Peacehaven parkrun #92

It is a Saturday morning and you have travelled somewhere. As a parkrun participant you are checking the area for a local parkrun and you will plan your day around this event, times have changed.

One such gentleman, who obviously travels a lot, has now done 450 parkruns which is a parkrun achievement, I would love to see his future calendar and be able to do the same, this is an incredible achievement.

This is the wonder of this great event, when we ask at the briefing who is new to parkrun, there are always a number and it is always good catching up with them afterwards to see how they felt about the morning, other parkrunners and the course and would they be doing it again.

When I asked during my RD briefing, are there any milestone runners, a gentleman who I recognised as having done his first parkrun the week before, put his hand up and said “yes, this is my second” which people found humorous. On reflection, the second event you participate in is a real achievement, it means that however difficult that first one was then you have come back and made a big step. Well done to him for putting his hand up.

We also had a tourist from Horsham running his first event at Peacehaven, he has run most of the Sussex courses but liked the change in terrain and the challenges the course gives you which is nice to hear.

Helen Todd one of our regulars who volunteers and can regularly be seen running as a VI guide with Alison achieved her 100th marathon recently which we mentioned. It is always a good platform to mention these achievements.

That brings me nicely on to the fact that we are closing in on our 100th event which, weather permitting, should be on our 2nd anniversary. Watch this space as we want to enjoy the day.

Thank you to all those that helped again and by the way it was a lovely warm day. Look forward to seeing you again on Saturday.



Peacehaven parkrun #90


108 of you came to run walk and jog the parkrun course at Peacehaven this morning. A little windy and a tad on the chilly side but we were graced with some sunshine and blue skies as everyone started to cross the finish line.

We welcomed 10 first time parkrunners and 16 of you achieved a PB this morning, well done each and every one of you. 

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Visitors from Haywards Heath Clair parkrun and Brighton and Hove parkrun were made to feel very welcome and comments of how enjoyable our course is were gratefully received.

Special shout out to Morgan ‘Munch’ Geal who proudly received finish token 001 this morning! 69 runs and he’s finally got there! Well done!

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As always we say thanks to the volunteers and are always looking for newbies. If you fancy helping out in the coming weeks just drop us an email or Facebook message, we’d love to see you!

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The parkrun code of conduct is covered each week by the Run Director in the pre-run brief but just to remind you all that dogs need to be kept on a short leash if running the course with you and that all children under the age of 11 need to be within arms length of their parent or designated adult. This is ensure that we provide you all with a safe and happy parkrun each week!

Looking forward to seeing you all again next week for more parkrun fun!

Don’t forget your barcode!

Leanne x


Peacehaven parkrun #89

A complete contrast of weather from the previous week, it was blustery, cold and wet but that’s regular in Peacehaven.

Every week before we start, we like to check the course, this week Simon Coppard did his usual thing in running the course just to make sure there are no obstructions and to check the surface and anything else that may present a problem. When it rains hard, we have a large puddle that forms at the top of the grass hill, this can be coned off and marshalled which we do, so this check is vitally important, and we thank Simon for doing this.

Since we started, we have had an average of 118 people which is a nice number and very good considering the difficult weather we have over the winter. This week we were kindly donated a set of high steps by Derek and Jean Parris, regular attendees and supporters of our parkrun.These were particularly useful for me due to the unexpected failure of our megaphone. Not being blessed with height when speaking to people I can just see the front row and they all need to hear me. So, standing on these and looking down was a blessing having been speaking to myself for a while.

This week, we had less than our average, but it was a very good day. We had around ten people new to Peacehaven, along with visitors from afar afield as Ayrshire.

It was also good to have Ashvini back after some travelling, she was doing finish tokens and joined in the dancing and singing at the finish line along with Zingy, Cerina and Lisa, I was told this was to keep warm, it was very entertaining.

Having lost many friends and associates to Seaford Parkrun it was always going to be interesting in seeing where we would be as many have supported us since our conception, we miss them all and it is great that there is another parkrun for local people. Each parkrun has its own challenges, the terrain is always different and that’s what we like about ours, it is challenging. Well done Joel at Seaford, we look forward to seeing you occasionally.



Peacehaven parkrun #88

What amazing weather we had once again.  Everyone arriving with a smile on their face as this weather is most unusual for this time of year, the shorts are out, and the T shirts are on. It certainly didn't feel like a winters morning in February!

This was our parkrun number 88, we are closing in on the magical 100 which may happen around our 2nd anniversary. This week we welcomed 122 parkrunners. Great to see the number of walkers that are now attending is increasing.

