My “lockdown” experience ….. with Terry Parris

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Running any sort of business is difficult, Covid-19 has set new rules about how we work and if we can still work. My business is Engineering Recruitment, we have a crucial part to play in providing specialist staff to companies either Permanent or Contract. We support our contractors on fixed term assignments. Engineers generally work in close proximity to each other, most therefore cannot continue working normally.

Many contractors travel a distance or stay away during the week and many have had their contracts terminated. Many permanent staff have been furloughed with the companies also running a redundancy programme leaving them in doubt about their future. We talk to these people on a daily basis all with different stories to tell and many we cannot initially help.

Our base is on Denton Island, we immediately left the building on the first day of lock down to work remotely, we unfortunately had to let a member of our staff go. We now have video meetings on a daily basis. This building is now our virtual office which we may return to sometime in the future.

We count ourselves as being very fortunate, we could be front line NHS workers, or others who are exposed to this dreadful virus. However, one thing that is for certain is that recruitment in Engineering may never be the same again.

We are a family business which in many ways helps. So many people we talk to are struggling and their key skills may make it difficult for them to return to work. They will face the daunting prospect of interview processes and having to tell others if they have been successful or not. We are not sure either at this stage what the long term knock on effect will be for us. Undoubtedly, difficult times ahead, for many.

Business's across the spectrum are failing, lives are being lost. As a country we are resourceful, so hopefully many companies will bounce back. But it will be different to what we know.

Individuals are also being affected, especially their wellbeing, we feel so helpless as we can only watch. We know parkrun adds so much value to people's lives, and is leaving a massive void for many. We know that people are having to exercise alone, and it just isn't the same. We are all looking forward to that first day back where once again we can share a physical, group activity.

Look forward to that day, and hopefully see you all soon.



Next week Lockdown 2020 will feature Tony Cox. One of our parkrunners who experienced this terrible virus, first hand.