We will be back

parkrun is now cancelled until further notice, This is across the whole of the UK.

parkrun will give regular updates which you can find via Twitter and Facebook, For the time being we do not know when peckham rye parkrun will be back on. This is obviously dissapointing but health must come first.


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So from the core team that brings you Peckham rye parkrun stay safe and follow government advice and remember the following:


We will be back!






I am please too tell you that Peckham rye parkrun will be celebrating International Women Days on March 7th

We will aim to fill our volunteer roster that Saturday entirely of Women and encourage as many as possible to take part in the event

We shall be encouraging a Green and Purple theme so please wear Green and Purple running clothes and get involved






Goodbye Tony

Peckham rye parkrun event #305 saw 440 Runners complete the course. Numbers throughout January have been high which saw 3 consecutive record attendances but are now starting to drop down.
We are lucky we currently have 7 Students working towards achieving there Duke of Edinburgh awards which fills half our roster!

Run Director Ben had a fantastic team of helpers on Saturday and huge thanks goes out to them


We trailed a new system designed to save us lots of time sorting out the Position Tokens every week, Basically a piece of Wood with Hooks on it!


It certainly needs some work but it did ok on its first trial run. If we have any DIY experts who could make something better we would certainly welcome it

At the start of the run we talked about Regular Tony Donaldson who will soon be moving back to the North East. Tony has lived in East Dulwich for 40Years and will be retiring and taking life easier. Tony is a run director for us at Peckham and has ran 248 parkruns so despite moving he will return to complete his 250th parkrun at Peckham rye

We certainly wish him all the best for the future and to help him recover from swimming in the very cold waters of the North Sea!! we had a collection and bought him a Dry Robe

Here is Tony trying it on after this mornings parkrun



Runners at the front would have seen an unfortunate scene on Saturday as One runner collapsed before the start, I can confirm that he was ok and made a recovery. He went straight to Hospital to be checked out. He at least chose a good place to do it with the Grass softening his fall and lots of people around to assist him immediately!

That's it for this week, We shall see you again next Saturday for another 3laps

Kev Chadwick - Co ED





Happy New Year

Event #300 1st January 2020

So it happened again! We ran out of Tokens as 558 people came to Peckham rye parkrun which gave us a new attendance record! 178 were first timers and 55 recorded new Personal Bests. However this year we where much better prepared. A much longer finish funnel made up of garden chairs and pretty much anything else we could get our hands on worked a treat

peckham pics 1

Your Run Director was Catherine Mcdonald who was superbly assisted by

Colin Harris • Tony Donaldson • Sarah Tizzard • Kevin Chadwick • Valerie Macleod • Jo Wint • Oliver Pope • Catherine Roulson • Joseph Booth • Justine Pope • Alison Tunley • Peter Sanders • Mark Plummer • Daniel Watson • Sarah Henderson • Colette Dollin • Michael Peach • Kim Good • Alison Boghurst • Gillian Parker • Caroline Washbourne • Jason Casey • Sarah Jones • Sade Akintola • Melanie Rimmer • Parveen Akhtar • Chrishanthi Ranjan

Huge Kudos to regular runner Julie who sorted out all 558 Finish Tokens afterwards

peckham pics 2

From the field of runners we had Two runners in the 500 Club Colin Harris on an amazing 636 parkruns and Stephen Cooney on 504

Lots of runners ran milestone parkruns with Ben Norton joining the 100 Club, Ed Matthews, Gower Tan, Andrew Thompson, Richard Newlove, Victoria Groves, Lauren Tones, Laura Mifsud-Bonici all joined the 50 Club

Junior Finlay Lochrie ran his Tenth parkrun and gets the White T-Shirt

Lots of tourists joined us before going off to run a Second parkrun creating a wonderful atmosphere

peckham pics

As we lmove into 2020 when we look forward to becoming 6years old in June, A massive thanks to everyone who has helped Peckham rye parkrun grow and become such a fantastic community event

Peckham Rye parkrun started on 21st June 2014. Since then 10,407 participants have completed 58,255 parkruns covering a total distance of 291,275 km, including 10,038 new Personal Bests. A total of 703 individuals have volunteered 3,964 times



Festive parkruns

Event #298

Christmas Day at peckham rye parkrun saw an excellent turnout of 257 Runners

Tom Marshall led the field in 17:15 and was followed in by Ben Norton 18:15 and Aidan Mercer 18:27

Ellie Osmond led the Ladies home in 19:38 followed by Anna Harborow 21:13 and Lottie Hull 22:01

We had a parkrun tourist who brought some wonderful cakes for the volunteers


Lots of regulars dressed up for the occasion wearing Santa hats and some even wore a full costume



Also a special mention to Vinnie Darch (in the selfie frame) She has volunteered 50 times at peckham rye parkrun!

We welcomed Cass Casleton from the parkrun world tourists who after running at peckham rye travelled to parkrun Gdynia in Poland and ran another parkrun on boxing day!



Event #299 28th December 2019 

The final run of the Decade! For this i decided to treat you all to the slightly faster alternative route. Still Three laps but in a Clockwise direction with an extended run around the lake. Its nice to change things occasionally and the last run of 2019 seemed the perfect time to do it

Nicole King completed her 50th parkrun and Peter Rogers ran his 100th


Lizzie and Luke Peach also joined the 100 club

Huge well done to you all


James Taylor (PB) finished 1st in 17:35 followed by Aidan Mercer 18:00 and Ron Taylor 18:25

Naomi Aylwin (PB) 20:07 lead home the ladies from Alexandra Mcclelland (first visit) 20:57 was 2nd with Chantal Vermeer (PB) 21:10 finishing 3rd

Our next event will be Wednesday 1st January starting at 09:00am, New Years Day is the only time of the year you can run Two parkruns in the same day. You could go to Dulwich or Hilly Fields for 10:00am and get a Second parkrun fix


These events are all possible to our fantastic volunteers, If you have not volunteered before then please consider giving it ago. If all regular runners give just THREE Saturdays back per year then we will have enough

Thank You for supporting our event and i wish you all a Happy 2020


Kev Chadwick - Event Director

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