Really good to welcome back one of our regulars, Ray who due to an operation has been recovering for 5 weeks. Ray intended to do one or two laps but typically completed the course with a determination to break 1 hour and only just missed out.

This week we had about a dozen people new to Peacehaven. As always, so good to welcome visitors from other events. This week among our visitors we had a gentleman from the New Forest and Julie Brownbill, all the way from Merseyside. Julie reported back saying how much she enjoyed the course and the support she got, always nice to hear this.

Anther visitor we had was Sian Jenner all the way from Worcestershire, although staying overnight locally, Sian unfortunately missed the start and spent the first lap catching up with tail walkers, including Terry who was setting a personal milestone in volunteering for the 70th time.

We are always in need of volunteers to ensure our event runs safely and smoothly. So please if you are unable to run, please remember that as a volunteer you are making a difference and giving back to the event. We regularly email our parkrunners, so to gaurantee you are contacted please "opt in" to receiving emails from Peacehaven parkrun. Also, we put regular shout outs on Facebook.

We would also like to take this opportunity to send our very best wishes to Seaford Beach parkrun, who are starting on the 2nd March. Since we began in 2017 we have been blessed with the presence of many of the Seaford Striders who had become such an integral part of us. They quietly and without any fuss participate and equally as importantly have provided us with many volunteers. There are some characters who have made positions their own.

We have forged such a good friendship with them all and will certainly miss them as they begin on this new adventure. We thank them for all the support they have given us. We will miss them as runners, volunteers and friends. We look forward to hearing all their exciting stories as they grow in the future. There will always be that "special" connection and once established, both teams will be able to take some "touring" days.

This is the wonderful thing about parkrun. It gives us such a great feeling of pride to know that from our event we have encouraged others to create new events. We certainly wish Joel and his team, all the very best.

Look forward to seeing you all again next week, Don't Forget Your Barcode !!



Peacehaven parkrun #87

We arrived at parkrun this week to be greeted but a much nicer day compared to the windy day of the previous week.

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Volunteers poured into Lisa's office (otherwise known as the Storage Unit) checking in to get their role briefing and equipment for the morning. I always enjoy this time seeing fellow core team members and other volunteers, Always great catching up and more often than not, with hugs and smiles. What a lovely bunch of people. Martin reminded us all that we had to be on our time management best as there was small matter of football happening so no fluffing around we got on with it.........

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We are always so grateful for any volunteers joining us and love to welcome new people each week. I am pleased to say our group of regular volunteers is expanding each week but there is always room for more.... Also, with Seaford Beach parkrun starting soon we will be in a bit of bother, as some of our regulars are members of Seaford Striders, who will provide the nucleus of volunteers there. It has been amazing to have these lovely people with us, and we wish them every success. But as they leave us it creates room for you to join us as one of our regulars. Please.... We also look forward to visiting them as welcoming them back with us on occasions.

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With everyone checked in, it was time to welcome first timers to Peacehaven and to parkrun in general. We had visitors from as far as Oxford , Clair parkrun and we also welcomed Portslade Hedgehoppers. We also had 11 people who were on a very important milestone, their very first parkrun . Amongst those who did their very first parkrun was Ann Whittemore and Glenis Rispin. Amazing stuff and. And we hope to see you back this week or sometime soon.

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Roy Taylor from Portsalde Hedgehoppers recorded his 255th parkrun with a personal best for our course at 39:59. Roy is in his 80s and has been running most of his adult life. Amazing stuff.

Since we had our new office which was in it’s third week we have been making changes on where to do our first timers briefing and the Run Briefing. Last week we did first timers by the playground gate but found out the course was not visible there to guide new people appropriately, plus I also found out I had a problem identifying my left to my right, a story for another time.

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This weekend we decided to do the all the briefings by the start line. We had the same problem with not being able to see the course and more important as Run Director I couldn’t not see further than the second row of runners to deliver my Run Briefing as tall as I am..... Yes I could have climbed on the bin but it looked a bit dangerous so I apologise  that I couldn’t see the people at the back but I had the megaphone at hand so I know you all heard me. Maybe we will get a step ladder or a chair next week.

Please bear with us as we try and play around with where we deliver our briefs until we find what works best. We also welcome all your feedback both positive and otherwise but please remember to be thoughtful and respectful especially when delivering negative feedback.

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A reminder to all runners to be mindful and respectful of all other park users, at ALL times. There are specific parkrun rules which we have to enforce.

  • Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied at all times and stay within arms length of an adult runner, although we do allow a sprint finish in the finish area.
  • A parkrunner may only run with 1 dog.
  • All dogs must be kept, controlled on a short leash.

There are also local rules that we also request our parkrunners to respect.

