Peacehaven parkrun #99

Another great Peacehaven parkrun saw 95 lovely people making three laps of the Centenary Park this week. Despite it being a bit overcast the rain held off as we welcomed 16 first timers and clapped and cheered 17 to a PB.

It was good to see Lisa Dickson getting a run in today. She is one of our stalwart volunteers and spends her Saturday mornings, more often than not, in hi-viz. Taking a break from running was regular attender Alison Evans who was on finish tokens and was ably assisted by Carol Moore. Alison said she knew when she had to hand out a token as she could hear the heavy breathing of the runners as they made their way down the finish funnel – there were some seriously big finishes!

Many thanks for bearing with us as we processed the results. I hope we have them all correct now. If not, please get in touch and we will sort this out.

As a run director, you are dependent on the volunteers on the day to ensure everything goes smoothly. Today was no exception with the fantastic volunteers stepping up to their roles to ensure the runners had a great experience. Huge thanks to each of you for making my job such an easy one. It was lovely to see some new faces and people trying out new roles all of which they made look easy. Without the volunteers we couldn't host the parkrun so please do consider volunteering from time to time. Oh and did we mention there’s a purple t-shirt for volunteering 25 times?

And finally, next week is our 100th run. Please do come along and use the occasion to invite friends and relatives to try our course. The more the merrier and #DFYB!



April Fooled………… Hopefully Not

This was posted on our Facebook page, first thing this morning. Hopefully there was enough in it to make you smile and not believe it......

Just in case you missed it, here it is again......

We have some very exciting news....

Peacehaven parkrun has been selected as one of a limited number of events in the UK to take part in an innovative new scheme.

Whilst parkrun will always offer a free weekly timed 5k run for all. There are those that now no longer find this challenging enough. Others are looking for longer distances as part of training plans.

With this in mind, it has been decided to offer a parkrun membership package, offering various "extras". There are various "Upgrade" packages that parkrun will be trialling, across the country.

We have been selected to trial the Platinum Membership.

With the Platinum Membership you will have the following additional benefits.

- You can now run 10k
- A guaranteed starting position at the front.
- Water stations at 4k and 8k
- Priority scanning at the finish.
- Barcodes accepted from mobile phones.
- Each 10k run will earn 2 run credits. This will allow you to reach your milestone T-shirts quicker.

The cost to each park runner opting to "upgrade" their weekly run will be a small donation of £1. To comply with parkrun rules, we will not be able to accept cash payments. It will be necessary to go to the new page on our website and make the donation online. Once your payment has been received you will need to print the large barcode.

This is your receipt and will also need to be pinned to your running top on the following Saturday morning, as proof of your participation in the trial.

We are limited to the number of participants able to take part on a weekly basis. Places will be decided on a first come first served basis.

We have managed to make almost all of the necessary adaptations that have been required of us. Unfortunately there is one requirement that so far has proved logistically more difficult to implement.

A requirement for longer distance running, especially on warmer occasions is to provide runners with the facility to run through water sprays to help cool them. We have not been able to get the approval from the Town Council to have this installed in time.

As a temporary measure "Wee Steve" has very kindly offered to offer a temporary solution. This will be an area where water can be sprayed on runners through a hosepipe.

This Saturday will be our first week on the trial, so if you are interested, let us know.


Peacehaven parkrun #92

It is a Saturday morning and you have travelled somewhere. As a parkrun participant you are checking the area for a local parkrun and you will plan your day around this event, times have changed.

One such gentleman, who obviously travels a lot, has now done 450 parkruns which is a parkrun achievement, I would love to see his future calendar and be able to do the same, this is an incredible achievement.

This is the wonder of this great event, when we ask at the briefing who is new to parkrun, there are always a number and it is always good catching up with them afterwards to see how they felt about the morning, other parkrunners and the course and would they be doing it again.

When I asked during my RD briefing, are there any milestone runners, a gentleman who I recognised as having done his first parkrun the week before, put his hand up and said “yes, this is my second” which people found humorous. On reflection, the second event you participate in is a real achievement, it means that however difficult that first one was then you have come back and made a big step. Well done to him for putting his hand up.

We also had a tourist from Horsham running his first event at Peacehaven, he has run most of the Sussex courses but liked the change in terrain and the challenges the course gives you which is nice to hear.

Helen Todd one of our regulars who volunteers and can regularly be seen running as a VI guide with Alison achieved her 100th marathon recently which we mentioned. It is always a good platform to mention these achievements.

That brings me nicely on to the fact that we are closing in on our 100th event which, weather permitting, should be on our 2nd anniversary. Watch this space as we want to enjoy the day.

Thank you to all those that helped again and by the way it was a lovely warm day. Look forward to seeing you again on Saturday.



Peacehaven parkrun #90


108 of you came to run walk and jog the parkrun course at Peacehaven this morning. A little windy and a tad on the chilly side but we were graced with some sunshine and blue skies as everyone started to cross the finish line.

We welcomed 10 first time parkrunners and 16 of you achieved a PB this morning, well done each and every one of you. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

Visitors from Haywards Heath Clair parkrun and Brighton and Hove parkrun were made to feel very welcome and comments of how enjoyable our course is were gratefully received.

Special shout out to Morgan ‘Munch’ Geal who proudly received finish token 001 this morning! 69 runs and he’s finally got there! Well done!

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As always we say thanks to the volunteers and are always looking for newbies. If you fancy helping out in the coming weeks just drop us an email or Facebook message, we’d love to see you!

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The parkrun code of conduct is covered each week by the Run Director in the pre-run brief but just to remind you all that dogs need to be kept on a short leash if running the course with you and that all children under the age of 11 need to be within arms length of their parent or designated adult. This is ensure that we provide you all with a safe and happy parkrun each week!

Looking forward to seeing you all again next week for more parkrun fun!

Don’t forget your barcode!

Leanne x


Peacehaven parkrun #89

A complete contrast of weather from the previous week, it was blustery, cold and wet but that’s regular in Peacehaven.

Every week before we start, we like to check the course, this week Simon Coppard did his usual thing in running the course just to make sure there are no obstructions and to check the surface and anything else that may present a problem. When it rains hard, we have a large puddle that forms at the top of the grass hill, this can be coned off and marshalled which we do, so this check is vitally important, and we thank Simon for doing this.

Since we started, we have had an average of 118 people which is a nice number and very good considering the difficult weather we have over the winter. This week we were kindly donated a set of high steps by Derek and Jean Parris, regular attendees and supporters of our parkrun.These were particularly useful for me due to the unexpected failure of our megaphone. Not being blessed with height when speaking to people I can just see the front row and they all need to hear me. So, standing on these and looking down was a blessing having been speaking to myself for a while.

This week, we had less than our average, but it was a very good day. We had around ten people new to Peacehaven, along with visitors from afar afield as Ayrshire.

It was also good to have Ashvini back after some travelling, she was doing finish tokens and joined in the dancing and singing at the finish line along with Zingy, Cerina and Lisa, I was told this was to keep warm, it was very entertaining.

Having lost many friends and associates to Seaford Parkrun it was always going to be interesting in seeing where we would be as many have supported us since our conception, we miss them all and it is great that there is another parkrun for local people. Each parkrun has its own challenges, the terrain is always different and that’s what we like about ours, it is challenging. Well done Joel at Seaford, we look forward to seeing you occasionally.