Peacehaven parkrun #92

It is a Saturday morning and you have travelled somewhere. As a parkrun participant you are checking the area for a local parkrun and you will plan your day around this event, times have changed.

One such gentleman, who obviously travels a lot, has now done 450 parkruns which is a parkrun achievement, I would love to see his future calendar and be able to do the same, this is an incredible achievement.

This is the wonder of this great event, when we ask at the briefing who is new to parkrun, there are always a number and it is always good catching up with them afterwards to see how they felt about the morning, other parkrunners and the course and would they be doing it again.

When I asked during my RD briefing, are there any milestone runners, a gentleman who I recognised as having done his first parkrun the week before, put his hand up and said “yes, this is my second” which people found humorous. On reflection, the second event you participate in is a real achievement, it means that however difficult that first one was then you have come back and made a big step. Well done to him for putting his hand up.

We also had a tourist from Horsham running his first event at Peacehaven, he has run most of the Sussex courses but liked the change in terrain and the challenges the course gives you which is nice to hear.

Helen Todd one of our regulars who volunteers and can regularly be seen running as a VI guide with Alison achieved her 100th marathon recently which we mentioned. It is always a good platform to mention these achievements.

That brings me nicely on to the fact that we are closing in on our 100th event which, weather permitting, should be on our 2nd anniversary. Watch this space as we want to enjoy the day.

Thank you to all those that helped again and by the way it was a lovely warm day. Look forward to seeing you again on Saturday.