parkrun #125

On a wet and cold morning, we have some comfort in being inside our container storage unit for a short time. This is a perfect spot to see the latecomers and get the last bits ready for the event. On this sort of morning people do not want to chance standing around for a long time and tend to arrive quite late and hence parking late is generally not straight forward.

The numbers quickly grow and suddenly we have 85 people standing there hoping the briefing is quick and they can get moving. With the Run Director now doing the first timers briefing as well as the general briefing this shortens the time, getting the right place to stand and avoid the weather is another challenge. I chose to stand closer to the café which helps for everyone to hear.

Amazingly we have only another 4 events before Xmas, Martin put a 12 week challenge out recently to get new volunteers which we are always in need of. The “Alternative Course” is getting good feedback, people running in opposite directions passing each other produces natural encouragement, we almost have running marshals offering support.

Tim Brett found himself particularly busy in collecting tops from people near the café, it is surprising how on a wet cool day that you can hot very quickly, we have this week invested in new plastic storage containers which will help. Each role we have is interesting, timekeepers ensuring they keep in sync, number checker trying to write effectively in the wet, the handing out of finish tokens in sequence worried that you start from the wrong end or you have cold fingers. I am not trying to put people off as this is what we enjoy and there is absolutely no pressure on anyone doing any job.

One of our regulars Morgan Munch Geal ran his 99th Peacehaven parkrun and his 100th parkrun, next weekend he will be doing his 100th Peacehaven parkrun so we need to cheer him on again. It was my 100th volunteering event, how quickly has that gone, I have been fortunate enough to walk 11 as well and it is a privilege to support this great event.

A big thank you again to the core team for their commitment and all our helpers who regularly challenge themselves against the elements although as I mentioned on Saturday, rain and wind is most unusual in Peacehaven.