parkrun #134

Largest event other than New Years Day....

I hadn’t been run director for a while and Martin asked me pre-Christmas when I was going to RD again so I chose a date and didn’t give it much more thought as was probably apparent from my rambling briefing at the start. Standing on the set of steps, I did think there was a large number of people. Was it just the 20 runners from Portslade Hedgehoppers (complete with their flag) or was it a actually a lot of new people to parkrun and a lot of runners? It was a combination of all 3 - 194 parkrunners!

In my lack of preparation for RDing, I asked the Core team whilst they were busy setting up the finish funnel whether there were any special announcements this week. An anonymous person replied, “Yes, a group of runners from Polegate Grasshoppers are coming”. I thought about it for a few seconds and said “Do you mean Portslade Hedgehoppers?” which indeed it was. I ran with the Hedgehoppers for a few years so is always nice to see them over in Peacehaven and other events. Roy Taylor said to me afterwards he always looks bad in the group photos these days as he is always the last of them to finish and then they call him in straight in for a photo. I think you look fine Roy and I hope I am still running when I’m in my 80s. Well done you.

Of course, Run Pals were out in force. Its always great to have them at Peacehaven.

I’d like to share a fellow runner’s delight, Tracey set a new PB last week of sub 35 minutes, this week she proved that PB was here to stay by doing another sub 35 minutes. Fantastic work Tracey, here is to you and another fun year of hopefully more PBs and enjoying running.

Thank you to all the volunteers out on Saturday and working in the background, updating facebook, washing the hi-viz, and all the other things you do. Thank you. Here are some photos from Saturday.

I also want to just do a shout out for the 25/1/2020. We are extremely short of volunteers on this day, please, please come and volunteer. Nothing is difficult and there is always someone who will show you what you need to do. There are many roles which enable you to run as well as volunteer. If you can volunteer and assist with pre and post event set up on the 25/1/2020 please come as well on the 18/1/2020 so you can see how the finish funnel is set up and some other items. Many hands make light work and all that.

Thank you all too for listening during my ramble about VI runners and giving them space in front and to the side, if you need to over take. It is difficult to judge the distance and the guide is on the outer edge of the path so giving an extra few feet before cutting in, is much appreciated. Alison has been tripped before on the Prom previously. If you can for the short distance it takes the VI and guide to pass, not running in 2's and 3's when doing the section out to the cone and back is much appreciated too. But I do also appreciate its nice to have a chat when you are parkrunning.

Enough of my ramblings, I’m aiming to volunteer as RD again soon. Anyone wanting to give Run Director a try as well, let one of the Core team know and we can do it together.

Happy running