Peacehaven parkrun #89

A complete contrast of weather from the previous week, it was blustery, cold and wet but that’s regular in Peacehaven.

Every week before we start, we like to check the course, this week Simon Coppard did his usual thing in running the course just to make sure there are no obstructions and to check the surface and anything else that may present a problem. When it rains hard, we have a large puddle that forms at the top of the grass hill, this can be coned off and marshalled which we do, so this check is vitally important, and we thank Simon for doing this.

Since we started, we have had an average of 118 people which is a nice number and very good considering the difficult weather we have over the winter. This week we were kindly donated a set of high steps by Derek and Jean Parris, regular attendees and supporters of our parkrun.These were particularly useful for me due to the unexpected failure of our megaphone. Not being blessed with height when speaking to people I can just see the front row and they all need to hear me. So, standing on these and looking down was a blessing having been speaking to myself for a while.

This week, we had less than our average, but it was a very good day. We had around ten people new to Peacehaven, along with visitors from afar afield as Ayrshire.

It was also good to have Ashvini back after some travelling, she was doing finish tokens and joined in the dancing and singing at the finish line along with Zingy, Cerina and Lisa, I was told this was to keep warm, it was very entertaining.

Having lost many friends and associates to Seaford Parkrun it was always going to be interesting in seeing where we would be as many have supported us since our conception, we miss them all and it is great that there is another parkrun for local people. Each parkrun has its own challenges, the terrain is always different and that’s what we like about ours, it is challenging. Well done Joel at Seaford, we look forward to seeing you occasionally.