parkrun #118


Why I love Peacehaven, The week that had it all......


We are so fortunate, here at Peacehaven to have such a great Core Team of volunteers, who always give so freely of their time for the benefit of all parkrunners. Over recent weeks, we have noticed that the number of additional volunteers we require on a weekly basis, had fallen away slightly. This week was no different by Wednesday lunchtime we didn't have a single volunteer. So we issued a passionate appeal for help, and true to form you wonderful people came forward and filled the roster to overflowing within a couple of hours. Hopefully this will continue over the coming weeks.

By Friday we had so many volunteers, that I was in a quite unusual position of offering some of the Core Team the chance to "stand down" from volunteering, let others take their place and enjoy a run themselves...

During the course of the week, we also received some exciting news, that we would be receiving a visit from parkrun "royalty" in the coming weeks. So here is a quiet little piece of advanced notification to keep Saturday 2nd November free. As you are aware parking can be a little difficult at times, so I would strongly advise an early arrival on this day....

Anyway, back to Saturday, and just as we thought the week had fallen perfectly into place, I received a call an hour before the event advising me that the Run Director had been taken ill and was unable to attend. I didn't want to stop any of the core team that I had promised a run to, so there was only one option I had to step in.

The weather throughout the course of the week had definitely taken a turn for the worse, and summer seemed like a distant memory. From early in the morning we had had torrential rain and strong winds. Inevitably there was surface water and puddles everywhere. The home straight resembled an olympic steeplechase water jump, without the hurdle...

As always our policy with puddles is to clearly mark them and leave the parkrunners to decide for themselves as to whether they swerve to avoid or just run straight through.... This week the main puddle attracted the attention of a large group of children who lined the puddle and were shouting "through the puddle". The looks of disappointment on their tiny faces when runners went around were matched by the squeals of excitement when runners ran through and tried to create a little splash for them.

It was also really nice to welcome a large party of Vegan runners, this week. They also brought with them a small group of supporters who provided vocal encouragement, as they passed the cafe. As the team pointed out in their "thanks" to Peacehaven post on social Media, they managed to fill the first & last positions with an even spread thoughout.

A special mention to two of the Vegan runners who completed milestone runs this week. Mary Daly who completed parkrun number 100 and also to Cheryl Ferreira who completed her 50th parkrun.

A moment that gave one of the Vegan runners cause to chuckle was when someone shouted at them, as they ran past that there would be a lettuce waiting for them at the finish, (and No, it wasn't me!!).... Imagine the disappointment when this promise was not fulfilled. We certainly look forward to your next visit.

This event also saw us make the transition from using the old barcode scanners to the new and preferred option, which is the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app.  The two barcode scanners were both nervous about this and insisted on having the backup of the old scanners in their buckets. However, having settled into the event  both found it to be so much better. I think the comment that was passed was "It's faster than a checkout at Lidl")... So guess from now that will be our preferred method of scanning. But, before anyone asks we will still only scan, printed barcodes or wristbands.

This morning we had the pleasure of two new Tail walkers. They both told us how they enjoyed a lovely morning walking and talking as they carried out their role. They even had enough energy left to jog most of the last lap. Thank you ladies, much appreciated.

As always, a lovely morning spent with the best volunteers and parkrunners....


The last task that always has to be done, is to process the results. You can imagine the horror I felt when I connected the watches to the computer and both watches were displaying "000". The thrill of the morning was just about to be wiped out with having to publish the dreaded "No Result". Thankfully, the information was stored, just a completely "new display" to me was being shown........Phew

And that was the week as it played out. Here we are again now ready to do it all again for you for next week. Thank you for your support and please continue to reply to our posts with you offers of help. Zingy will be your Run Director next week, and she will appreciate all of your help.




Oh.....think I forgot to mention the person who will be visiting us. None other than the legend that is Dame Kelly Holmes..... now you wouldn't want to miss that would you?