Peacehaven parkrun #100

Wow what a coincidence ..... A joint celebration, our 100th Event on our 2nd Anniversary.

The spirit of parkrun was here in abundance. A significant milestone for us in reaching our 2nd year and our 100th event. This was surprisingly coincidental and wasn’t arranged by us in any way. There were no complaints as the celebration cake was more than adequate for a double celebration and a good way to finish the day off.

The sun truly shone on us and the 123 people taking part. Amongst the runners, THREE of our core team, Jeanette Gunn, Melanie Turner & the effervescent Zingy were completing their 50th parkruns. Quite an amazing achievement really considering that they always seem to be doing one of our key volunteer roles. However, this week we insisted that they run together to achieve their milestone on our "Special" morning. They even slowed their pace sufficiently to let Martin run with them. As with so many of the volunteers, we are always so grateful for those that are prepared to sacrifice their runs for the benefit of others.

We also subsequently found out that two of our regular runners Gem Hamilton and Gemma Foulkes, also reached the same landmark on the morning.

Another amazing coincidence was that, on our 100th event, Martin has attended and volunteered at all 100, finished in 100th position. It is amazing to think that he has attended every event, an incredible commitment from him. We are so grateful to the commitment of Martin & Leanne who put a lot of hard work and energy in to setting up Peacehaven parkrun. We are also grateful for the ongoing efforts to sustain and grow the achieve this 50 milestone and Martin accompanied them around the course so a great achievement for them all.

It was also great to welcome back Simon Heath, who has moved away and not been with us for a while. He has held the course record at Peacehaven for quite some time now. Speculation was growing that he might be seeking to break the 16 minute barrier. We all kept half an eye on him as he glided effortlessly around the course. It just wasn't to be on this morning as his time was close to his personal best. At least we know he will be back soon to challenge that time once again.

It is always good to see tourists but very unusual to have people who have travelled so far, Nick and Joy joined us from Tasmania, friends of Victoria and Lance Maleski who have both been great supporters of Peacehaven, they thoroughly enjoyed their day and were very complementary.

It was great to see the Gateway café win local business awards, very justified. We know how fortunate we are in having this facility for our use. A big thank you to all those that regularly take part as without you it wouldn’t happen.

We look forward to the next milestones, and hope that once again we get to see many familiar faces.