parkrun #135

Today was my first time as run director - I’m still not exactly sure how it happened but I guess my wife had something to do with it, as she always books me into things without telling me! When word got out that I was run director there was uproar amongst regular attendees wondering who would hold the coats, jumpers, keys, phones and wallets if I was no longer available for that role.

It was a perfect day for Parkrun with sunshine and a chill in the air and a great attendance as Seaford was cancelled and there were plenty of fabulous volunteers lined up.

On arrival the core team explained my role and supported me all morning so I knew what to do and when - thank you Martin Terry and Zingy. I was concerned about making a speech at the start as it was delayed due to parking issues but thankfully no one seemed to mind. I think I remembered the script and made all the correct health and safety announcements including the need to keep children at arms length.........thanks to the Runpal’s for stopping talking shushing everyone and listening to me and giving me a big cheer!

Well done to everyone that ran today- there were a lot of PBs going on including Allison who finally achieved the PB she’s been chasing with the help of Debbie!

I have worked in various volunteer roles before but when you do that you don’t see the whole picture. Being Run Director gave me the opportunity to get involved in everything required to make the event happen - it was great fun and it really brought home to me what an awesome family and community event Peacehaven parkrun is. Friendships are made and everyone supports one another - it’s quite different to many other parkruns that I have been to.

I would like to thank the core team again for their support and I can’t wait to volunteer as run director again.

Tim Brett