  • Please keep to the left on the pathways.
  • Runners overtaking, should do so on the right and make runners in front aware of their presence.
  • It would also help if those running with dogs or buggies ran in single file on the pathways. We do not have exclusive rights and we need to show consideration to other park users.

If we all stick to these guidelines it makes life so much easier for the volunteers. Nobody wants to have to remind people of these basic considerations, during or after the run, as it . Thank you for all your co-operation and support.

Your Run Director



Peacehaven parkrun #84

Australia Day
Luckily, the slight drizzle at the start stopped when the 166 parkrunners started.

Thanks to all the volunteers that braved the milder than Thursday but still cold conditions. Thank you – parkrun couldn’t happen without you. Please try to all volunteer three times a year. I know I have said previously but there are a large number of non-running roles that lighten the load for the core team. If you are injured then the perfect time to volunteer as you keep up with the social aspect but assist parkrun.

Jeff is currently injured but happily volunteered as bar code scanner

The Vegan runners were out in full and had cakes and alternative dairy free milks at the end for all to try.

Leanne did her VI guide training last week with Mark B and today guided Alison around. They both look like they were having fun.

Well done to everyone

Happy Running


Peacehaven parkrun #86

My first role as Run Director in a while and 42mph winds definitely didn’t stop 97 of you running on this blustery cold Saturday morning. 

Wonderful to see another great crowd of first timers for our first timers briefing. 

Since the arrival of our new storage unit we have been playing around with the location of our briefings so bear with us over the next couple of weeks while we perfect this to make Saturday mornings run as smooth as possible. 

Thank you to Simon who duly checks the course for us every week, ensuring we provide a safe run for each and every one of you. Today he coned off our rather large puddle along the back fence which some chose to go round or run through! 

As always we pay big respect to our volunteers, especially on cold mornings like today while they stand in the cold watching the runners come through. 

Well done to one of our regular parkrunners, Nikki who completed her 50th parkrun today, always nice to celebrate a milestone run, especially back where it all began.   

We are always looking for volunteers so if you can’t run or fancy helping us out, send an email or contact us via Facebook, it’s such a rewarding way to spend a Saturday mornings. 

As always we remind all of our parkrunners to give full consideration to other park users at all times.

Hope you all enjoyed your parkrun today and we look forward to seeing you again next week, same time, same place!    #DFYB!!

See you soon 



Peacehaven parkrun #83

Peacehaven parkrun Saturday 19th January 2019: A Seaford takeover and some age-grade superstars!

One hundred and twenty-two participants braved the sudden temperature drop and visibly thawed out throughout the duration of today’s run! What a better way to warm up the bones and start your weekend than running with your parkrun family. Among you all were fifteen first-timers – kudos to you! If you can push yourself through your first parkrun on a morning like today’s, then the sky’s the limit!

There is one big milestone to acknowledge today. Peacehaven parkrun’s very own superstar, Leanne Chapman, completed her 50th parkrun – congratulations Leanne!

We had some visitors from afar, notably Graham Pearson from Maidstone, and Grey Lyons visiting from Dublin who ran his ever parkrun with his daughter Sarah Lyons.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

Picture – Father and daughter, Greg and Sarah Lyons

Today was a special day for the volunteers. With a volunteer takeover from the upcoming Seaford beach parkrun core team, it was our first test in putting on an event as we prepare for our own. Special thanks to Martin, Mark, Terry, Zingy, and the rest of the Peacehaven team for their collective support – we couldn’t have done it today without you!

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Pictures – Volunteer takeover

Ever wondered what “Age grade” means on parkrun results? Put simply, you can think of it as a common performance measure across all participants based on their age and gender - the higher your percentage the better you compare across your age and gender category. Why not try clicking on this heading on the results page and see how you compare in the rankings? (you might have to click twice to show highest percentages at the top)

With that in mind, this week’s highest performing runner in terms of age grade is Silvie Rae Scott with a value of 75.91%. Silive, you are in the top quarter of runners worldwide in your age category (JW10) – well done!

Joel Eaton


Peacehaven parkrun #80



Image result for 2019

After plenty of deliberation from the Core Team and sounding out among our parkrunners who would be interested, we decided that we would do both Christmas Day & New Years Day. What a great decision that turned out to be, and I'm sure one that will definitely be repeated again this year.

New Years Day, notoriously the day for having a lie in and recovering from the night before. We decided that we at Peacehaven would stage an additional parkrun, but we would choose the latest available slot to allow maximum recovery time.

There was also the benefit that two of our closest parkruns in Brighton & Hove were starting at 9am. This meant that for the super keen, this one day of the year offered the opportunity to take part in two events on the same day. This later start gave just enough time to complete one event and get across to us. As it transpired we had quite a number that had completed Hove Prom or Eastbourne.

