Goodbye Tony

Peckham rye parkrun event #305 saw 440 Runners complete the course. Numbers throughout January have been high which saw 3 consecutive record attendances but are now starting to drop down.
We are lucky we currently have 7 Students working towards achieving there Duke of Edinburgh awards which fills half our roster!

Run Director Ben had a fantastic team of helpers on Saturday and huge thanks goes out to them


We trailed a new system designed to save us lots of time sorting out the Position Tokens every week, Basically a piece of Wood with Hooks on it!


It certainly needs some work but it did ok on its first trial run. If we have any DIY experts who could make something better we would certainly welcome it

At the start of the run we talked about Regular Tony Donaldson who will soon be moving back to the North East. Tony has lived in East Dulwich for 40Years and will be retiring and taking life easier. Tony is a run director for us at Peckham and has ran 248 parkruns so despite moving he will return to complete his 250th parkrun at Peckham rye

We certainly wish him all the best for the future and to help him recover from swimming in the very cold waters of the North Sea!! we had a collection and bought him a Dry Robe

Here is Tony trying it on after this mornings parkrun



Runners at the front would have seen an unfortunate scene on Saturday as One runner collapsed before the start, I can confirm that he was ok and made a recovery. He went straight to Hospital to be checked out. He at least chose a good place to do it with the Grass softening his fall and lots of people around to assist him immediately!

That's it for this week, We shall see you again next Saturday for another 3laps

Kev Chadwick - Co ED