Well what can I say!!

I'll start by saying Happy New Year

So 548 people ran, jogged or walked the course, An amazing 202 were first timers and 46 runners ran a personal best.

Representatives of 78 different clubs took part.

Before New Years Day our attendance record was 347 runners so to have an increase of 201 obviously overwhelmed us! and caught us off guard, We did expect high numbers and had 448 finish tokens ready including a longer finish funnel but alas it was not enough, Our stopwatches also only time 500 people!

We had 15 volunteers that day although the actual number was less than 10 for the key positions such as Scanning/Handing out Tokens and Timing

Lessons have been learnt and our core team is much wiser from this experience and the amazing running community we have created is clearly very strong. The emails and support/Thanks we have received is gratefully appreciated

Results are going to be affected as we had a Queue to get into the finish funnel and One our Run Directors Daniel Watson had to manually write down over 100 finishers!

Everybody really came together under lots of pressure, Catherine McDonald had the job of results processing which again included manually entering over 100 people, Over Two hours was spread using Excel Spreadsheets to get everybody a finish time and in the correct order

Tony Donaldson was your Run Director who did an amazing job keeping everything relatively calm before you all disappeared for a Second run

Onto the results

I cannot imagine the congestion on the 3rd lap but

Paul Martelletti found a way through to break the course record in 15:08

Natasha Sheel was 1st home for the Ladies in 19:00

So onto the Milestones and we had plenty

Helen Ung became the First person ever to earn the 250 T-Shirt at Peckham

Completing their 100th parkruns we had:

Ian Gale/Heather Cripps and Louise Fernandez

50th parkruns we had:

Alex Downing/Natasha Sheel/Kevin Hughes and Ashley Wilkie

Congratulations too you all

A large part of the field was made up of Tourists and we hope you all enjoyed your First visit and will return perhaps when we are a little less congested

To finish this off the people who made all this possible are listed here, Cannot Thank everybody enough

Karen HARRIS • Tony DONALDSON • Nicole KING • Catherine MCDONALD • Cheryl SACKS • Sarah TIZZARD • Kevin CHADWICK • Louise ROBATHAN • Valerie MACLEOD • Jo WINT • Oliver POPE • Anna MYAT • Daniel WATSON • Martin WALSH • Davinia DARCH

I wish you all the best for 2019
Kev Chadwick - Event Director

Peckham Rye parkrun started on 21st June 2014. Since then 7,964 participants have completed 40,778 parkruns covering a total distance of 203,890 km, including 7,473 new Personal Bests. A total of 533 individuals have volunteered 2,875 times.