coming forward to volunteer using our strategically placed white board, this  has been very useful.

You have to admire the tail walkers, Dawn and Milene took the reins this week and you could see the relief when finishing with the conditions this bad, they were just 2 of many volunteers who we are extremely grateful for week in week out.

Regards, Terry


Peacehaven parkrun #105

No matter what the weather its always great to take part in Saturday morning parkrun, whether you’re running or volunteering. This week our 105th event saw the sun shining with hardly a cloud in the sky, great weather for the volunteers, probably a bit hot for the participants.

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We had a good gathering of parkrunners, two of whom were visiting from the west country. A lady from Bristol, it was also her first ever parkrun, and a gentleman from Salisbury who enjoyed the event and made a point of coming up to thank us at the end of his run.

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The run briefing details the usual important parkrun rules which we ask runners to adhere to for their safety and that of other park users. We also include other information, so always make sure that you listen carefully. This week we introduced our new Volunteer Sign Up board. This is so that you can let us know if you are able to help the following week.

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The Core Team are always looking at ways to ensure the safety of the runners and park users alike. This week we changed the position of the funnel leading to the finishing line. As we enter it, it now veers to the right thus avoiding collisions between finishers and park users. This also allows finishers to manoeuvre safely into the Gateway Café for their well-earned post-run drinks. We have also made sure that there is still plenty of room left to cheer in all finishers. It worked quite well, and with a few minor tweaks in the coming weeks I'm sure we will get it right. We will always make sure that there is an enthusiastic,  trusty volunteer at the entrance to guide the runners safely through.

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Another new introduction that we made, following requests from parkrunners was that the Marshal at the entrance to the funnel and at the end of each lap, now has the parkrun timekeeping app on their phone and would give out split times to runners who wanted to know their lap times. This worked well for those who don’t have their own watch/timers.

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As we are always in need of volunteers to ensure our event runs safely and smoothly, we put out a call asking people to sign up either in the usual way by going into the Peacehaven parkrun Facebook Volunteers page or by putting their name down on our “New White Board” which is prominently positioned by the "Volunteer Office" before the event and by the end of the funnel, for when parkrunners have completed their run. Please remember that as a volunteer you are making a difference and giving back to the event. We regularly email our park runners, so to guarantee you are contacted please "opt in" to receiving emails from Peacehaven parkrun, as well as adding your name to our white board. You will then be contacted.

All in all, our 105th event ran smoothly this week. Thanks to everyone for turning up and to our brilliant volunteers.

This week we welcomed 91 of you, who ran, jogged or walked the course. We had a wonderful 12 of you who were either first timers or on your first visit to Peacehaven parkrun and 16 of you managed Personal Bests! Well done to ALL of you and "Thank You" for joining with us.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Dawn PAUL • Zingy THETHO • Martin CROMBIE • Terry PARRIS • Lisa DICKSON • Francesca PARRIS • Jeff YOUNG • Melanie TURNER • Clive WILLIAMS • Steve DICKSON • Carol MOORE • Ollie SPRAGUE • Steve SPRAGUE • Aidan FORRISTAL • Chris PULLAN • Stephen STANDEN

Here are some interesting statistics for you all...

Peacehaven parkrun started on 20th May 2017.
We have had a Total of 11,963 finishers.
We have had 2,599 different participants
We have had 2,557 Personal Bests
A total distance of 59,815 km has been covered.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Peacehaven parkrun Results Page.


Hope you all have a great week. See you next Saturday and ……. Don’t forget your Barcodes!


Francesca x


Peacehaven parkrun #102

To mark a year since the start of the collaboration between Royal College of GPs and parkrun, GPs up and down the UK were encouraged to pledge to promote and take part in parkrun on June 1st. Over 2000 GPs are said to have pledged to take part. As a parkrun enthusiast for years, I had already linked our practice with Peacehaven’s event, and we have been actively involved as a practice since October, regularly fielding 5-10 staff, their friends and families, and hopefully inspiring patients to give it a go.

So, to give something back to the organisers, we put up a dozen volunteers for a parkrun Takeover. Martin made me Run Director for the day (gave me a megaphone and a script) and with the help of  Lisa, Zingy, and other experienced volunteers, made it all go smoothly.

Hi-vis jackets were donned and our receptionists, care navigators, prescription clerks, paramedic practitioner, data manager, and business coordinator became marshals, beepers, and timekeepers for the day. After all admitting to nerves at first, everyone took to their roles and before we knew it the run was taking off under a perfect blue sky.

Dry underfoot there were no issues with grip off the paths but the uphill track was as uphill as ever. The absence of wind was a blessing around the exposed path by the skate park. However the sun was strong, the temperature was already over 20C. It was a hot work out for the fastest and a stifling long walk for others. But the summery scene, the sound of the birds and the smell of coffee from the cafe, who deliberately left the doors wide open, to entice us. All of these things made it a very special event at which to volunteer.

Enormous thanks to my team from Quayside Medical Practice, in Newhaven, but our thanks too to the Peacehaven parkrun organisers, for making things so easy on our Takeover. I can thoroughly recommend volunteering. If you can, do a Takeover, with workmates, club members, family, or just a few pals who you want to get involved with parkrun, please do not hesitate in going forward.

See you all again soon.

Dr Paul N Moore


Peacehaven parkrun #100

Wow what a coincidence ..... A joint celebration, our 100th Event on our 2nd Anniversary.

The spirit of parkrun was here in abundance. A significant milestone for us in reaching our 2nd year and our 100th event. This was surprisingly coincidental and wasn’t arranged by us in any way. There were no complaints as the celebration cake was more than adequate for a double celebration and a good way to finish the day off.

The sun truly shone on us and the 123 people taking part. Amongst the runners, THREE of our core team, Jeanette Gunn, Melanie Turner & the effervescent Zingy were completing their 50th parkruns. Quite an amazing achievement really considering that they always seem to be doing one of our key volunteer roles. However, this week we insisted that they run together to achieve their milestone on our "Special" morning. They even slowed their pace sufficiently to let Martin run with them. As with so many of the volunteers, we are always so grateful for those that are prepared to sacrifice their runs for the benefit of others.

We also subsequently found out that two of our regular runners Gem Hamilton and Gemma Foulkes, also reached the same landmark on the morning.

Another amazing coincidence was that, on our 100th event, Martin has attended and volunteered at all 100, finished in 100th position. It is amazing to think that he has attended every event, an incredible commitment from him. We are so grateful to the commitment of Martin & Leanne who put a lot of hard work and energy in to setting up Peacehaven parkrun. We are also grateful for the ongoing efforts to sustain and grow the achieve this 50 milestone and Martin accompanied them around the course so a great achievement for them all.

It was also great to welcome back Simon Heath, who has moved away and not been with us for a while. He has held the course record at Peacehaven for quite some time now. Speculation was growing that he might be seeking to break the 16 minute barrier. We all kept half an eye on him as he glided effortlessly around the course. It just wasn't to be on this morning as his time was close to his personal best. At least we know he will be back soon to challenge that time once again.

It is always good to see tourists but very unusual to have people who have travelled so far, Nick and Joy joined us from Tasmania, friends of Victoria and Lance Maleski who have both been great supporters of Peacehaven, they thoroughly enjoyed their day and were very complementary.

It was great to see the Gateway café win local business awards, very justified. We know how fortunate we are in having this facility for our use. A big thank you to all those that regularly take part as without you it wouldn’t happen.

We look forward to the next milestones, and hope that once again we get to see many familiar faces.


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