We really didn't know what to expect, but nonchalantly we thought we would take it in our stride. As we arrived to set up, one of the first to join us was Zingy, who had just run at Hove Prom. She was telling us how there had been a massive turnout and describing the struggles the volunteers had faced. Still oblivious to what lie ahead we just laughed it off.

Regulars at Peacehaven will now that I am rarely seen in the Blue & White hi-vis jacket. I had decided to do it today, just in case I had a migraine (hahaha). I am going to confess now that my preparation for the morning can at best be described as "sloppy". As I left the house I found the bucket of tokens, still unsorted from Saturday. I forgot all the paperwork required to check off volunteers. But, hey we would cope.........

The great thing about being Run Director is being able to delegate tasks. So a massive "Thank You" to Lisa for sorting the tokens, and to Carol for dashing back to my home to pick up the missing folders. All sorted!, nothing to worry about now.

As I was mingling with the runners to welcome them, out of the corner of my eye I noticed that there were a lot more cars arriving than normal. I had diligently checked and there was no football, so they had to be for us! Now that Lisa had recovered from the initial panic of unsorted tokens, I thought it best to ask if we had the next sequence of numbers just in case we exceeded those that we regularly needed...... We didn't!

I suddenly remembered that the extra tokens were in the repair box, which inevitably Lisa would not of been advised to bring and still be left at home. Quick, Panic....a cunning plan was hatched. We would wait for the event to start and Lisa would then have sufficient time to go back and collect them......phew!

OK an even bigger apology to Lisa now, who went home, found the box with no tokens!! Yep that clown of an RD had them in his bag all the time! If ever there was justification for all the equipment to be centrally stored here it was.

Another apology, although this one is through a smile has to go to Steve, the wee Scotsman, who I persuaded to do the First Timers Briefing...... "Easy" I said, "won't be hardly anyone there!". Well that had to be the largest gathering we have ever had, I also think it was the first time the megaphone has been needed, in order for everyone to hear. I have to say though the broad Glaswegian dialect was quite appropriate for Hogmanay, a great job done, so good he is doing it again this Saturday.....

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Then it was my turn. Those that know me, will tell you that the reason I don't do it, is because I am so nervous and shake like a jelly. Today was different I felt a buzz, and hey nothing else could go wrong!

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It was great to see so many parkrunners, I knew at a glance it would be close to our record attendance, which was on our inaugural. So many that had already completed one parkrun, and so many new faces including many experiencing parkrun for the first time!

Among those taking part we had a large number of runners from Hailsham Harriers, and Vegan Runners. We also had visitors from Banstead Woods. There were also a couple of notable milestone runners. We had Heather Westcott, who was completing her 50th parkrun, and we also had Ash Head who is one of our regular pacers, completing his 100th parkrun. We even had Neil Sunderland with us completing his 631st parkrun, which I believe is the second highest in the world!, think he now needs to add the magnificent purple t-shirt to the results to complete the set....... I'm sure there will be lots more milestones to follow in the coming weeks.


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After a slight delay, to give everyone a fair chance to get parked, we eventually got under way. What a sight to behold, seeing so many parkrunners spread across the park. Everywhere you looked there was a trail of colour moving across the park.

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A special mention to one of our own. Jeff Young with a valiant attempt to see the new year in, in style. He ran the course in 20:18..... Wish someone had told him that the year had changed.......

How amazing was it to see Steve Standen marshalling again today. Hope you all spotted him, despite not being in his usual position. With our Winter course in operation he took up a new position beside the skate park, on the west side of the course. Quite a poignant moment when a runner completed the course, came up to me and asked "Was that Steve" then told me how amazing he was looking, and he should know.....he was his surgeon!

The dedication of our volunteers can never be questioned. Unfortunately Marshall number 4, or as his mother preferred we call him, Lance was taken ill before the event. With true dedication he arranged a substitute for himself. Victoria, his wife did an amazing job in his absence. Get well soon Lance.

Even upon completion, my sloppiness came back to slap me in the face. When processing the results I couldn't understand why there were so many problems.... maybe if I had cleared down the scanners before the mornings event it would of helped...... The good news is that I wont be Run Directing for quite a while, so I'll hand back to "The Professionals". However, Zingy commented that maybe I should shadow them and have more practice!!

We should also give a special "Thanks" to the Gateway Cafe for opening and providing much needed refreshment on both "additional" parkruns. I'm sure that we certainly made it worth their while too. Thankfully this time my washing up skills weren't required.

Even today, remembering back to the morning, there is still a buzz. What a morning! As events across the country started completing their results we were learning that attendance records were being smashed across the country. We joined the party and broke our attendance record as 4! This now means that our highest number of finishers at an event is 199.

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As with most people making their resolutions, we also have a challenge, to grow our event and break through the 200 barrier.

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Another challenge that we are setting all of our parkrunners, is to volunteer on THREE occasions throughout the year. Remember not all volunteer roles are dedicated, there are some that still allow you to run as well. Please rise to our challenge and come forward and help us. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see some of our regular volunteers, who are keen runners, running among you all.

Along with Lisa, a really massive "THANK YOU" has to be said to Zingy, our effervescent superstar. We are so blessed to have such an amazing lady and such a fantastic, bubbly character on our Core Team. She took complete control of the morning, sacrificed her own run and simply "bossed it".

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, people standing, grass, sky, outdoor and nature

I hope you all allow me this one little bit of personal indulgence. This photo means so much to me........

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you all, plus your friends! in 2019.

There are many regular volunteers who have given so freely of their time on a regular basis throughout the year. To you we are extremely thankful. Without you the event would not be able to go ahead. We look forward to sharing with you again this year.

Finally to my co-Event Director, Terry & the fabulous Core Team of Francesca, Jan, Lisa, Steve & Zingy..... Thank you for all your support in 2018 and looking forward to more exciting challenges in 2019....

Wishing you all a very prosperous New Year

Loadsa Luv

Martin x


Peacehaven parkrun – Christmas Day

This was the first time we had staged an event, here at Peacehaven on Christmas Day. We weren't sure what to expect. But in the words of the file Field of Dreams - "If you build it - They WILL come", and how amazing it was to see how everyone joined in with the family spirit of Christmas.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing, grass, sky, outdoor and nature

With all looking remarkably good considering the many Christmas parties attended the day before, we were treated to numerous and a variety of Christmas outfits. Some of the most notable ones included someone riding a reindeer and another parkrunner running in what appeared to be Xmas underwear.

It was an amazing sight to see so many Santa hats bobbing up and down against the horizon. With a later start at 9:30am it was truly a fantastice "feel good" way to get the party in full swing.

We had a mix of everything today and what was pleasing was to see 4 people cross the line at the same time all with dogs, the dogs enjoyed this run as much as the owners and were in good spirit afterwards.

We had a number of tourists attending, David Doherty from Twickenham who runs at Richmond Park enjoyed his morning, he is down to see family in Ripe, we also had guests from Norwich and Peterborough.

The weather was sunny, remarkably warm for this time of year, we still managed to have a large puddle on the course from the rain during the week, but it was easy to avoid and was marshalled well.

Another important milestone this week was Brian Courage making his 100th run, a fantastic achievement. It is always such an honour that runners choose to spend their special day with us, it shows how much respect and enjoyment they have for the Spirit of Peacehaven.

It was a special day to mention our volunteers who over the last year have been amazingly supportive. Peacehaven is not the warmest place to be over the winter period and we have always had a great number prepared to help. As always we are always looking for volunteers to help, especially as just once in a while it would be so nice to free up others to also enjoy a run.

Helen Todd this week was our VI guide as she has done many times, this week she was dressed in a Santa suit. I am not sure just how comfortable this is, but once again she did remarkably well accompanying Alison, one of our VI runners is always a joy to be around, she loves the event and has been a big part of our parkrun family. Watch out over the coming months when Alison will be donning the Blue & White hi-vis jacket.

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We would also take this opportunity to remind you of a couple of additional events coming up. Firstly, there is our End of Year, Social Gathering in the Gateway Cafe. This will be on Saturday 29th December at 7:30pm. There will be a special appearance of a couple of our parkrunners, who will be providing Live Music on the evening. Tickets are FREE, so please contact us or speak to Jan to get one of the last few remaining. Secondly, a quick reminder that we have also arranged an additional parkrun on New Years day. What better way to start 2019. If like some of us the head will be heavy, remember Volunteers are always welcome. Don't forget that just for this day we will be starting at 10:30am. 

Finally a very special "Thank You" to Nicola and her staff at the Gateway Café. Throughout the year they have given us a fabulous meeting place and a place to relax post run on a Saturday morning. We are so lucky to have such good facilities, many other parkruns are so envious/ Once again they went beyond the call of duty, we must of been one of only a handful of parkruns in the country able to offer our regular facilities. I'm sure you all fully appreciated it, and also enjoyed seeing Martin doing the washing up afterwards, just another job that he is prepared to do.

Thank you to all, enjoy the rest of your Christmas and see you on Saturday...#DFYB